Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Not Pregnant

I left for the Berean office before 8:30 am met Cindy early and together we were determined to get the Bible requests entered and printed before 10:00 am and would have made it except the printer malfunctioned. We could not get it to work until we turned the printer off, turned it back on again and then it worked. Why didn't we try that first before taking the thing apart.
I stopped at Kroger on the way home to pick up turkey bags then drove straight to Diane's house to get the 2 turkeys out of their basement fridge. Ben and Taunya and their 3 boys were here just getting ready to eat lunch. It was my privilege to play with baby Abe. Of course the camera came out. Below are a few pictures of this adorable grandson.

 He was determined to get to his older brothers who were busy playing with paper cups. 
If you would like to see the rest of Abe Judah's pictures click HERE
Rhoda arrived right at noon, just in time to help load Easter Lilly, Envy and Dublin for their 1:00 pm vet appointment. Easter Lilly was scheduled for an ultrasound while Envy and Dublin were going for their Coggins test. We teased Easter Lilly before we loaded her and she was showing but I wanted to know exactly where she was in her cycle. We had to wait about 45 minutes for Dr. Hoerr to arrive. We were so pleased with how well Envy and Dublin did. We hauled them to the clinic without their moms. They both led quietly to the trailer and loaded even though their mom's were still in the stalls. They traveled well and when we arrived at the vet clinic, they both stood tied quietly while waiting for Dr. Hoerr and then stood perfect for the blood draw. They are not quite 4 months old and so very well behaved! Below Dr. Hoerr is drawing Dublin's blood. 
Below he is taking pictures of Dublin for the paper work.
Envy was also good for the blood draw not moving a muscle. Below Dr. Hoerr is taking the picture with his phone while Envy poses. For some reason these Friesian foals just know how to look pretty for the camera. 
When it was Easter Lilly's turn Dr. Hoerr was quick to find that she had just ovulated.
 He told us to take her right home and cover her, the timing should be perfect. That was exactly what we did. She stood perfectly and Valiant got the job done right away. She will be hauled out to Middle Grove and not preg checked until spring as if she doesn't conceive on this cycle she won't be bred until then anyway. When we got back in the house Joan, Hannah, Faith, Berlica and Mackenson were all here cleaning. Totally unexpected and totally appreciated. What a wonderful surprise. Phil and Anna offered to host dinner at their house so the amazing thing is the house will still be clean for our Thanksgiving company. Nolan picked up food from Avanti's, Stephanie made a big salad and Anna baked cookies for dessert.
A nice text came in from Robin Myers who helps out at Berean. She drove to the Berean office after we had left, loaded up the Bibles, picked up more Bibles from Meisters as we didn't have enough at the office for this week's shipment, packaged them AT the post office and mailed them. She sent the picture below and wrote: Got them done.  Lol the guy that took them in the post office says he goes to church with you. (that would be Jake Gerst).
A BIG thank you to Robin, those Bibles will be such a wonderful gift to the waiting prisoner. 
Mark and I drove down to Meisters tonight to pick up the switch for the foaling cameras so Ben could install them before he leaves for Texas. We were happily surprised to find the new Horsemeister T-shirts had also arrived.
A very nice message came today through Facebook. I can post the message here but for some reason cannot share the pictures. It was from the lady that bought Star's 2017 filly by Valiant named Elsa. She wrote: The ones with the turquoise halter were taken on Sunday. She has really been the barn favorite, known affectionately as "O positive" because she gets along with everyone! I get so many compliments on her (especially when I bring her out during the barrel races) about how calm and sweet she is, she carries herself so elegantly, and what a deep black she is. Unless it's a QH, Paint, Arab, or Appaloosa, people just don't see things like her around here. And she has a beautiful prancing Friesian trot. She has been a dream to train with, very little spook when exposed to new things, easy to handle from nose to tail, very easy going, LOVES people (she follows me around!), is very sweet natured, very easy temperament, and very smart. It doesn't much before she's caught on to something new. I have included a picture with her and her buddy Ivy, an Ivory James QH filly. Two peas in a pod! I am VERY happy with Elsa, I'm very excited for our future together.
The pictures were great, wish they could be shared but the message really warms the heart. Thank you Lisa for updating us on Elsa.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Good Day

We had a fun walk this morning. I almost got both rounds in before having to leave for the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE. As soon as I got home I drove straight up to the barn where Rhoda was working with Roxanne. Her colt was having a ball running around loose while Roxanne was in the round pen. Of course I had to get the camera out so I could take a few pictures for his owner.

She took them over to the trailer for loading practice when she was done with Roxanne.

To see the rest of Dublin's pictures click HERE.
Rhoda took Eli out next, brought him into the barn for a quick groom then out to the arena for pictures. We needed updated pictures for our website and Eli's owner.

If you would like to see the rest of Eli's pictures click HERE
After work today we had plans to go to Chucky Cheese taking Joan, Sarah, Mackenson, Faith, Berlica, Addyson, Braelyn and Taegan. Molly dropped off Eden and Josiah to go with us. Sarah and Nolan joined us with Zion. We all had a great time. 

To see the rest of the pictures at ChuckyCheese click HERE.  Some of us were great at winning tickets and between Sarah and Joan Reinhard's winnings there were over 3000 tickets to divide up at the end.
We all had a good time.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Indy & EasterLilly

After the walk I took off for Pekin where I shopped at Aldi to replenish the fridge and cupboard. We had sunshine this morning but cold. By the time I got home the thermometer was climbing into the forties. I felt it was too cold to work outside so instead I cooked. Aldi had lasagna noodles for the first time in ages so I put together crock pot lasagna which will be served tomorrow at Bereans. The fire was kept going in the fireplace which made it comfortable for Ben and the boys. Taunya and Ben had family pictures taken by Rachel then Taunya took Addyson and baby Abe with her, while Ben stayed with the boys. Later Ron Rumbold picked up Ben, Jack and Jace and they will be staying with him for the night. This gave me time to work on pictures taken earlier of Karin working with both Indy and Easter Lilly. We had so much rain on Saturday that Karin and Kayla had to work in the indoor arena but by Sunday the rain had stopped and even though it was still sloppy wet the outdoor was usable. No canter work could be done on Sunday because of the arena so instead Karin worked on other things. Below Karin is working with Indy on neck reining.
 Indy is neck reining consistently at the walk now. The other big improvement with Indy was the softness in her trot. Indy used to go into a head set but yesterday she was soft and supple. What a joy this mare is. 
The last horse worked with was Easter Lilly. Below Karin is letting Easter Lilly relax in the round pen. We were pleased she was paying attention, looking at Karin and when Karin called her in, she lowered her head and stood quietly. 
Karin took her into the outdoor for the riding instruction. Easter Lilly has been stiff in her neck not wanting to bend but below she is starting to give and bend. 
 Karin was well pleased with Easter Lilly's attitude and progress. 
We had lots of wind today which will help dry the arena up for tomorrow except by tomorrow the temperature is suppose to drop like a stone. Who wants to work outside when it is COLD. 
This afternoon I worked on the foal album, posting each foal born in 2017 and another picture of that foal as they got a few months older. If you would like to see those pictures click HERE.  I am thankful for a healthy crop of youngsters. It is always a blessing when none are lost. 
And now for some entertainment. Do you like the Lion King music? Well below is a video of Laura from Great Britain performing at the 2012 Olympics during Free style dressage using Lion King music. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Blessings

The electricity went off again last night but neither Mark or I knew how long as we were both sound asleep when it happened and when it turned back on. The only reason we knew it had been off is the coffee maker did not go off at 5:00 am and we had to manually push the button for coffee. Ben, Taunya and the kids all came over for breakfast a little later. Mark is dealing with bronchitis and coughing a lot so he decided to stay home from church. I called mom to tell her this but when she answered the phone she was without her hearing aids and heard, "Mark is staying home from church, he has bronchitis and is talking a lot." Mom was confused why he couldn't stop talking, and when I finally realized what she thought we had a good laugh.
Dave Obergfel had the morning service and we had another special service this afternoon with Tim Funk.
This afternoon we had a good group come for dinner. As there wasn't too much food in the house I picked up fried chicken from Kroger, mom made mashed potatoes and gravy, Karin made spinach dip and served that with crackers. The meal also had a big salad, rolls with butter and for dessert apple and pecan pie. There were lots of left-overs.
The volleyball players all left for Hanna City gym while the rest of us just stayed at mom's and visited. We had 5 of the kids playing upstairs while Addyson and Taegan played with the castle downstairs. Anna took the picture below of 4 of them playing a color game on grandma's phone.
These Illinois cousins are really enjoying this special time with their long lost Texas cousins.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


The day started with breakfast here for 7 of the grandchildren and 6 of us adults. Below are 6 of the 7, just missing is baby Abe.
Shortly after breakfast the power went out and not just to our house. The entire neighborhood was out plus thousands more. We were having a pretty heavy rain but not a huge storm or anything. Sarah sent a text that the last 2 puppies were sold.  Mark got the generator started so I was able to mark the puppies sold on the website and we were able to clean up after breakfast.  Around 10:00 am there was no sign of the electricity coming back on so we loaded up the 12 passenger van and drove to Rhoda and Lee's place as that has an indoor pool stopping first at McDonalds to pick up lunch. 
 It didn't take long for the kids to jump in the pool. The pool water is nice and warm. 

Even baby Zion enjoyed swimming.

The rain soon changed over to snow, big fat flakes of heavy snow so of course the grandkids had to go out on the patio and play in it. It didn't take them long to scoop it up and have a snowball fight inside the pool area. 

IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE.  We had such a fun day playing in the water and the snow. As soon as we got home supper was started. Actually most of tonight's meal was heating up leftovers but it did the trick and filled everyone up. I still have supper dishes to clean up but as soon as that wonderful dish washer is running I'm joining Mark in bed and will sleep good tonight. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

They Made It

Ben, Taunya, Addyson, Jack, Jace, and little Abe made it here by 2:00 am this morning. Knowing they were coming in very very late we did not think they would be over here early but they came walking in at 6:30 am. We were so thrilled to see them. The kids went right to the toys, even before eating breakfast. They were shown where the goodies were, breakfast was cooked then I left for the walk. Addyson came with me and surprised great grandma and Diane. Ruth and Joan didn't come this morning. Addyson helped feed Rhonda's cats then it was just too cold so she ran back to the house. When we got to the house mom and Diane stopped in to see everyone then we walked mom home and quit. Diane was leaving in a few hours for Gulf Shores, AL.
We had a good day but no pictures. What WAS I thinking. Tomorrow I'll do better. Mark and I hosted potluck tonight. We had 11 of us around the table. All of my kids and ALL of my grandkids got together at Phil and Anna's house. I missed all that fun but we had a very nice time at potluck, PLUS the meal was top notch.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


It was cold today but the sun was shining. After the walk I drove to Aldi in Pekin to pick up a few groceries, over $150.00 worth of groceries but that included two 21 pound Butterball turkeys for Thanksgiving, most of the food for potluck tomorrow and food for the Texas Sceggels which will be arriving early tomorrow morning.
Joan dropped off Faith Mackenson and Berlica right after lunch. They had fun building with the blocks.

 I would say Emma enjoyed watching too but by looking at her expression that probably wouldn't be the truth. Emma thought the entire process of building and knocking down was confusing. 
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures click HERE
Mark got home from work early and offered to go with me to haul the two turkeys over to Diane's house. She has an extra fridge in her basement where they can stay until Wednesday slowly defrosting. This evening Anna and Phil dropped off the girls so they could go out on a date. Those blocks were again the hit of the evening.

To see the rest of the girls with the blocks click HERE. I asked for blocks for Christmas years ago and I've always appreciated this gift.  When we were growing up at Baer in Pleasant Home we kids (all 11 of us) spent hours with blocks dad made for us one year for Christmas. 
Karin arrived to work horses after her work was done today but it was too late and too cold for me to head out to take pictures. I'm pretty sure though she worked with Indy and Oksana.
Those two mares will be 2 of the canter horses in the spring show so Karin is giving them lots of canter time, getting them fit and teaching them to neck rein. These two mares are half sisters, both by Raven. They are both sweet kind mares, both big and impressive AND both are athletic with great movement. I'm sure thankful today for the wood burner. Mark hauled in a big load of wood today and that wood burner was kept burning all day heating the house to a comfortable 75 degrees. I sure feel spoiled to think it is comfortable enough to wear a t-shirt in the house when it is below freezing outside. Yep spoiled.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Last Cavapoo

No walk this morning, we were having more rain. I thought that would give me enough time to do get some work done on the website before heading to the Berean office but nothing went right entering the pictures. At 8:25 am I threw my purse and camera on the passenger front seat,  jumped in the car and pushed the start button but nothing happened. Our car doesn't need to have the key inserted, it will start as long as the key is in the car. At first I thought maybe the key was in my purse but then realized my purse is in the car so if the key was in the purse the car would start. I ran back into the house and started searching. All the coat pockets, all of Mark's clothing pockets but no luck. Finally I called Mark to see if he had taken the key with him this morning. He didn't but knew where the another key was and I was finally on my way sending a quick text to Cindy that I was going to be a little late. Cindy and I were the only workers this morning but got the job done by 10:00 am.
When I arrived home both Sarah and Rhoda were here.  Rhoda with her dog Ruby and Ruby's puppies, Sarah with baby Zion, her dog Rizzy and Rizzy's puppies. Rhoda was asked to help take the truck in to Zane's in Hanna City for repairs. Taking the truck in though helped me find the car keys. Turned out the key WAS in the car on the front seat. Just the battery in the key fob is low so it wouldn't start the car. When we got back from Zanes we went to work.  Sarah has just one puppy left still for sale out of this litter. We made a short video of this puppy playing outside with her siblings, Rizzy and Ruby.
We also took a few updated pictures for the website.

If you would like to see the rest of her pictures click HERE. As soon as we finished playing with the puppies we headed up to the barn to start moving in bales. We needed 3 moved in today. We have such big mares that we may need to buy more bales to make it through until spring.  Sangria was glad for the new bale but her filly wasn't sure if she liked being covered by hay as her mom was eating.
Sangria would pull it off and most of it would fall on top of Serenity. 
Rhoda pulled Roxanne out next. Roxanne hadn't been ridden in a while so we weren't sure how well she would behave. The sun came out but the wind was blowing hard.

 The first time Rhoda asked for a trot Roxanne kicked out. Rhoda ended up asking for a whip which did the job. If Roxanne didn't respond to a gentle kick she got tapped with the whip and at that point was much quicker to respond. She gave Rhoda some very nice open trot. 

After both girls left I went in to rest a bit and clicked on AC Central listening to Clark Stoller from Gridley. I only got about half done when the call came from Zane's that the truck was done. Mark was called to see if he would be home before the 5:00 pm closing time so I could get a ride in to pick it up. We made it there with time to spare. I finished listening to Clark as I was making supper. 
Tonight Mark drove mom and me to church. Craig Stickling had the service starting at Genesis 3 and ending in Revelation 20.