Sunday, January 2, 2011

Really Tired

Yesterday the kids went to the Old School Center for football and volleyball. We didn't end up going, Anna's parents were in town for the Esslinger Christmas and once mom left for the evening spent a few minutes straightening up the house before they arrived. We were so glad to see them and had a wonderful visit while Anna, Ash and Austin played kinnect with Phil upstairs. The last of our guest left a little after 10:00pm, the dogs were let out and it was time to climb into our soft comfortable bed for what we thought was going to be a good nights sleep. Unfortunately all the food Darcy ate earlier decided it needed to make an exit around 3:00am. She came in INSISTING she needed to go out RIGHT NOW! A rude wake up nose in the face with a tail slamming against the bed over and over combined with 2 late nights makes for a very groggy, kind of crabby mom stumbling around the room trying to MOVE the dogs out of the way to get to the stairs.
Rhoda leaves for her Florida trip this morning while mom and Karin leave for Haiti. Flying to a warm place sounds pretty good right now. They all stopped in to say goodbye. Mom ended up with 2 hugs and kisses, so she can pass one along to Joan.

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