Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Big Belly Bump

We had a storm come through last night that gave us just a bit more than a very welcome half inch of rain. Sangria was restless all night, calling and pacing so this morning I finally gave in and let her out with Oksana and her week old filly. That meant I had to stick around and watch to make sure Oksana would not be too protective and hurt this very very pregnant mare but when they both settled down to eat at the same bale of hay it was obvious I had nothing to worry about. That meant there was no time to clean the stalls before the walk and after the walk I took off pretty quickly for Berean. To read about the morning there click HERE. I just dropped off the food and mail there, gave a few instructions then headed back to work on stalls and feeding. By 1:00 pm it was too hot to leave Oksana's week old filly out in the sunshine so they were brought in the stall and a few pictures taken of this adorable filly. She has such a thick fuzzy curly hair coat that she feels like rich soft velvet.

She is also very friendly and enjoys a good scratch. It was kind of hard to get pictures of her as she kept following me around the stall. 
Sangria who had been left outside started calling and pacing at the gate demanding to be brought inside. I brought her in but had to put her in a small stall as her foaling stall was being used to grain Eli and his foster mom Sally. Eli still needs extra calories so each day they are brought in, Sally is allowed to eat for a bit then tied while Eli can finish the bucket. That way he gets as much as he wants without Sally gobbling it all. Once they were finished, they were taken out for a few updated pictures for his owner.
Eli believes he can FLY! Check out how far off the ground with each stride. 

Within a few minutes of emailing the pictures to his owner a response came back with a big thank you. As soon as they were put back in the paddock, the stall was cleaned and Sangria hosed down then put back in her own foaling stall. She is still damp in the pictures below but it shows that huge baby bump. She is now 5 days over due and still no sign of her udder filling.

She needs to have this foal soon as I'm leaving on the 28th. She made sure Oksana was across the hall, took a big sigh and then laid down and napped for a couple hours. Both mares and of course the filly enjoyed being inside out of the heat. The barn is well insulated and both windows were open allowing a nice breeze to flow through the barn. It was so comfortable the air conditioner did not need to be turned on.
This evening after supper, both mares and the filly were turned out into the paddock. There are no storms predicted so Sangria will be left outside. She is happy about that.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sangria Scare

Karin sent the picture below of their trail ride at Jubilee. Looks like they only took one picture. Nolan is riding Sally while Rhoda is riding is riding Tori.
We had a really good day here other than a scare at 6:00 am. I went out early to feed and Sangria's tail was sopping wet, like her water had broken. She was obviously still pregnant but her back end was pretty covered in mud. She was fine, hungry and looked fine other than the mud and her tail. She was taken into a stall then when Rhoda arrived the two of us got busy and gave her a bath. Rhoda thinks somehow she got her tail in the automatic waterer. I wouldn't put it past her. I kept her in the stall with the monitor on all day. Oksana needed a new round bale then Jazz was taken out and teased. FINALLY she was out, she screamed at Evan. That was such a relief. Her owner was sent a text. Next out was Titiana. Today Rhoda started her on trick training.

She started her by tapping her leg with the whip. When Titiana picked up her leg she was praised. Then Rhoda asked her to hold it up a bit longer and finally she asked for the bow. Of course she had grain as a treat waiting for her. She seems like a smart mare and loves the treats so will probably learn pretty quickly. 
Next out was Roxanne. This is the first time she has been worked with since she had her colt July 25th. She pretty much accepted what Rhoda asked of her without worrying about her colt. 

Rhoda figured out pretty quickly that Karin had already taught her how to bow.  Her colt wasn't too happy watching from outside the round pen but it was very good for Roxanne to have to listen to Rhoda instead of her foal. 
 The colt got tired of watching and ran back to the paddock where his first cousin Ethan lives. He and Roxanne share the paddock and field with Rosalie and Ethan. Those 2 colts are pretty attached and keep each other company. 
When Roxanne was put away Rhoda went into the paddock and asked Rosaleigh to bow.
Ethan, her colt by Evan was such a show-off we decided to take a few pictures for his owner. This colt is 3 months old. He is just a gorgeous example of a Friesian colt. 

Today is our oldest son David's 39th birthday. How in the world did we ever have kids that old when we don't feel much older than that?  We will be celebrating it Sunday out here with the family but I still should have mailed out his card. Oh well I guess at his age he won't care if it is a few days late. 
Rhoda did the shopping today at Sam's Club for the Berean meal. She decided on Meatballs and bought all the ingredients for those in the crock pot. That will be served with fresh veggies, rolls and butter and of course dessert of apple pie and ice cream. 
This evening Sangria's stall was cleaned and a new bale put in the feeder. She is content looking out the window. We are getting an nice gentle rain and all of us here are very thankful for that. This place is dry as a bone and the dust from the gravel driveways are covering every thing. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Trail Ride Jubilee

Karin, Rhoda and Nolan took Zalena, Tori and Sally to Jubilee State Forest for Tori's first ever trail ride off the farm. This was one with lots of canter and Tori did fantastic. Rhoda was well pleased and feels this mare is like Jenis. Now to just get her trained like Jenis.
Tim Roecker had the morning message at church and Ron Kipfer had the afternoon. Peoria was hosting ACYF so David Obergfel had the message at the Fellowship hall where they were gathered  in the morning and Ron went to the jail for the 3 messages there. We sure to make our ministers work hard.
After church, David, Stephanie, Israel and Elisabet came over for dinner along with Sarah and Nolan. Rhoda had plans in Peoria and Phil's family were in Minnesota for the weekend. After dinner they had the usual volleyball games.
Indy and Jazz were both teased. Jazz is still showing big but we covered her yesterday so did not today. This is day 11, hopefully she will be out tomorrow. Her owner was sent a text that her right eye was swollen and she didn't want to open it. The reply came back that this happens when the allergies are bad. Their vet recommended a dose of banamine.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Funny Flynn

It was sure quiet around here with just about everyone gone. Karin is staying at mom's taking care of Molly. She came over a little after 8:00 this morning to help with teasing, covering mares, training the foals and giving shots. Of course first we needed to stop in at the apartment for a puppy fix. Below are Jessica's pug puppies. These are purebred Pugs and for sale but I'm not sure if there are any left still for purchase, they are so adorable.
 Above and below is a Pug puppy with her daddy. 

 Below is the mommy, Princess Leah.
We finally went out to work. Jazz was the first mare out to tease. She is still in (now been 8 solid days) and covered by Valiant. Did I ever mention before how much I dislike short cycling a mare. Yes she was ready to stand after the 3rd day but for this to drag on for 8 more days is bad, Even Valiant didn't want to do the job. She is still showing but he thinks she should be out. He got the job done and Jazz was marked down. We will see what tomorrow brings with her. She should surely be out then.
Indy was next. She was sonagrammed on Friday of last week, the shot was given on Wed of this week, she was suppose to be showing but is not at all. She was not covered. We will have to tease her every day and just hope she will show.
Flynn was taken out next for training. He will be leaving for his home in October and we wanted to make sure he halters, leads, loads and listens to a handler. He did awesome. He is actually very funny. Today he was introduced to the tarp and he thought that was the best toy ever. He could paw at it with his front legs and it would make a funny crinkly sound then ball up by his belly. Below are a few pictures.

 He loves showing off by flagging his tail straight into the air like an Arabian. 

Next out was Titiana. Karin introduced her to the megaphone yesterday and it was no big deal to her then and still no big deal today. This 3 year old is just so sensible. She is an Evan daughter out of Marika. 
 Kayla arrived and is learning how to lead the horses back to the paddock when Karin is finished with their training session. Below she is leading Titiana back.

 Next out was Tori, Below Kayla is leading Tori out to the round pen for Karin to work. 
  This mare is very auditory and ran as soon as noise started coming out. 
Karin had her relaxed after about 15 minutes and sent her in with Kayla for tacking up while she got Zalena out. 
Kayla's job was to ride Zalena in the round pen as a comforter for Tori if Tori got nervous but all was well.  
 So well Zalena was bored and started yawning. 
 Tori did very well for Karin. She really is a magificent looking mare, big and muscular. 
 Both mares and riders did well. 

 As soon as both mares got their hose down and were cooled off they were put back in the paddock. Roxanne was brought into the stall and Karin helped hold her colt so I could give him his shot of Gentamicin. We did not hear him cough at all today so hopefully he is over what ever he had.
Today was Karin's turn to pick up Nancy and she had arranged to do that at the Handicapped home at 11:30 am but when we got there Nancy was still at the Morton Pumpkin Festival watching the parade. Neither Karin or I had ever been to this so we said, "no problem we will just drive over and pick her up from there." Big mistake, evidently this parade is a BIG happening in Morton. There were thousands of people there and hundreds (or so it seemed) of parade entries. We walked and walked but could not find Nancy. The lady picking up Elsa was due this afternoon and arrived at noon but we were still in Morton still looking for Nancy. We left right then and called the home back to tell them we were not going to be picking up Nancy. Drove back to the farm where they had already had Elsa loaded. Mark had taken the paper work out to them so they were good to go. They ended up waiting about a half hour.
This evening Mark and I drove in to East Peoria to have dinner with Amy and Ken Koch. We all had a good meal and an enjoyable time. We will have to do this again sometime.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Unexpected Vet Visit

Things were going so very well this morning. Sangria was moved into the breeding shed as Oksana was showing signs of being more protective of her filly. Still no sign of Sangria's udder filling so we still have time. When I was showing Oksana's filly to Jamie I noticed a discharge coming out of Oksana that was not at all normal. Hoerr vet clinic was called to make an appointment to bring her in but only got the answering machine. I drove in to Peoria to run a few errands and was just pulling back in when the vet clinic called me back to give me an appointment of 3:00 pm. Emma the receptionist said I should plan on getting there at 2:45 pm just in case the other customers went faster than normal.
Of course that meant I was loaded and on the way at 2:00 pm and arrived there about 2:40 pm. Aaron came out to help bring Oksana and her filly into the clinic and Oksana into the stocks. This 3 day old filly got a leading and tying lesson. She did ok with it but couldn't figure out why she couldn't get to her mom for nursing. This appointment took well over an hour and this poor filly thought she should nurse every 10 minutes. She was quite discouraged by the time everything was done.
Right after Oksana was put in the stocks she dumped a bunch of pus and blood out onto the stock's floor. 
That actually made me feel a lot better as the amount of discharge I saw earlier was so little I thought maybe I was being a Nervous Nelly and ran her to the vet clinic unnecessarily. Dr. Pallen gloved up and felt around in her uterus pulling out lots of pus and debris. 
She had to start pumping treated iodined water into the uterus then flushing it out.
All was going well until just maybe a little too much treated water entered the uterus and came out in an explosion covering Dr. Pallen's face, neck and scrubs.
 To Dr. Pallen's credit she did not pull her arm out. Of course maybe she was just trying to plug the dam. Below she is just drenched with all kinds of stuff, even stuff stuck on her neck. That is NOT the kind of wet t shirt one ever desires
By the time the flush was running out clear Oksana was more than ready to go home. She was sent home with instructions for 3 meds. It was almost 5:00 pm before Oksana and her filly were back in the stall to rest. That poor filly was exhausted from the trailer ride then having to stand tied so long. She took a long nap. After supper Oksana was given all of her meds then these two were put out for the night. Roxanne's colt was brought in and his shot given, the stalls cleaned, horses grained and only now can I come in and rest. 
Joan and Mom left for Bluffton, Bethany went into labor this morning and delivered a baby boy and he just happened to be born on his daddy, Bill's birthday.  Joan sent this picture:
His name is William Henry Frauhiger, and he weighs 6 pounds 11 ounces. He is welcomed home by his big brother Joshua and his parents Bill and Bethany Frauhiger. And now for a few pictures of his proud parents and big brother.