Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Below

Brrr, the bed was so nice and warm I was dreaming we were in Florida taking care of a baby when Rhoda's alarm went off. Reality is not a pleasant thing sometimes moving instantly from warm sunny Florida to 3 below zero.
We have someone coming from Missouri to look at Java today if the weather doesn't put them off. They emailed that their arrival time would be between noon and 2:00pm and will come here first with a trailer, follow me to the farm if they like Java we will load her up and bring her to Bridlewood where she will spend the night. Then they are going to stay in a hotel, come to Bridlewood Saturday morning, load and leave. This is all good except when Autumn was hauled back, Cathie was given permission to use her paddock forgetting it may be needed today.
The new coggins papers came yesterday so Java is good to go.
Raven's paddock still needs a round bale and now the equipment would not run. Raven and Sanna were thrown a square bale to hold them off until later this afternoon when Mike will put in an additive to the diesel fuel helping the skid steer to run at these terrible temperatures. This weather makes everything so hard. There is a bright side, THERE IS ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT OF JANUARY and FEBRUARY is a SHORT month.
One funny thing that happened this morning while Mike was working on the equipment. A black filly comes running up to him. He wraps his arms around her, to lead her back to where ever she belongs and can't for the life of him figure out who she is or where she belongs. He states that she is real friendly and obviously a Raven daughter, then Dakota comes running up and he realizes this is NOT one of ours, she is a Raven baby but belongs to Ralph and Jamie. The latch to their gate had become undone and they came over to visit.

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