Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Damsels in Distress

Rhoda took off work early today and started home on the interstate with Darcy in the back seat. Her car died on 474 after the Allan road exit and before the 150 exit. She grabbed her purse to call for help and her phone was missing. It had accidentally been left at work. There she is on the side of a very busy interstate on a very cold day with only a light jacket, a dog but no leash and no phone. She sat for OVER an hour before a police car finally pulled over to see if she needed assistance and kindly let her borrow the phone for a phone call. By the time she was rescued both Darcy and Rhoda were very cold and miserable. This shows us what our country has become. No one trusts any one nowadays. It used to be within minutes of pulling over cars would start to stop to see if there was a problem. No more! And I can't say I blame them. There are so many predators now with no sense of right or wrong. This is a what country without GOD is like!
THEN a message comes while we are in church that Sarah is stuck down at Riverplex. Apparently she forgot her phone at home. She went to exercise before church left her keys on the tread mill got off to get a drink and a young male maybe 15 years old stole her keys. She has been stuck there since 6:30pm but we had left for church with our phones on vibrate and didn't get the message until after church. After confronting the boy and him denying he took them, she went to the officers at Riverplex and pointed out the kid that took the keys who was now running with 2 other young males. They also questioned the boy, then came back and told Sarah they believe he took them but he is denying it and they can't help her. Then they proceed to tell her, she'd better get another set of keys NOW because the car will be stolen tonight. Apparently this is not something new, these boys roam the building looking for anything left unattended and if it is keys they end up with a car! We picked her up, drove home as fast as possible got the other set and Rhoda and Sarah went driving back just hoping the car with all her stuff is still intact. EVERYTHING was in the car, her purse, wallet, and her snow board, along with Mark's GPS. Thankfully they arrived to find the car, with nothing taken, was still in the parking lot. Sarah went inside to tell the officer that she had the other set of keys and was taking the car home, the answer she got back was "good, I was sure the car would be stolen by the time I got off work."


  1. Thank God they are safe and sound!!!! I know what you mean, we had an acquantances daughter stop to help a man she knew along a busy highway and he ended up strangling her to death, and she worked with the guy, and we live in a small town where you never think these things will happen. it is so sad to think that there are people out there like that.

  2. The day didn't end there I had to ad a post script.