Sunday, January 9, 2011

IL Horse Fair

The 2011 IL Horse Fair will be March 4-6th this year. The forms were emailed to us last night and filled out this morning. We are ordering 10 stalls, the breakdown for them: tack stall vaulters, tack stall horsemeister, Ribbon, Jenis, Ylse, Sanna, Evan, Valiant, Ciera and babies. We would have loved to take Wynne but her foal is expected March 23rd, not much hope she will deliver that early. Now we have to figure out trailering to get them all down to Springfield. The most disappointing news is Rachel Sauder of is not going this year. We are trying to hire her daughter Jessica but haven't spoken to her yet. For some reason she is snowboarding just about every time we think of calling her. We must have a photographer, it is one time the horses are all clean!
Rhoda will ride Jenis, Monica will ride Ylse, Rebekah will ride Sanna and Emily will show Ciera. Those four all have their costumes and capes. Steven Marchal will show both boys first in tandem, then Evan alone.
PUT IT ON YOUR HOME CALENDAR MARCH 4th, 5th and 6th! you won't want to miss this show. The IL Horse Fair is the largest horse non-racing equine gathering in the state! We can't WAIT to be there and hope all of you will come too!

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