Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Sky

The sky was red this morning just as I was pulling out to head to the farm. This will probably be the last time we see any kind of brightness or color for the next 3 days as snow is expected so a picture needed to be snapped. There are weather reports of a foot of snow to come during the next 3 days but knowing the exaggerations of the news media we will probably only get 6 inches. Still it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
At the farm the foals were having a good time running and dancing from one paddock to another. This shot was taken because I thought it framed Caden nicely.

He is sure feeling good, irritating the girls again. He thinks it is his mission in life to tease the girls. Diane and mom told us all about the retreat this morning. How wonderful it was and what we missed by being sick. Do you think they were rubbing it in? Once home Sarah tells me she needs to go to the hospital, she feels like she is going to die. She has been sick since Friday and not getting better. We were able to get an appointment with Dr. Schock at 10:20am and need to leave soon. Let's hope he doesn't put her in the hospital our insurance is not that good.

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