Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pleasant Pastures

The weather today was just about as perfect as it could be, low humidity and temps hovering around 78 degrees with bright sunshine. For the first time all 7 mares and 7 foals were let out into the field together to graze. The big kids (Zalena and Eliza's foals) were very curious about the little kids.
 In the picture above Eliza and Zalena are down in a dip, most of the foals are laying down resting in the soft thick grass while their mom's are busy chomping away at the delicious sweet fresh greens.

Lola and Jewel both showed today. As Emily is gone with a broken wrist Diane stepped in to help with the breedings. Lola was covered by Valiant while Jewel was covered by Evan. Their babies are just 1 day apart, if they both get pregnant on this heat the next 2 should also come around the same time.
Diane and Mike have 4 guests staying at their house for a few days. Mike is busy saddling up Sally, Jenis, Cookie and Missy for an evening trail ride.
Mark is out weed whacking the fenceline. Sarah's car was repaired by Jacob Meister, it turns out her alternator was bad.
Karin took Ribbon to over to the Rainbow Rider camp today where she taught 16 kids and 1 counselor how to canter. Karin said, "Ribbon is worth her weight in gold!" Makes me wonder exactly how much would 2000 pounds worth of gold be?
The handy dandy golf cart died this evening. It won't even accept a charge so something must have been knocked loose. I'll have to see about asking Dan to stop in. The feeding was done tonight by carrying the heavy grain buckets.
A few pictures came in today from Mikayla Cooksey of her Raven daughter Avalon and Avalon's son by Evan.

There is a funny story about Avalon's son by Evan. When Alicia brought Avalon over to breed to Evan she told us right away, "the foal is named Trailer!" They decided even before conception this foal must be sold to replace their old trailer. So Avalon delivers that gorgeous boy in the 2 pictures above and I never see any ads that they are trying to sell him. The next time I saw Alicia I asked her if they had any ads out and guess what? She cannot bring herself to sell him. She told me he is just amazing and they would probably never be able to afford to buy something of his quality so she can't part with him. I don't think they even kept the name trailer!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Videos

Rhoda arrived this morning willing to help with pictures and videos of the foals. We started with Ella's colt by Evan.
and of course after the video a few cute pictures of this cute colt.

Next we brought out Jewel and her filly also by Evan. She is still pretty young to take a video but we gave her a haltering lesson along with taking a few pictures.

Marika was the next mare out, her filly was born June 29th. We were hoping she would show off her big trot but she was content to mostly just canter.

Lola's colt is also too young to video, we didn't even bother bringing him out, he doesn't need any handling, he is so tame he will follow us around begging for attention. Ayanna and Violet were brought out last.

 Violet is such a show off and such a fancy mover.
These four foals are for sale and each is considered a bargain in the horse world. Check out the Horsemeister website for more information. While I was posting the videos on the website I received a call from Mark to say that Sarah's car had broken down on interstate 474. This was just before 4:00 pm so I drove the 20 minutes to give her car a jump, but as soon as we removed the jumper cables the car died. We were letting it charge up a bit and had called AAA to get a tow when a police man arrived. We tried the car one more time and one more time it started but wouldn't accelerate. The tow company was suppose to arrive in an hour and a half but the police man (who knew Spark and Eddie) didn't want us to wait on the side of the interstate. He called the towing company directly and told them to tow the car to Meister's we would be waiting for them there. That was actually a relief. Mark brought my church clothes and a key to Meisters. We gave Sarah Mark's truck and the key to lock back up the business then left for church. Craig Stickling had the service. After church Sarah was called to find out if the broken down car had ever made it to Meisters. She only had to wait there 3 hours. The tow truck driver told her she was 4th in line. I"m so glad we didn't have to wait on the side of the interstate that long.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We had an extremely busy day at Meisters. There were 9 volunteers all hard at work when Ken Hoerr walked in to see how and what we actually do. Spark took him down to the warehouse to show him our old cramped office. Mom, Diane, David, Kathy and Dakota worked right through lunch, they finished up the letters and were just leaving for the post office as we were pulling in from lunch. Rhoda, Eva Jean and I stayed until the studies were finished and the rest of the Bibles loaded into my car.
It was very hot outside by the time I arrived home. I put the 3 mares with the 3 youngest foals in the stall barn. When Mark got home from work it had cooled down a bit, he wanted to fill the weed sprayer and spray around the barns and house while I went to let the mares out of the barn. Ayanna and Marika were not in the pond pasture, they were standing in the indoor arena with both of their foals sound asleep on the arena floor. All the gates were checked and all of them were still shut and locked. How those 2 mares and those 2 foals ended up out of the pasture and in the barn is a mystery.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Unproductive Trip to Middle Grove

There were 10 people and 3 dogs on the walk this morning. We actually got done a little earlier than usual, it must have been all the competition.
After the walk I drove down to TEMCO to pick up the mail then Meister's to process the mail. I didn't get a chance to finish, Mark came in around 10:30 to ask me to drive him  home, he didn't feel well. We think he got food poisoning. As soon as he was situated in the house the gooseneck trailer was unhooked from the truck and the stock trailer hooked up. I needed to make a trip to Middle Grove to pick up Hadassah for her ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday and Sally for the company coming here on Wednesday. The big gate going into the Middle Grove pasture fell off the hinge as it was being opened. Luckily no horses were in sight. The truck was driven in and the gate tied shut with a lead rope. I was able to take the truck and trailer to the top of the hill and could see the horses across the 5 acre lake. They heard the truck and came galloping up. I thought this was going to be so easy, Hadassah was the first one to greet me but when I went to put a halter on her she took off. I took the time to look over each of the horses there and ran my hands all over Promise and Rhiannon. Promise is huge. She is probably going to be taller than her mom Sangria. I didn't take the camera with me but had the video camera. For the next 3 hours in the hot sun I spent trying to catch naughty Hadassah. She let me pet her twice but when it came time to put the halter on she would take off running.  I would have persevered except a doe came bounding across the field and Hadassah decided to leave the herd and follow the deer, running into the woods and out of sight.

I finally just decided to take Sally and cancel the ultrasound. By the time I was on 116 I was so hot and thirsty I had to stop at Bee's for an ice cream cone and a big glass of water. By the time I got home it was after 3:00 pm. 
Mom had invited 11 people for dinner and wanted to served marinated chicken breasts. The marinade was made and taken over to her then Mark was driven back down to Meisters as his van was left there. 
Lola and Jewel's foals are too young to stay outside in this heat while the sun is beating down so those mares and foals were brought inside. 
Jamie Stone came over for a visit and of course I had to play the piano for her. She traded me the piano for a stud fee to Valiant. She is trying to find a black Arabian mare she can buy to use the stud fee on so if anyone knows of one please let us know. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Party Time

Church was great Tim Funk had the morning service reading first in Job and then in James. We were reminded that wisdom comes from fearing God.  And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding. 
The men are now helping serve at the lunch tables and I must say what a great idea this is. They are doing a great job and gives some of us a bit of a break.
Mike Rieker had the afternoon service reading in Genesis of Joseph, what men meant for evil God meant for good.
We barely made it home from church before we loaded up and headed to the fellowship hall for Ashley Christ's graduation open house. That was amazing, Carol and her family had the fellowship hall decorated beautifully and all kinds of goodies were served. We left there and drove straight to Dave and Kathy's for Kathy's surprise 60th, birthday party and she WAS surprised. Amazing to think probably over a hundred people were invited and no one spilled the beans. When we finally arrived home for good, Karin had already had the horses tacked for Sarah Reinhard's company.
Horses used were Cookie, Jenis, Indy, Anna, Missy and Ribbon. Anna was bored with the ride, either that or she is laughing at Hannah. Click on the picture above to see Anna (the horse) laughing.

 Below are the riders all back safe and sound.
Pictured below is Dirk's wife Karen. Dirk and Karen are visiting from Haiti until Tuesday.
The playground was filled with volley ball players and dogs.

Besides dogs playing on the playground there was a funny group on the tramp

 Mike and Diane made it back from Middle Grove with this nice Crappie. Braelyn was fascinated by it. Sarah Reinhard cleaned it and cooked it for her company.
 Check out the picture below, that is 3 year old Braelyn driving the golf cart. She didn't even run into anything but all of us watchers were all gasping each time she would miss an obstacle.
The young group got back from their trip to the Creation Museum. Fede was the bus driver, Ruth arrived at the playground and told us it was a great trip. We sure appreciate Fede having his CDL license and driving the bus for church trips. Braelyn and Taegan are spending the night at the apartment with Sarah tonight. They will be coming down for breakfast in the morning. They play so hard they should sleep well.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Vaulting Camp 2014

Our day started early, as soon as the horses were fed and breakfast cooked for Mark I took the golf cart over to mom's to line out the day with Karin. She was in charge of clearing the trails down by the creek while I watered and raked the indoor arena. We both got done at the same time. Mark left to go pick up 2 boys named Nick and Corey from the south end of Peoria to help with the school demolition. They had a crew working there for the morning.  Killian still seemed a bit lethargic so he was put out on the field to graze. When I was walking down to check on him I had to stop and grab the camera. A handsome young fox was hunting in the field not far from where Killian was grazing.

He or she posed for a picture then took off for the woods. Killian was put away as the campers started to arrive. Karin worked with them on the barrel first. Kathy and David Obergfel along with their daughter Emily, her husband Shane and their 2 children came to see the babies so while Karin had the vaulters working on the barrel we went out to see the foals.
Lola's colt is such a ham, he loves attention. By the time we were done looking at all the babies Karin had the vaulters in the outdoor arena working.

Lots of vaulting pictures were taken and posted on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page. When they broke for lunch I brought first Evan to the arena then Valiant to show David's family their tricks. Valiant was so glad to have a chance to gallop he had to show off how high he could buck and jump but did finally settle down. After the Obgerfel's left I headed to Diane's pond for a few swimming pictures of the kids.
 Studly, Karin's dog stole the show by diving off the diving board. The picture below should be labeled Eve walking on water.
 Even Hailey jumped off the board.

After lunch the horses were brought inside for tacking up for the trail ride.

Horses used here Bonnie, Cookie, Missy, Anna, Indy, Jenis and Ribbon. Lots of pictures were taken and are placed on the Horsemeister Inc Facebook page.

This ride had no problems, everyone came back safe and sound on the same horse they went out with. After the ride who ever wanted to run were taken to the outdoor arena. 

Once the camp was over Karin and I were exhausted, too tired to cook dinner. We decided to head to Gils Supper club in Hanna City for dinner and were joined by Mark, Tim, Hannah and mom. The food is always excellent and the meals are big enough to share or bring home for tomorrow's dinner. Mark wanted to finish mowing the paddocks so after we got home from dinner I opened gates to let him in and keep the horses from coming out, moved horses and fed then opened gates to let him out and keep the horses in.