Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's a BOY!

Be prepared, the video below is quite graphic and full of sound. Zalena must have been full of gas as she delivers, the sound of expelling gas just goes on and on.

He is just born in the pictures below.

 Zalena delivered a big beautiful boy at 12:20 this morning. Mom and baby are doing well. Sire is Valiant.
He was up and rooting around by 1:25 am and at that point I left to head back to the house for a few hours of shut-eye. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Celebration

What is it with turning 59? The phone started ringing at 2:50 am with birthday greetings and that continued most of the day. I really didn't even want to celebrate a birthday.  Believe me when  person reaches the 50s and then gets on the upper edge of the 50s we would prefer people to forget.
It turned cold today, so cold that Rachel sent through a text that she wasn't walking now that summer is over. After the walk Diane left to get the mail for Berean and to put a few hours in opening mail and working on letters. Lilypony's owner arrived shortly before 10:00 am, Lilypony loaded right up and off she went for her new home. As soon as she was gone I went in to help Diane. Even mom came down to help today. We had one distressing thing happen. One of the prisons we sent Bibles to in California rejected the Bibles sending them back with the notice no address labels allowed. That meant we paid postage both ways to get the Bible back almost $8.00 each. Both Diane and I tried to call the prison to talk to the Chaplain's office but I never could get through and Diane finally just got an answering machine and left a message. Hope they call us back.
As we were getting ready to pack up and leave Karin called to report it was snowing hard in Galesburg, IL. It was just raining here but by the time we got to the farm the snow was coming down thick and hard. the picture was taken off the front porch today.
All of my children and grand children came tonight for a birthday dinner and brought the entire meal. The cousins really enjoy playing together.

After looking through the picture taken tonight I'm missing Taegan. Every picture she was in was either blurry or she had her back to the camera. That little girl is active!
We are on foal watch tonight, Zalena is testing around 350, praying for an uneventful birth and a healthy foal.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday

We celebrated the day Jesus entered Jerusalem on the foal of a donkey. Craig Stickling had the service this morning. The Stickling family had more than just Palm Sunday to celebrate, after months of waiting for a kidney for Allison, a kidney became available. Marsha, Allison's mom had just attended the funeral of her father on Friday. She shared this with us: The last thing I told my Dad before I left the hospital was when he got to heaven, he had a job to do, divine intervention for a new kidney for Ali...and just as he was with his semi here on earth, he was prompt.
The donor family needs prayers as they had to say good-by to their 17 year old son.
Willis had our communion service which was held in place of afternoon service. Emily was in Forrest for morning church but made Peoria for the afternoon. The only problem was she needed to come directly from Forrest to Peoria to be on time and didn't have time to stop in Hanna City to drop off the truck and trailer. It just looked pretty funny seeing the Horsemeister truck and trailer in the church parking lot. It had rained while we were in church but not hard and it was still warm outside. The mares were teased and only Jenis covered. Jenis and Evan were both wormed with Quest Plus. We will work on worming the rest of the horses tomorrow. Hadassah was also still in but with Killian so young we can't use him 2 days in a row. Hopefully she will still be in tomorrow. Rhoda stopped at the horse auction at the Heart of IL arena on her way to her house sitting job. She was looking for trailer ties for the new trailer, they didn't have any but she bought a couple of girths. She almost bought a pony for $10.00. Thankfully she passed on that, we just don't need any more ponies!
The weather has turned it is now cold and rainy. Emily put Zalena, Holly and her filly in for the night.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Beautiful Day

Karin had arranged to take Bethany and Bill trail riding at Middle Grove this morning. Bill has a 4 wheel drive truck that could easily drive back to the herd so mom and I came along. Once we found the herd Mike and Diane showed up, Diane was driving the 4 wheeler while Mike was driving the tractor. Mom hitched a ride with Diane on the 4 wheeler, Karin saddled up Sally and between the both of them they rounded up the herd.
Now to be honest the only horse needing rounding up is Cookie. She is a smart pony and knows if people show up she is going to work. She tries to run for freedom but gives up pretty quickly.
 Eliza above will  need to come back to the farm soon. She is due May 21st.  Marika below is due July 8th.
Ayanna had just taken a roll in the pond to cool off. She is due June 30th.
Oksana will need to be brought back in the next batch. She will be 2 years old June 16th and will be taught to drive. She needs a good grooming to remove some burrs in her forelock and mane.
 The babies were so funny, all three were playing together and none of them were near their moms when we arrived. It is good for the foals to have other foals as companions. Although Lily's colt as the youngest thinks he is the boss and teases the girls, typical boy.
Above Jewel had just taken a roll in the mud and Mika was getting ready to when Mike waded in and stopped him so he wouldn't have to tack up a muddy horse. Below is Bill on Missy and Bethany riding Cookie as they wait for Mike and Diane to get their horses tacked up.
The five horses used today were Mika, Bunni, Sally, Missy and Cookie. 
After the trail riders took off mom and I took Bill's truck back to the gate locking it away from the horses. We wouldn't want to welcome Bill into the family then let the horses destroy his truck. For some reason the horses are fascinated by vehicles and want to taste them. We decided to head to Norris next. Anni and Jessica were watching the Herman grandchildren. That was kind of funny, the girls were making mud pies while the boys were making sand cakes.

After our pleasant morning it was time to get back to work. Mark and I worked on emptying the 2003 Kiefer built trailer. Rhoda arrived home to give Darcy a ride in the golf cart. One of Darcy's favorite things to do. She gets so excited riding around she lets the whole neighborhood know by her barks how happy she is.

Jenis and Hadassah were teased and both still in. Hadassah was covered by Killian while Jenis was covered by Evan. We sure are praying Jenis conceives this time. Paris was given her medicines then the horses grained. Mark hauled a wheelbarrow load of hay for Holly so she could be left out until tonight. It was such a pleasant evening it was tempting to leave Zalena and Holly out all night but didn't. I just don't want to take a chance on Zalena delivering outside. 

Blessings Big and Little

With Emily visiting her family in Forrest, IL it fell to me to get up early, feed, move horses and clean stalls. This started reminding me of all the blessings that come with living here. With this nice break in the weather yesterday my sister Karin came to get her horse fix and was more than willing to put time into Anna even though there are much more fun horses to ride. Anna is a quiet willing Friesian without the fire to make things fun. Rhoda loves riding the bucks and that's exactly the kind of trainer we need for Evan. Emily enjoys working with Killian and Valiant Horsemeister's other 2 stallions. Then on top of those 3 amazing trainers we have lots of talented nieces that are more than willing to drop what they are doing and head out on the trails on young or problem horses. The horses here must be sure footed, beginner safe, willing to traverse steep hills and rushing water as the trails here are considered the 'death trails'. Then we have talented friends (yes we really do have friends) that are glad to jump in and help if we need riders for parades, demonstrations or shows. It just made me realize this entire Horsemeister program would be nothing without family and friends. When we were at Dr. Hoerr's waiting to collect Killian I was visiting with Dr. Pallen who happened to still be in her pajamas. She had been caring for a dummy foal for a customer for the last 2 days BY HERSELF and exhausted! When we had a problem with a foal that couldn't stand due to contracted tendons we had lots of family and friends willling take shifts all night long to load him into a wheel barrow and run him under the mother so he could nurse (by the way that wheel barrow baby went on to become a dancing horse excelling in high school dressage). So today I want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that have helped make Horsemeister the business it is today.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Israel was picked up at 6:30 and the day just kept getting better. Rhoda and Emily helped clean the house for potluck tonight then Emily took the truck and trailer to Forrest to pick up her bull and deliver it to a farm in Champaigne, IL. She will return it on Sunday. On the way she stopped at Farm and Fleet and found Quest Plus on sale for $9.97 and bought 20 of them for us saving at least $50.00.
Rhoda was more than willing to help with a video of Jewel's filly Rhiannon. We had someone wanting to see her movement. Rhiannon got the beauty treatment first getting a good groom and a learning lesson on picking up feet when asked. This filly has tremendous amount of feather, more than most purebred Friesians.
Rhoda also took her over to the trailer with the golf cart where she got a leading loading lesson.
Check out the video below of Rhiannon. Rhoda has her leading over jumps and up on the bridge.

After Rhiannon was put away Rhoda pulled out Evan for a schooling session.

Could this boy get any more impressive? Rebekah and Karin came over to ride with Rhoda on the trails. 
 Karin rode Anna, Rhoda stayed on Evan while Rebekah rode Jenis
Jenis is in season and amazing Evan was the perfect gentleman on the trials with those 2 mares. We are so impressed that he can behave on a trail ride with a mare heavily in season.
After the ride Rhoda had Evan cover Jenis. We wanted to use Killian but Killian is afraid of Jenis and wouldn't even try. Evan covered Hadassah this morning so he got double duty today.
Not long after that Stephanie arrived to pick up Israel.
Our guest were expected at 6:30 pm so Mark got going on the grill and the steaks turned out just about perfect. Doris brought creamed peas, Gail brought a wonderful salad, Rich brought 2 different kinds of sweet breads, grilled onions, and wild rice rounded out the meal. For dessert we had New York style cheese cake with fresh strawberries.
After the meal  our 12 headed over to Spark and Rhonda's to join their potluck of 10. The guitars were brought out and singing started. It was a very nice evening.
Rachel hosted all the others with a camp fire over in her meadow. Bill, Bethany's fiancee arrived from Bluffton to join in the fun. 
Mike and Diane are staying at the cottage at Middle Grove. The weather was just about perfect.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Poor Paris

After the walk Emily and Rhoda joined me for breakfast then it was time to start loading the horses that were going to Hoerr Vet clinic. Rhiannon and Killian were loaded into the front of the stock while Hadassah and Paris occupied the back of the trailer. We arrived right at our scheduled appointment 9:30 am but had to wait until Dr. Hoerr finished up de-horning the calves. We brought Rhiannon and Killian in for a coggins test, Paris to find out why she has been losing weight and Hadassah to use as a jump mare to collect Killian. Today was the day we were to test his semen. We were a little pressed for time needing to be home by noon so Emily would have time to change before her class at ICC which started at 1:00 pm. That should have been plenty of time but nothing seems to go as planned.
The first problem was the AV, somehow the liner was stuck to the rubber and as Dr. Hoerr was working on getting it open it developed a leak. He then had to find an old inner tube to use as a patch.
The tube was cleaned and roughed up a bit then adhesive applied, we needed both Emily and Rhoda to hold the AV in position for the fix.
While the girls were helping Dr. Hoerr with the AV, I went with Dr. Pallen to help hold Killian and Rhiannon for the drawing of their blood. They were both perfect standing quietly while getting stuck with a big needle.
The patch on the AV needed to dry so at that point Paris was brought into the clinic. Now Paris is our Arabian mare. She has been on our starting line-up for over 10 years and is around 30 years old. Last summer she had a terrible rectal prolapse then a couple of months ago she started losing weight. At first we thought it may be her teeth and started mixing her grain with shredded moist beet pulp 3 times a day but instead of gaining she lost even more weight. Dr. Hoerr gave her a pretty thorough exam.
 He drew blood and took manure for a fecal then checked her teeth. Her teeth were not the problem so once the blood work was running Paris was put back while Hadassah and Killian brought into the barn area.
Now Killian was ready until he had to use the AV and then would just not finish the job. After 3 or 4 tries there was a small amount of preseminal fluid so Dr. Hoerr decided to check that and thankfully we saw swimmers. Not a lot as Killian did not ejaculate but at least we know he is producing sperm. Dr. Hoerr wanted to try another option trying to use an OB sleeve as a stallion condom to see if that would work but again Killian tried a few times but got very frustrated and quit each time before getting the job done. By this time it was already after noon and we had to quit. Now we had no time to get Emily home to change. We drove her straight to ICC with the truck and horse trailer, dropped her off at the door then found a place to park until she could finish her class. Dr. Hoerr called with the results of Paris' blood work as we were driving home and it wasn't good. Her albumim is extremely low the nutrifil was high so he decided to run more tests. Basically she is having problems with her liver. Either she has an abscess on her liver or something worse. We are going to put her on Sulpha every day for 2 weeks but there really isn't anything else that can be done for her if she doesn't improve.
We weren't able to get home until after 2:30 which gave me just 2 short hours to get the laundry started and a few other jobs finished before picking up mom to head to Russ Rumbold's visitation. We were going to try to be there just before the starting time of 5:00 pm but pulled up right at 5:00 only to find the place packed. Even the parking lot was full. We parked on the street and got in line. We finally made it home by 7:30 pm.
The evening was spent working with Mark feeding and watering Holly, Emily worked on the garden clearing weeds and planting lettuce and I finished up the laundry. I'm tired and heading to bed.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The middle paddock was completely out of hay this morning so Mark came out early and helped put 2 new bales there. We have a lot of horses in that paddock right now.
I was suppose to take Paris in to get her teeth floated along with Hadassah and Killian to Dr. Hoerr at 9:00 am but got a message that Dr. Hoerr needed to head out to an emergency and could I come tomorrow at 9:30 am. Of course the answer was yes. This worked out well for Diane and I to process all the Bibles and letters we weren't able to finish yesterday. By the time we were done we sent out 326 Bibles.
Next stop was Sam's Club where the meat for potluck was picked up. We will be having rib eye steaks.
The weather was beautiful by the time I got back to the farm so I decided to walk up and put Holly and her 1 day old filly outside for the first time. But on the way I discovered the waterer in the middle paddock had the plug pulled again and the horses were thirsty. We believe it must be Killian pulling the plug. Rhoda and Emily fixed it yesterday even putting a metal plate over the plug but he must have figured out how to move the plate and this time not only was the plug out it was gone. Who knows where he dragged it. The tank Cynthia gave us was scrubbed out and placed in the middle paddock and filled. I'll have to have Mike turn that waterer off until we can get a new plug. Emily arrived home from school and helped move Holly and filly out. Below are a few pictures of them.
 This filly is a typical Valiant daughter, so friendly, she kept coming right up to me as I was trying to snap the pictures. Then she discovered how to make those long legs work and took off galloping around the paddock throwing in a buck every once in a while.

Pat, a lady we met at the IL Horse Fair arrived with a check in hand to book her mare to Evan. While here Hadassah needed to be covered so she got to see how well behaved Evan is for live cover. 
Next Emily wanted to work Valiant as he hasn't been worked in a while. He was turned loose in the arena and the video camera was brought out to capture his bucking and running. I'll work on that tomorrow but I took a few still pictures of Emily riding him in the arena before she took him out on the trails.

When Mark got home from work he put the road grader on the tractor and started grading the drives. He was still working when it was time for us to get ready for church. The drives looked great when he finally quit. Mom, Emily, Bethany and I went to church together. Willis had the message finishing up with Revelations 22. After church Emily and Bethany went with Jessica out to eat while mom and I came home. What a great day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's A Girl!

Emily had the mares out early this morning then helped me with Hadassah. Hadassah wouldn't show at all for Evan yet Emily thought she was still in and sure enough, Hadassah showed right away for Killian so Killian was the stallion used. After the walk Emily, Diane and I drove in to Meisters and started a very busy work day. At 9:00 am my phone started ringing. Rhoda was walking up to the apartment and saw Holly delivering her foal by Valiant. She was in the process of delivering a big bay filly. Emily left Meisters to go help Rhoda bring Holly and the filly into the stall then Rhoda stayed with her until the filly was nursing well.
She is a really big boned beautiful strong bay filly. Holly is being a great mom. Holly will be bred back to Valiant and placed for sale as a 3/1 package for $3000.00. This filly is a typical Valiant baby very friendly and sweet.
We were swamped at Berean so Diane called for more help and got Jenny with her 2 children down to help. At one point we had 7 of us working on the studies and letters. Our nice new big office didn't seem so big any more.
After lunch Emily worked the 2 yearlings. She is leading them into the barn for grooming in the picture below.
Both fillies did well, Rhiannon seems to be a bit smarter than Promise at least she caught on quicker to what Emily was asking today. They both got a tying lesson too. Before heading in to make dinner we just had time to get a few pictures of Emma for the website.
Emma has been bred to Evan but not yet far enough along to have an ultrasound done. Once she is confirmed in foal she will be for sale for $12,000.00.
A very nice phone call came in from Rachel the lady that bought Ribbon's 2013 filly Pandora. She is so thrilled with Pandora and if Ribbon hadn't lost her foal during the winter she would have wanted to buy it. She has never had such a sweet loving yearling.
Diane drove to choir tonight with a full van. We had a good practice.
We had a nice email come in from Dee, the lady that bought Jenis' 2012 filly by Raven. She writes:
Olympia is doing awesome. She is huge. 15.3 currently and still growing. She does great with driving using long lines. She has the round pen reasoning down pat. I lunge her sometimes with another horse and as soon as you stop she stops...the other horse hasn't gotten it figured out as well as her yet but he is getting there. I couldn't be happier with her. She is as sweet as pie. Loves to learn. Every time I work with her she amazes me. Something I'm sure she inherited from her mom.  I can't wait to see how continues to mature. I am one very happy customer of horsemeister. Have a great night.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Michigan Visitors

Israel was picked up at Meisters right at 7:30 am and taken straight to the apartment where Sarah was more than willing to watch him so I could go on the second round of the walk. No one was in a hurry today so we walked a third round. That way I could hear all about everyone's Gulf Shores trip.
After the walk Rhoda pulled out Lilypony and was so pleased with her progress that she brought her down to the house and not just down to the house but right into the kitchen.
After Lilypony was put away Rhoda took Anna out giving her a good groom then put her in a stall to try to keep her clean until the company arrived. When Emily got home from school she was willing to allow me to video her training Hadassah for the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page. Just as we were finishing up with the video the 2 ladies from Michigan arrived. Emily put Hadassah back and brought out Killian. Rhoda tacked up Jenis, Indy and Anna and off they went.
 In the picture above Rhoda is leading the way with Indy, while Shannon is riding Jenis followed by Emily on Killian with Jan and Anna bringing up the rear. Below Shannon has just taken Jenis up and over the final obstacle of the 'death trails' the gravel pile at the end of the trail.

 Just check out those happy faces. All 4 came back on the same horses they went out on. Success!
The Michigan company had a long drive back so the girls put the horses away and by that time we were all more than ready for a very late lunch. We drove to Pekin, IL and found a little cafe that had good food for cheap prices. We have a repeat customer buying Lilypony. She is mailing the check tomorrow and Lilypony will be marked sold when that arrives.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hadassah In

The travelers all made it home safe from Gulf Shores, some sooner and some a bit later. Rachel and Dave's car load was the last to arrive. They hit a deer around 3:00 am. Caleb was driving. They stopped the car, found the deer which was a nice fat doe,  threw it on top of the luggage rack and drove home to start butchering it at 4:30 am. Mom says all those Sauder kids are skinny because Rachel feeds her family road kill and now I"m starting to believe it. I know I would lose weight on a diet like that.
We needed to leave the house early this morning for the start of one great day. So even before the sun rose I was out working, moving Zalena and Holly out of the stalls, cleaning the stalls then feeding the horses, coming in and making breakfast for us then showering and getting ready for church and I STILL was done before 7:15 am.
We picked up mom and headed to the jail as the choir was singing there for the 3 services. Craig Stickling had all three services. One of the points he made was: " The Bible isn't a what, it's a Who" - John 1:14 "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us".  Our Sunday school Easter program was held in place of afternoon service at church. What a blessing it was to see the front of the church filled with our future. The harmony, blend and melody of For Those Tears I Died was actually awe inspiring, I think all of us sitting in the pews listening got goose bumps.
After church we needed to move a couple of bales in, one in the breeding shed paddock and one for Evan's paddock. Mark used the skid steer on Evan's but needed to pull out the tractor for the other. For that one the bale needs to go up a slope into the barn and the skid steer can't get up the slope with the mud we are dealing with right now.
Rhoda and Emily took the truck and trailer to Middle Grove to pick up 4 horses and couldn't find them. After walking and searching the back 200 acres where the horses were suppose to be they finally gave up and started searching the other pasture finding them where they weren't suppose to be. A fence must be down somewhere but they didn't take the time to search for it. Emily rode Killian back with just a halter and lead rope. Hadassah was brought back and was showing so was covered by Evan then left in his paddock. Prissy, and Lilypony were the other 2 brought home. I wanted Killian here to breed to Jenis but she is now out of season. We have someone coming to look at Hadassah, and  Lilypony soon and someone coming to look at Anna tomorrow afternoon.
Mark and I needed to be at Glen Oak Zoo for Ron and Jackie's 50th wedding anniversary party by 4:30 pm. We pulled in just as Rachel was pulling out. She was there to take pictures. I snapped the one below with my phone and just can't figure out how to hold it still enough so the pictures don't blur.
We arrived home around 8:00pm and still needed to prepare Zalena and Holly's stall for the night then bring them in.
There was a nice email from Cynthia with an updated picture of Olivia, Jewel's 2012 filly.
She writes that Olivia is now line driving and knows the commands to walk, trot and whoa.