Thursday, November 26, 2020


 We had a very easy morning as all the food was cooked yesterday. Today after the horses were fed Mark and I got on Facebook live and watched Gregg Rumbold have the Thanksgiving service for church. The best gift today was sent by email from our elder Tim Funk. EVERYONE is invited to church on Sunday. There are NO restrictions and we don't have to sign up to reserve a seat. They are also holding Sunday school and Spanish church. Now if they would just go back to two services on Sundays it would almost be like in days before. Before Covid that is.  Mark  helped load the car with everything for the big thanksgiving meal. Rhoda and Lee were hosting and even though the dinner wasn't until 5:00 pm everyone was invited to come and spend the afternoon at the pool. The kids had a ball.

Dinner was wonderful.

Rhoda organized games after dinner for the kids.

More pictures will be downloaded later. It is now after 9:30 pm and has been a long happy day and I AM thankful.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Ready For Tomorrow

 Today was the big cooking day. We couldn't walk again as it was still raining and it rained most of the day. The stuffing was made first, then the turkey stuffed and baked. While that was baking the sweet potatoes were wrapped in aluminum foil and 15 pounds of russet potatoes peeled and quartered and put on the stove to boil. The potatoes were mashed and put aside. Around 1:30 the turkey was taken out of the oven, the heat put up to 400 and the sweet potatoes put in. While those were cooking the pies were made and put in the oven to start baking. I made 2 pumpkin and 1 pecan. The turkey was sliced and deboned then the gravy started. A sampling of the stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey all dribbled with gravy was taken over to mom's to make sure it all tasted ok. I still don't have all my smell and taste back. Mom tasted it and declared it all good.  Mark stopped at Kroger to pick up salad stuff and a couple avocados. He was given a sample of everything for supper and even a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert. He ate everything on his plate and reported it was delicious. We are ready for tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Awful Offal

 We couldn't walk today, it was raining and a cold rain at that as it was only 34 degrees this morning. I had a good morning at the Berean office. There it didn't matter that the rain was coming down. Inside was warm and of course plenty to do. We got 70 Bibles mailed out today and almost 200 studies. I drove mom to Peoria Tire to pick up her car which was getting an oil change. From there I drove to Pekin to buy grain at Stock and Field and also picked up 2 bags of sunflower seeds and 1 case of suet for mom's bird feeders. Aldi is right next door so I stopped there to pick up a few more items for our Thanksgiving dinner. When I got home and as soon as I opened the door I started gagging. Emma had vomited all over the family room floor. I had removed the doggy door when the weather turned cold and was gone too long today. Obviously Emma had gotten into the entrails of the deer carcass, gorged herself, then when it started rotting in her stomach deposited that all over the floor. The floor was cleaned up, scrubbed, sprayed down then fabreezed but that wasn't enough. All the doors were left open to air the house out, more scrubbing and more disinfectant spraying before I quit. Mark walked in a little later and he could STILL smell something bad.  Talk about discouraging. Hunters really really need to do a better job of disposing of the offal. The grain still needed to be unloaded so I went outside in the fresh air to work. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Mother Of The Bride Suit

 Well Joan couldn't walk today, she wasn't feeling well and had a doctors appointment to be tested for Covid so was isolating until that happened. Mom, Ruth and I walked to the barn and back. Right after the walk I left for the Peoria post office to pick up the Berean mail then to Sam's club to go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Today was the FIRST day I'm out of quarantine! I bought a turkey, fruit, lots of vegetables, and a pecan pie for tomorrow's Berean helpers. From Sam's I went to Berean and worked there until noon. Bill Schick stopped in and needed the office but can't be around anyone yet so I left. There is plenty of work for anyone wanting to help tomorrow. As soon as I got home I started a big pot of creamy chicken and wild rice soup. At 2:00 pm the fire under the pot was turned off and I took the golf cart up to the barn, grabbed Jewel's filly, loaded her and left for Hoerr Vet clinic where she had a 2:45 pm appointment to get her blood drawn for her coggins test.

She stood excellent. Chris came back out and asked "is she a 2020 filly? She is SO tall we thought she might be from last year." Jewel's foals are always impressive.  When I got home Mark was hard at work digging a hole with his mini excavator. 
He was digging it deep enough and big enough to bury the bones from this weekends hunting.
Joan got her tests results back and she WAS positive. With Hannah's wedding this Saturday, she had to have a new mother of the bride outfit. She sent the picture below to all of us to see if we thought it would match the wedding party. 
She won't even have to buy it, Rhonda is sure Spark has an extra one laying around. This wedding planning during a pandemic has been pretty stressful. I really do hope there is a way for Joan to be able to attend her daughter's wedding and if it takes an outfit like this, so be it! They already had to un-invite about 100 guests and cancel the reception the mother of the bride pretty much HAS to be there. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Maddalen Leaves

 Diane sent the most beautiful picture of the sunrise this morning from her balcony in Gulf Shores.

It was cold and wet here. It had rained during the night.  For church this morning we used Mark's phone and did a go to meeting but also had Facebook live up so we could hear better. We had 3 visiting elders plus Tim our elder speaking. This afternoon the transport for Maddalen called to report they should be here around 4:30 pm. I was glad it would still be light out. They were driving a semi so I took Maddalen to the water tower to meet them.  Mark came with me as I was a little worried about her trying to get up the steep ramp and I thought Mark may need to help with that.  I was wrong. This filly stopped at the ramp waited a few seconds then when I encouraged her to come she walked right up and stood quietly.  Maddalen was given her own box stall. I snapped the picture below for her owner.
There was a Morgan brood mare in to the right side of her and a horse they had picked up in Chicago on the left side of her. She stood quietly and didn't fuss at all while we visited a bit with the transporters. They were very impressed with how well behaved she was for a weanling. Today was another day of hunting. Logan got a really nice buck.
and Clayton got 2 does.
Rachel will have meat this winter.  The venison really helps stretch the food bill in her family. These are young, tender and grain fed and Rachel knows how to cook the meat perfectly. They have been busy butchering today and tomorrow we will bury the carcasses in the manure pile. Today is our 10th day of quarantine. Tomorrow I will head down to the post office to pick up the Berean mail. My first trip into town since the Rona hit. Today I posted our Chevy van for sale. It is $900.00 to insure it for the year and we only used it twice last year. It just doesn't make sense to keep it. I posted it on Facebook market place and have someone wanting to come see it tomorrow. A REALLY nice review came in for Meisters. This one must be posted here:  "Back in June our home's AC went out, and it was the first really hot week of the summer. At first I called up a different guy to look into the issue, and he completely botched diagnosing the issue and charged me for the wrong coolant which he also price gouged. Something seemed off, so I called Meister Heating and AC after hearing how good they were via word of mouth. It was after work hours, so I assumed we were in for at least one more night of sleeping in the heat. The owner, Phil, upon hearing our story, came out that very night to fix the AC because all of his other guys were on jobs. He was quick, professional, and answered all my questions. He went over the costs in detail, which ended up being way cheaper than what the other guy was charging/quoting. In just a few hours he made the repairs and replenished the coolant so my AC was back up and running. I would highly recommend this company to anyone - they went above and beyond my expectations. When your house is as hot as a furnace and the HVAC guy, who doesn't even live close, will leave his family dinner to help you, well, you know you can't get better customer service than that."

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Culvers For Dinner

 The weanlings were moved into the middle paddock today. Their bale was almost gone in the other paddock and now that Isla has gone to her new home that paddock had almost a full bale of the good stuff. PLUS it has 3 shelters just in case the weather starts to turn bad.  I had to put a halter on Maddalen and Jewel's filly to move them.  Karin led Maddalen and was very impressed with how well she leads now. I worked with Jewel's filly and she is getting it. She still doesn't LIKE me very well but is tolerating me. Thankfully she loves her grain. Kayla and Magda came today to work with the stallions. I was busy with the weanlings while they worked with Valiant but I heard later he put on a big show of bucking in place.  Evan was a sweet heart. Karin snapped the picture below of Magda sitting on him.

Sarah brought Eden and Zion out to 'help' their daddy catch a deer. Sarah used the golf cart to take Zion down on the trails to where her daddy was waiting. Below she is all ready to go with her orange hunting hat on.
Zion got to go on the 'hunt' with her daddy. Nolan sent the picture below. 
When they got back Zion said very sadly, "we didn't catch a deer."  Sarah took the girls home and Nolan went back to deer hunting instead of deer catching.  Tonight for dinner we drove through the Culvers drive through and ordered 1 fish dinner with an extra piece of fish and an extra side of broccoli. Once we got the bag of food we drove into Home Depot parking lot to eat, opened up the sack to find they had forgotten the cole slaw but since we paid $1.99for the extra broccoli Mark called them and they brought the cole slaw over. My taste buds are still dull and the fish didn't taste as good as it should but still had a nice crunch. The cole slaw I could taste so I was very glad Mark called them for that. Joan had to take mom to prompt care today. She fell a couple weeks ago at Middle Grove when we were camping and cut the back of her leg. Well today it looked infected. Joan sent the picture below to mom's doctor and they suggested she take her to prompt care. 
The problem with living here in the winter is that we didn't SEE the wound to know it wasn't healing well. Mom was keeping it wrapped and it was too cold to be outside without covering up. We are thinking mom needs to head down to Gulf Shores to let some of that sunshine, warmth and salt air help heal it. She was prescribed antibiotics and has started on them. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

Isla Left

 Fedi had his second hip replacement this morning so Ruth wasn't here to walk. Mom and I walked to Joan's then she joined us all the way to the barn and back to mom's house. Mom quit and Joan was given a ride back to her house on the golf cart. I had a good night without too much coughing and was feeling better this morning. Well enough to bring Isla out for a good groom before she left for Oregon. 

Above is before her grooming, her back was full of dirt and her forelock was full of hay.  I used almost an entire bottle of Cowboy magic detangler on her tail and mane. After she was looking good she was turned out into the back pasture to try to keep clean. She ran all the way down to the bottom of the field then galloped back up. 

I snapped a couple pictures of her with the weanlings. They all came running to the back of the paddock to greet her. She was a big part of their life at Middle Grove.

She took off again and this time ran over to greet Evan. 
I went back to the house to get all of her paper work then called her. She came running to the gate I snapped on the lead rope, walked her into the trailer and took her to the water tower to meet Yoder Equine Transport. Marvin Yoder was the driver and he brought the semi which happens to be a 15 horse trailer. There were already 13 horses on board. Below Marvin is getting the ramp ready for her.
Below Isla is in her own section.
She had plenty of company in front of her were 3 horses and to the left of her were 2 horses. It was spitting rain when they pulled out. The trailer was backed into it's space and I went in to make supper. We had skipped lunch and so even though it was only 3:00 pm we were both hungry. Nolan is staying at the apartment last night and the next 2 nights for shotgun season which started this morning. He stopped in to tell us no one shot a deer today which meant Tumnus survived the first day of shotgun season. Joan was hoping he would show up earlier so she could get a collar on him but that didn't happen. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

A Time of Remembrance

 We had a warm but windy day. Ruth, mom and I walked to Joan's house. She joined us for a short part then had to head back. Diane called from Gulf Shores, AL. The weather there has been beautiful, one sunny warm day after the next. Day after day of warmth and sunshine. The paper work is all finished now for Isla and Maddalen. Isla is leaving us tomorrow. 

Maddalen is suppose to leave on the 22nd, but I haven't heard from the shipper yet.
Next week Kyro's paper work should get done.  I had to order 12 more halters for the weanlings. We go through them so quickly. I also found some oversize horse halters and ordered 6 of those. We are starting to get into a routine with this covid quarantine. I walk in the morning with the ladies, get back and make breakfast then Mark takes off for his walk. We both take naps during the day. We are blaming the tiredness on the virus but it could be something else like boredom.  Today was the funeral for Taunya's mom. Taunya posted the picture below: 
Taunya wrote: 56 years of loving each other through good times and hard times, through sickness and health. Dad took care of mom for a long time as she began getting more forgetful. He spent hours driving to the nursing home to hold her hand. She loved seeing him. Her entire face would lighten up quickly followed with her feisty personality to keep him on his toes. I am so grateful for their love. I bawled watching my dad say one more final good bye. So grateful for Jesus and how He is carrying us through right now.   The first time we met Taunya's mom she had a meal for us that went on and on and on. We had never seen soo much food at one meal. She really did make the most wonderful apple pie. Mark and I are praying for the Rumbold family over the loss of  their mom, grandma and wife. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 It has been a whole week of quarantine for Mark and I and yet it seems like a month. We don't have it as bad as some others, we can both breath although that breath comes with a lot of coughing sometimes. This morning Ruth, Joan, Faith and I joined mom on the walk. Joan and Faith tested negative so they walked with mom. Ruth hung back as her test results weren't back yet and I hung way back as I'm positive. We discussed Hannah's wedding plans in the midst of this pandemic. Later today Rhoda who also tested positive stopped by for some vet wrap. She is getting supplies together for Rosie's pending puppy delivery. Spark, (another positive person) dropped by to drop off some tools.  The company transporting Isla called today, they will be picking her up on Friday afternoon. Hoerr vet clinic was called again to get an update on the Coggins and health certificates. Not sure what has been holding them up, Dr. Hoerr came out on Nov 5th to draw blood for the coggins. They are on line but not yet signed so the hold up is at the lab end not our end. Probably everyone is short handed due to Covid. Ruth finally got her test results and she is also negative. She has been holed up in her room for days waiting for the results. Fede is going to have his hip replaced and she needed to make sure she was negative if she wanted to go with him. She hasn't even been petting her dog! Now that is true love.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Supper Surprise

 It was another really cold morning. Evan needed a bale but it was below freezing and I wanted to wait until it was above freezing before starting the tractor so Evan was turn out into the field. His bale feeder was moved then I went inside to warm up by the fire. Both of us are still coughing. Today each time I cough my abdominal muscles yell. When the bale was moved in Evan came galloping up to be put away looking forward to his treat I always leave in his bucket.  He has sure become a sweet gentle stallion. Laundry was done today but other than fixing breakfast and lunch no cooking. Rhoda ordered us a meal from Gils and hired Leah to deliver it. 

We knew it was coming but didn't know all of what Rhoda ordered. There was bag after bag, box after box to open.
One box held hot fried onion rings that looked wonderful. BUT we both have Covid and with the first bite we were a little disappointed. You know that first bite of exploding flavor of hot greasy delicious onion rings as it hits your mouth? That explosion of flavor didn't happen. Your brain can tell you it will even if your tastebuds don't but it just didn't happen. My brain overruled my mouth with the fried chicken. That still tasted good.
Rhoda also ordered peanut butter pie and carrot cake. We each sampled some of everything but have enough for at least 3 more meals. The meal was very much appreciated.  Tonight mom called to report she has a cold. We are all praying that the cold just stays a cold and nothing more. Ruth is still waiting for her test results. She has now had 3 tests and 0 results.  She is a prisoner in her room while waiting for these test results. She is going to come for the walk tomorrow and stay 10 feet back. I'll join them and stay way back too. 

Monday, November 16, 2020

All 3

 I walked today, about 10 steps behind mom and Joan but enough we could visit for a while. Joan was going to Aldi today and she picked up some groceries for us.  I made a big pot of chili for lunch then froze a 3 quarts of that. Isla was given her vaccines and a picture taken of the package and sent to her owner.

Isla will be leaving soon for her trip to Oregon. All of her paper work is now done and she is ready for the trip. Mark and I used the skid steer to put the 2021 camping trailer in the big barn.
All 3 trailers are now stored for the winter. Sure hope they rent well next year. Joan took the flat bed trailer with the lawn mower to Pekin to drop off the lawn mower for repair. Philip dropped off a box of envelopes for Berean and some mail.  It is his and Anna's 12th, anniversary and they can't go any where to celebrate it today. Another day of quarantine finished for Mark and I.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

High Winds

 We have finished day 3 of our quarantine. The days are dragging along. We are both on the mend but sure missed out today on church and our family get together. Church is down to just 1 service on Sundays which made me feel a little cheated. I'm thankful for AC Central which allows plenty of options for the second service.  So far mom had not contracted the virus. We heard that Nancy has come down with it. They are taking care of her and she is doing ok. Joan's test came back negative. Ruth was suppose to hear today but we haven't heard her results yet. We think all of us positive people aught to hold a positive party with all kinds of exotic foods since we can't smell or taste. Karin dropped off a loaf of her fresh baked bread and Amy brought some of her delicious beef vegetable soup. We had both for supper. It was really windy today with sustained 20-30 mph and gusts 40-50 mph. It was cold enough we kept the fire going all day and spend most in the family room by the fire place.  

Saturday, November 14, 2020

More Cold Rain

 No new bleeding the rest of the day. I skipped taking the baby aspirin today and probably will tomorrow.  Rain was predicted to move in by 8:00 am and I didn't want to leave the weanlings outside so Mark helped bring them into stalls and the monitors turned on. Below is the view from one camera. That is Maddalen in that stall, across the aisle toward the back is Irish, Kyro is across the aisle toward the front. Maddalen could see both of them. She could hear the others but not see them and she was content. 

I watched as our Airbnb guests spent a lot of the morning in the stall barn petting the babies.  Karin, Isaiah and Magda arrived and wow did they ever work. They got shovels and dug a trench across the indoor arena doorway so the doors could be shut. Isaiah worked with Isla and all of them rode Valiant.  Isaiah and Magda also worked with all of the weanlings in the stalls. It is wonderful to have helpers that want to work with the foals. Nolan left for Indiana to pick up the new trailer since we can't travel.  He got back at 5:00 pm. The trailer is very nice. I'll get pictures tomorrow. Speaking of pictures the kids took the grandkids to see Santa and Mrs Claus and sent the pictures below.

We are missing out on so much! The good news is we have had no fever yesterday and today. The coughing is getting much less so I really believe we are on the mend. Maybe we won't worry about updating the will after all.

Created Weapon?

 After last night I'm with Mark on the will thing. We must find and update the will. If we don't make it all of our children have to go live with David and I don't think Stephanie is going to like that very much. We think the last time we did anything with the will David was around 17 years old and he was such a responsible child we thought he could handle the other 4 and we didn't want them split up. We went to bed before 10:00 pm but Mark soon got up to sleep with his head more elevated and ended up on the couch. Around midnight I awoke and realized my arm was cold. I went to pull it under the cover and realized my left arm was cold because it was wet. AT that point I thought Mark must have spilled something and felt my arm to find it all sticky. My brain is telling me this is wrong, enough that I woke up, got up, and turn the lights on. With that action I was horrified. There was blood all over the bed, the pillow, all over my arm and all over my left side dripping on to the floor. Some of the spots on the bed had dripped all the way through the flannel sheets and through the mattress pad and were congealing like black blobs. There was thick drips of blood on the floor also starting to congeal. Believing I must be cut somewhere on my side I made it to the bathroom and started scrubbing my body only to find no cuts at all. Then I started on my arm cleaning off lots of dried and fresh blood. There were two very tiny pinpricks that were welling up blood. One I got stopped the other would not. I sat on the tub holding tissues with pressure to stop the bleeding but each time I let go blood would well up and out again. I finally got a bandaid and put that on tight then tried to clean up the bed and floor at least getting the clots out but ended up throwing a big red towel over the whole area knowing I'll have to soak everything in cold water in the morning. I climbed back into bed but a few minutes later realized that tiny pin prick was again bleeding through, this time seeping out from the skin at the edges of the bandaid and running down my arm. This is such a tiny little pin prick I can't believe the amount of blood welling up. I spent the next half hour sitting with a wad of tissue held against the arm then found some horse wrap and wrapped that around the tissue. That worked.  Now I know why the doctor asked if I had any bleeding or bruising. No one told us about this side effect. This virus sure acts like a weapon that wants to kill the host. Hmmm do you think it was created and let loose on the world to reduce the population?  All the crazy theories come out of my brain in the middle of the night. Could we be in the last days? Will we have to live through the tribulation, is this one of the seven seals?  Nope because the pale horse (death) comes after the White horse (to conquer), the Red Horse (kill one another) and the Black Horse (famine). Hope our Saturday goes a bit better and sure hope we start to clear the virus. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Positively Positive

 I was sick yesterday, laying on the couch with chills, coughing and a back ache. The fever broke in the middle of the night but by morning Mark who had been coughing for a few days decided we must go in to be tested for Covid 19. He called the doctor office first and just talked to the nurse. She explained the office didn't open until 9:00 am and they may not have any time to take us in for testing so the best thing to do was to drive to the civic center. I got the feeding done and 3 of the 4 stalls cleaned before we left. We arrived there around 9:00 am and the line stretched all the way through the parking lot and down the road. We got in line and the estimate was 3 hours. After about an hour we turned into the parking lot. A man met us then and  told us to do this QR code thing on our phone but we are not phone literate and finally found the play store and downloaded it but were still struggling to figure out what was next when the doctor office called to report they could take us if we would come right away. We got out of that line and drove straight to the doctor office.  Now Mark says he is not pessimistic but is a realist and was so sure he would test positive that yesterday he gave away a coat and then told me, it might be his last charitable act. He also decided to go to the bank to look for our will, just in case, you know.  We must be prepared.  When we got to the doctor office we had to wait until everyone was suited up like those pandemic movies. As they don't do a lot of testing there, three of the office workers wanted to be there to help and learn.  We were scanned first for a fever. Both of us were a little below normal at 97.6, our blood pressure was just fine and then came the SWAB, Mark was done first and he made terrible face and made them wait to do the next nostril as he was going to sneeze.  They took his swab out to run and came at my nose. Now remember I had been cleaning stalls and had not sneezed all morning. EVERYONE that clean stalls knows what comes out of one's nose after that job. I think they were all shocked. They rushed out of the room with that very black looking swab quickly. I thought they were probably afraid of losing their breakfast in my presence.  The nurse came in to tell Mark that his test was inconclusive and they would need to do it again on him. Not long after they left the room for the second time Dr. Bevill came in to tell me that I was positive and he would be back in a bit once they knew Mark's results. We waited another 15 minutes but when the nurse came back in they still had no results. They were surprised about Mark's AND my results as they said, "we didn't think the test would work with that much debris." I quickly explained I WAS cleaning stalls this morning. I didn't want them to think I was a bad house keeper.  Dr. Bevill checked our lungs which were both good and then told us what to watch for and let us slide out the back door to go home with instructions to quarantine for 10-12 days as long as no fever comes back. Even though Mark did not test positive, he must be quarantined with me as he lives with me. My only regret was not getting a few photos for the blog. I just didn't think to pull out my phone. Rachel sent a text that she was stopping at Kroger after work today and did we need anything, then dropped off our order at the door. I LOVE living out here in this neighborhood. 

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Jewel's filly is going to need work. She did not want to put on a halter today and I asked Mark to help. Once the rope is around her neck she stood. The other weanlings were easy. The two colts were haltered and de-wormed with Quest. Both Kyro and Moonlight stood well for that. They were taken out to the paddock together and put in with Gracie (Irish's filly) and Tori's colt. Maddalen, Hadassah's filly was easy, she was not de-wormed as I had done her earlier.  It was Jewel's filly that caused the problems today. At least she stood well for the de-worming. After getting her out to the paddock Mark replied, "we are getting WAY to old for this". We left a breakaway halter on her with a short lead rope. Now I just need to spend time working with her. She is beautiful, has perfect conformation and huge movement.
She is sold and should be leaving around Thanksgiving time. Since we are getting old we have placed Jewel for sale. She is bred to Evan due June 6th, 2021. Jewel is 12 years old and rides very nice. She may need a refresher but each time we take her out we exclaim, "what a fun mare." She has been shown and has done miles of trails.

We are asking $8500.00 for her and that includes her unborn foal. The only reason I had trouble with her current filly is we left her out at Middle Grove too long. Once we start working with her she will be fine. If you are looking for a special horse you may want to consider Jewel. 

A Day Late.

This is Wednesday's post, the computer was updating and kept shutting off so I finally just went to bed. It turned very cold so the fireplace wood burner was started and that was kept running all day. I tried to call the Vet clinic to schedule health certificates for the horses that will be traveling only to find out they were closed. It didn't click in my mind that they were closed because of Veteran's day and Mark wanted me to get a title out of the safe deposit box so I drove to the bank and sure enough that was closed too. Only then did I remember it was Veteran's day. Later Wednesday afternoon I started sneezing and have picked up a cold. I called Ruth to ask her to do mom's hair and eye drop for this morning (Thursday) as we sure don't want her getting sick.  Mark and I also stayed home and watched church here. This morning was de-worming day for Moonlight, Kyro and Jewel's filly. I don't like to do that when they are first being weaned but they have settled down well. Once that was done Mark helped move all the weanlings out to the paddock joining Gracy and Tori's colt. They are much happier out of the stalls. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

2 Months Worth

 I didn't get to walk today instead as soon as mom got her hair brushed I drove to the Peoria post office to pick up the Berean mail then back to mom's to pick her up. We had a lot of mail at that office today and needed lots of hands to get everything needed done.  On the way to the Berean office we stopped at Sam's club to buy coffee cups, coffee and pie. IF you would like to read about our morning there click HERE. The Bibles and studies were loaded into the car. Mom and I went first to the Peoria post office to drop off the non for profit studies of which we had over 260 then to the Bartonville post office to drop off the 60 Bibles. The reason I hit both is the non for profit MUST go to the Peoria post office but that post office doesn't have a good way to drop off the heavy boxes of Bibles. The Bartonville post office has a loading dock and carts to put the boxes on so we go to both. Mom was taken home then I had to drive to Diane's office to do the bank reconciling. We had 2 months waiting and between the two of us got that done. Mike and Diane are leaving early in the morning for Gulf Shores and will be working from there. I drove straight up to the barn and took care of the weanlings as it was almost 3:30 by that time. The weanlings are doing well. The colts were very glad to see me and both wanted attention.  Hadassah's filly was glad to see me but Jewel's filly was a little standoffish and didn't want me to pet her. I didn't push that today as a big storm was moving in. By the time I got to the house we were having tornado warnings for Hanna City. The wind was shocking, the rain came down in sheets but we had no hail and no tornado. The temperature dropped from 75 degrees to 47 and is predicted to go even lower. That 47 degrees feels like 30 with the wind. Our Indian summer is officially over and it feels like winter has arrived with a vengeance. I'm glad to weanlings are warm and secure inside the stall barn. 

Monday, November 9, 2020

Weaning Day

 Amy arrived in time to go on the second round of the walk. She offered to help make a video of Kyro IF I would cook her breakfast. That was a great trade. We actually took both Kyro and his half brother Moonlight out to the field and made the video for Kyro's owner and Moonlight's owner. Kyro's dam is our Andalusian mare Madiera and his sire is Evan. Moonlight's dam is Rosaleigh and his sire is Evan. Check out the amazing movement on these two colts. Kyro is the dark bay and Moonlight is the black. I also took a few pictures for the website.


They were turned out in the field to graze for a few hours.
Amy left to head to Bridlewood about the time Anna came to clean the apartment. I asked if I could have the girls help with my next project which was to take a short video of Jewel's filly. 
Our next BIG job was the main job of the day. Today was weaning day for 4. We started with Jewel and her filly. The girls waited at the barn door and as soon as the filly followed her mom into the stall barn the girls shut the door. They were taken into a stall and a halter was put on the filly then the filly tied. Jewel was given some grain in the stall across the aisle.  The girls did the same job when Hadassah and her filly were brought inside. Again they shut the barn doors while Hadassah and her filly were led into the stall holding Jewel's filly. Hadassah was led right back outside and put in a different stall. We did the same routine for Madiera's colt and Rosaleigh's colt. Both the fillies are now in one of the big foaling stalls and both colts are now in one of the other foaling stalls. Madiera was loaded into the trailer first, then Rosaleigh followed by Hadassah and finally Jewel. The girls climbed into the back seat of the truck and off we left for Middle Grove.  They helped with the unloading by opening and shutting the gate as each mare was taken out of the trailer and put in the field. Below are a few pictures of the mares. They called a few times, then dropped their heads to graze for a bit.
Called a few more times then took off for the herd.

We stopped at Casey's to fill up the truck and the tummies as by this time it was almost 1:00 pm and past our lunch time.  After eating lunch the new weanlings were given fresh water,  grain and more hay. They are still calling for their mom's but are standing quietly.  I have them on the monitor and am pleased to see they have not dumped their water buckets. All is going well for the first day of weaning.  Phil picked up the girls, I made supper, and will now work on updated the website.