Friday, January 7, 2011

Vet Appointment

Dr. Hoerr was due early so no walk this morning, it would be foolish to drive out to the farm 2 times in one morning. We had him scheduled for coggins and teeth. Ribbon was the first one to get her teeth done. She is almost too tall to use the beam across the stall top.

Ribbon also got her coggins drawn. Jenis was next on the list for teeth. About the time Jenis was getting done Rachel came in and borrowed the camera. She took the 2 pictures below. Rachel said she came walking in the barn and saw Evan sitting down in the arena, Steven sitting on him and her filly Xena was checking them out. By the time she got back with the camera, Steven was working on the bow with Evan.
Xena was so interested in the process, Steven gave her a little bowing lesson.
Just AMAZING how quickly these Raven foals pick up tricks. Izadora was the last one for teeth floating. She is again losing weight, Dr. Hoerr thought it was probably due more that she is nursing her big boy. It makes me glad we didn't actually breed her back, and won't until the boy is weaned. Aragon's health papers were filled out for his trip to Kentucky.
Coggins drawn was for Wynne, Ribbon, Java, Caden, Independence, Sunny, Sandy and Xena.
Got home from the farm at noon and traded vehicles with Mark so Aragon could be picked up and brought to Bridlewood for hauling early tomorrow morning. His new owner is hoping to get him approved in the warmblood registry as a standing stallion.
Phil, Anna, David, Ben, Taunya and Addyson came over for dinner. We had the easy meal of build your own taco with seasoned ground beef, shredded cheese, guacamole, sour cream, sauteed onions and shredded lettuce. Addyson was given her last Christmas gift, lots of play food and a tea set. She had fun opening it and her mom is really going to have fun picking up all the pieces.

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