Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Judging

We have now been officially asked to provide 4 Friesians all approximately the same age for the Youth Judging contest at the IL Horse Fair. We will take Valiant, Evan, & Ciera and Monica Fritzenmeier will bring her Eisis. They will all be around 20 months old. Monica has been teaching her filly to walk and trot nicely by her side. We'd better start doing the same or we could be embarrassed. I'll email Emily to see if she will start teaching Ciera to trot by her side. Steven already has Evan trotting nicely.

Valiant may or may not be trained for this but as talented as Steven is with working the boys it shouldn't take too long.
For handlers Steven will show Evan, Emily will show Ciera, Monica will show Eisis and perhaps we can get Karin to show Valiant. This will be Saturday morning before the breed and sport demos so it won't conflict with the main show.
Funny how thinking about this show causes the butterflies start fluttering around in the mid region.

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