Saturday, January 15, 2011

Karin & Mom's trip to Haiti

Karin and mom arrived home from Haiti around 11:00pm last night, Karin uploaded this video of their trip.

Thanks Karin it was good to see everyone and your trip through your video

Today I left home right after Mark brought back the car and made it to the farm
around 1:00pm. The four weanlings came running up to let us know very loudly, without words, "we are OUT of hay!" Mike came over with the skid steer to dump in an alfalfa bale. The weanlings are so close in size, color and conformation it takes a close look to tell the 3 apart. Indy, Java, and Ayanna are three peas in a pod. Caden is the same size but he has a star. We put a halter on Java to differentiate her from Indy and Ayanna, who is actually a little taller, still has some burrs in her mane.
The middle paddock also needed a new grass bale.
Once home from the farm it was time for a trip to walmart for shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and groceries. Karin has agreed to come for dinner tomorrow and she just got back from Haiti so we wanted to feed her beef but after looking over walmart's selection I decided to head to Sam's where they had black Angus sirloin roast on sale for $2.98 a pound. A bonelss thirteen pounder was picked up along with a cheese cake and fresh blueberries for dessert. Hopefully others will come to dinner to help consume this meal. I'm putting the word out now, dinner will be ready by 4:00pm so you all come on by for some visitin and vittles.

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