Monday, June 1, 2020

Rosaleigh's Surprise Colt

Early this morning while checking mares I noticed Rosaleigh was waxing heavily. She was taken out of the middle paddock and put in the pasture to keep clean for some updated pictures before she has the foal. Right after the walk I took her to the stall and de-tangled her thick long mane for the pictures then she was taken to the round pen.

 Rosaleigh isn't due until June 22nd but each year she delivers about 3 weeks early. She was taken back to the paddocks and just left loose to graze while I worked around the farm.
 I planned on staying up tonight. She was left out while I went to work with Soul's filly, Lola's filly and Irish's filly. Dr. Hoerr was coming today for ultrasounds and I wanted these fillies to have a refresher course on haltering, tying and hoof picking up.  Soul's filly was first. She was by far the hardest to remind that she must stand still while the halter is on. Once it was on though she remembered about the rest and let me handle her legs with no problem.  Soul was happy eating her grain while I worked with the filly. Once the halter had been put on and taken off about 10 times they were taken out and Irish and her filly were brought into the stall. She wasn't happy the first time I put the halter on but did not fight like Soul's filly, she just shook her head. Once it was on she stood happily while I gave her lots of wonderful scratches and handled her legs. Lola's filly is so easy going it was a breeze to put her halter on. Lola has foals with the sweetest dispositions. Every single one has been sweet and loving from the time they are born even through weaning. They were all put back in the paddock and I went in to get some inside work done while waiting for Dr. Hoerr. He arrived around 3:00 pm and Lola was the first mare done and we are pleased to announce Lola is pregnant and due April 20th, 2021. The sire of the expected foal is Valiant.
Jury was right across the aisle so she was next and she too is now confirmed pregnant. Valiant is also the sire of this coming foal.
Dr. Hoerr was laughing that I wanted pictures of each one as they were finished. I told him that he needs to be in the pictures as he is the one that finds these foals and is famous for finding them. Jury is due April 28th, 2021. Soul was bred the exact day as Jury only by Evan and she too is now confirmed in foal also due April 28th, 2021.
Irish was last and she is pregnant and due April 23rd, 2021. The sire of her expected foal is Valiant.
4 out of 4! WooHoo!  Mark had just gotten home from work so he helped me load Soul and her filly then Lola and her filly and finally Irish and her filly for the trip to Middle Grove. Loading went without incident, all three foals just followed their dams into the trailer. Mark shut the doors and then came with me to drop them off. Below are a few pictures once we made it there and opened the trailer door.

They took off to find the herd and we took off for home. As soon as the trailer was backed into place the stalls were cleaned then Rosaleigh put in a stall and I went up to the house to make dinner. After dinner I checked the monitor and saw Rosaleigh in the process of giving birth. I didn't have time to wrap her tail or bring in straw.

 The birth went smooth except the cord was wrapped around the hips and tore pretty quickly spilling blood everywhere.  The foal was born on her thick tail which is now covered in blood and amniotic fluid.

 Thankfully Joan had given me plenty of towels and those were used to sop up some of the wet and keep the sawdust from going in the colt's lungs.

 He was born at 6:48 pm and was up and rooting around about 8:00 pm. 

I left to put the towels in the washer and have been watching him on the monitor. He is nursing well. He is skinny and very hungry. SO thankful for another safe delivery and another healthy foal. That is now 10 on the ground 5 colts and 5 fillies and all are doing well.  We still have 3 to foal. 

Sunday, May 31, 2020


For the first time in 11 weeks we were able to go to church.  Mom, Mark and I left at 9:00 am so we could get there as soon as the doors opened. Today was considered a trial run but everyone that got to come was pretty thrilled. There really is something special about sitting IN church while listening to the Bible being read aloud then expounded on.
As soon as we got home the vegetables that had been chopped this morning were stir fried and mixed with the chicken that had already been cooked. Lunch was ready in a half hour and taken over to mom's for 'church lunch'. Joan and her children joined us. After church Mark helped move a bale in for the far paddock then Lacy the outside mare that is here to be bred to Valiant was taken over and teased. She screamed and struck out at him so we will mark her down as OUT.  Karin took out 5 horses for a trail ride and Israel got to go also. After the ride Faith helped bring Ayanna over here so she could be teased. She is not in so was given the shot. It has been 10 days since the ultrasound that showed she had just ovulated. Now that she had the shot to bring her back in she will need to be teased every day. Indy was also teased and she also was not interested. Sarah, Nolan, Zion and Eden arrived to play on the beach and swim. David, Stephanie, Israel and Elisabet were the next to arrive then Phil, Anna, Braelyn, Taegan and Kensly and all came to supper.
We had a busy afternoon and evening with plenty of company. Everyone has now left but we had horse back riding, swimming, fishing, volley ball and lots of golf cart rides. Tumnus the deer came back while Israel and Zion were there and both got to pet him. No pictures, the camera was left in the house all day.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Jewel's New Filly

The plan was to leave at 9:30 am head out to Middle Grove and bring back a load but that planned changed when I got there. Mike brought Sheena down to the trailer and he was followed by Skye.
As Skye is now 3 years old we decided to bring her home and get her bred to Evan which left just 2 places in the trailer. Mike drove the truck and trailer up to the round pen where Diane had Joshua and Josiah haltered and waiting. Those two were loaded up with Sheena and Skye and taken to the Hanna City farm.  This meant some juggling around. Skye, Joshua and Josiah were put in the short shelter paddock and Sheena  put in the middle paddock and off I went for the second load.  This load we put Ripper in the front divider then loaded Rosaleigh, Madiera, Jewel and her 1 day old filly. By the time I got back it was after noon. The camera was taken out and pictures taken.  Jewel was actually due June 15th but has delivered 3 weeks early just about every year and sure enough she did it again. Her filly was born yesterday and already she is strong and stocky. The pictures below were taken once we got them home.

 She was having a ball this evening running around bucking and kicking. 

She will be just as impressive as her full brother Josiah. Below are a few pictures of Josiah.
 Notice the 'air time' this boy has. He really does have lift!

Josiah was born May 7th, 2019 out of Jewel by Evan. He is registered with Friesian Heritage Horse International and has a current coggins. He is scheduled to be gelded June 10th. He is very well behaved, has a thick long mane and tail and check out the feather on those legs. He has huge movement and will excel at dressage but has such a good mind that he will also make a wonderful family horse. He is for sale for $4500.00. He really is something special. Joshua, his half brother is just as impressive.

Big movement, mega hair and black. His owner will be thrilled when she sees how gorgeous he turned out. Joshua is out of Madiera by Evan. We were so pleased with how this colt turned out we bred Madiera back to Evan. She is due June 20th. Madiera and Sheena are both due June 20th with Rosaleigh due June 22nd. Of those 3 Rosaleigh is most bagged up and will need to be watched. Indy, Oksana and their colts were moved into the paddock next to Valiant. I'm still waiting for Indy to come in season and hopefully Valiant will let me know when that happens. Lily, Tori, Hadassah, Jewel and their foals were put in Ribbon's old paddock that opens up to the big field.  Below Lily is munching away at the hay while her colt takes a nap on that nice soft bed.
Lily always gets the best places to eat as she IS the boss mare here. Hadassah was on the other side of the bale.
The birthday party girls came over to see the foals. Tori's colt came up to check them out.

Below Hadassah went to the back gate to wait for someone to open it and let them out.
Karin was here giving trail rides all morning. She took the horses out 4 times and the last time had too many riders so Ayanna took 2 at a time. Those girls LOVED riding Ayanna and decided she is their new favorite. We had a beautiful sunny cool day which was just perfect for trail riding. 
This evening we got a message that church will be open and mom, Mark and I are on the list to go. They are limiting this week to just 50 people upstairs and 25 downstairs.  It is shocking how long it has been since any of us have been in church. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Perfect Weather

The 2003 truck needed to be unhooked from the big trailer so I could get the brakes looked at but when I called Zanes they are only open Monday through Thursday and today is Friday. I'll have to wait until Monday to get an appointment. Karin arrived as I was hooking up the new truck to the big trailer and helped guide me in. As soon as she was done with that she took Soul and her filly by Evan out to the round pen. Below are a few pictures of her session with Soul.
She asked her to lay down, really just to see if Soul remembered the cues and she did.
Of course she got a treat for that. Her filly was pretty confused.
Berlica arrived and Karin asked Berlica and I to go to the cabin to get Sally while she put Soul away and brought out Lola. By the time we got back with Sally she was putting Lola away so I only snapped one picture of her filly.
 Sally is learning to relax in the round pen.
 Sangria was brought out next. This mare has amazing movement.
 Karin and Faith tacked up Ayanna as she was needed for the morning trail ride. Faith rode her over to the cabin and waited while the others got their horses tacked up.

 This trail ride was for Chad and Julie's girls but their son Boone got to ride with Emma over to the play ground.
 Evan came running up to greet the mares as they turned the corner.
 If you would like to see the rest of the morning trail ride pictures click HERE
They cantered up the hill at the end.
After the ride they came over to the barn to see Hadassah's 2 day old filly.
Mark got home early and wanted to work on cutting up wood in the mare pasture. Lily, Tori and their colts were turned out in the big field while he was working.

Tori's colt was watching him work and I just happened to catch him with his tongue stuck out.
Lily's colt was looking at something in the field.
That turned out to be Kabur, Sarah Reinhard's dog. He was hunting something but in a very dangerous spot, midway between two mares with their foals.
Lily came over to see what he was doing.
And then ATTACKED! The next few pictures are of Lily trying to kill Kabur for daring to be near her colt.

Thankfully Kabur got away without getting stomped or bit.
Hadassah and her filly were taken out of the stall and brought out where the other two mares were grazing. She was happy to be out on grass but stayed pretty far away from the other two mares.
Evan could hardly stand that they were not in the pasture next to him. 
As we were heading to the wood shed Spark and Rhonda came walking over. They were just out for their evening stroll.
We have had so much rain lately that the wood shed roof is growing quite a crop.
Ava, Joan's grand daughter was celebrating her birthday at the lake and Karin took the guests out for trail rides this evening. Below are a few pictures.

If interested in seeing the rest of the trail ride pictures from this ride click HERE. Below is a short video of the trailrides as they cross the creek and canter up the hill.
Lily, Tori and their colts were put in the indoor arena for the night. Hadassah and her filly were stalled for the night. The weather today was just perfect for working and playing outside and I am thankful