Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Plan B

The walk was cut short, 3 bales needed to be moved in before the temperature starts its predicted drastic drop. Ribbon's paddock, the middle paddock and the cabin field all got new grass bales. The feeder Mike built is working out great. There are 5 horses eating on that bale and each one is lasting 9 days. One of the feeders in the middle paddock was pretty much destroyed. That one was a store bought, Mike or Steven need to come up with a design we can build. The home made ones are SO much stronger. That is the first plan B I was thinking of this morning.
The other was a plan B never thought of but is so much better than any plan A I ever came up with. When Rhoda was 9 years old we saw our first Friesian and plan A was someday we would try to own one. God's plan for us was so much more than we ever dreamed or planned for as now we have a herd that many get to enjoy. How blessed we are!

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