Saturday, January 29, 2011

The flue has struck

Yesterday at 10:00am was a funeral at the Peoria church. It wasn't a big funeral but the family had planned on 100 people to stay and eat when in reality only around 50 guests showed up. The singers were asked to stay for lunch as the food was so abundant. To my surprise Tauyna's parents were in line right in front of me so we had a nice meal together bragging on our shared grand daughter. During the meal was when I realized I wasn't feeling well. The flue has struck, Rhoda had it last week and has graciously shared it with me. The symptoms are fever, chills and intestinal upset. So I'm laying on the playroom floor in front of the heater trying to stop the shivering when the phone rings. A lady from Iowa is driving to Ohio but would like to stop to try Autumn out, and then proceeds to say they would also like to look at Izadora's colt. Karin was called to see if she would water the arena at the farm and ride Autumn for them. Mom was called to ask if we could come to dinner. Then time for 2 Tylenol to take down the fever. Around 5:30pm the people called back to tell me they are not going to make it, they just have too far to go and weren't making good time. This is one time I was so grateful to have no shows.
Sarah picked up Chinese for dinner and I headed for bed.

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