Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crappie Fishing Poles

I was watching Nate's video on his blog about ice fishing for crappies http://thediaryofalakenerd.blogspot.com/ when I remembered when Ruth was shopping at Gander Mountain and saw fishing poles advertised as crappie fishing poles. She was shocked that they would try to sell something they were advertising that way, in fact she was shocked they would use a bad word! She came out of the store exclaiming "Why would anyone want to buy a fishing pole advertised as a really crappy (bad) fishing pole?" I guess its all in how one spells the word.
After work today the cart was hauled out of the weeds and even though it should have been stored inside, it doesn't look too bad. The harness was pulled out of the tack stall and that looks complete. In fact the harness is in remarkably good shape. I didn't realize when it was purchased it was not leather but biothane, a better alternative than leather. Hopefully it will fit Ciera. This morning Ciera and Wynne were standing together, it took me a minute to figure out which 2 they were, that was just until I saw Wynne's belly. What threw me off was I forgot Steven had moved Wynne in with the herd.
The top picture is Wynne and the bottom one is Ciera only Wynne was an entire year older than Ciera in her picture.
The other 2 horses that can't be told apart is Bunni and Sally. They came running up to the gate when we came around the corner and we could not tell them apart. Good thing they aren't for sale, wouldn't know if we were selling the 8 year old or the 10 year old. They are both exactly 15.3 and both black. Of course once they are tacked up we would be able to tell, Bunni is more lazy, Sally really moves out.

The top picture is of Bunni with her colt by Raven and the bottom picture is of Sally. See how closely these horses resemble each other.


  1. hehe....crappie fishing poles, thats a good one

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