Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Caden Sold

It looks like Caden will be traveling to his new home in Minnesota the end of February. His new owner sent a deposit and it came last night. The check was given to Diane this morning and she is going to take it to the bank. It actually came at a great time, the vet bill for floating 3 horses teeth and coggins on 5 was over $630.00. Hoerr vet clinic was called today to ask about when the coggins would arrive and how much did we owe for the last vet call and the total was kind of shocking. This is another reason why we really should cut back on horses, this entire bill was just routine maintenance no emergency, just things that need to be done on a regular bases. So many people think if one has his or her own farm it is really cheap to keep a couple of horses, then find out the hard way the cost involved.


  1. is some of that bill mine or will i get my own?

  2. We would be more than happy to take Indy off your hands for ya!! Or any of them for that matter LOL