Friday, May 24, 2019

Sheena's Colt SOLD

We had a small break of the clouds and a little sunshine this morning but more storms come though late morning and this afternoon. A tornado touch down in Lewistown, IL.  The entire farm is drenched with water.  The fields, even the sloped fields are so saturated that there is standing water. The lakes are full, the creeks are full and the Peoria area is under a flash flood watch. The big news today is that Sheena's colt is now sold. He didn't last long but I understand why.  He really is going to be a super star.
 Tomorrow I'm going to try to move Sheena and her colt into the indoor arena with Madiera and her colt. They are just 2 days apart and will be weaned together.  Madiera's colt had his cord checked today. It is nice and dry but more iodine was applied anyway.  
This evening Mark and I spent working on the golf cart and tomorrow I'll be able to use it.  That golf cart is a good tool when one has grandchildren around.


Sheena went into active labor at 3:45 am and really struggled. The two front feet were a welcome sign and when the head arrived I though she was easily going to push this colt out.

 But she just wasn't making any progress. At that point the sack was torn and I started pulling. Once the shoulders were out I quit believing she would be able to finish the job herself so the phone was picked up to snap a picture. The colt started flailing around and still not getting pushed out so back to work I went until the rib cage was out. Only then was Sheena able to finish the job. 
 Mike and Diane arrived and helped move them into a clean stall for the rest of the night.  
He is a beautiful BIG all black colt.  We left them and now I'm watching on the monitor to make sure he stands and nurses. Thankful for a safe delivery and a healthy colt.
The pictures below were taken 3 hours after birth. He is getting up on his own, has nursed well, and Sheena has delivered the placenta.

Iodine has been administered to his cord and all is well! He sold tonight, not even a day old. Congratulations Jackie!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

More Waxing

We were shocked at the condition of the road going to Spark and Joan's houses this morning on our walk. There is a sink hole right in the middle of the road almost 2 feet deep with a diameter of almost 2 feet. We had a tremendous amount of rain during the storm last night which also produced a tornado between Glasford and Hanna City heading our way.  Joan went right to work on filling the sink hole.  After the walk the apartment was prepared for the guests coming in today then the barn cleaned.  Then it was time to tease mares. Roxanne was taken out first, she winked a couple of times then screamed, striking out at Evan same as yesterday. As she was acting out I realized her udder was kind of bagged up, I backed her up and took a good look at her and in my opinion she is pregnant. I thought she had lost her foal and brought her in to get her bred last week but she has a nice round belly and is starting to get a full udder. She is due June 30th and I really hope I'm right. Roxanne was bred to Evan last year. She is a beautiful mare.

Tori was brought out and covered by Evan. Both Rhoda and Karin love riding Tori, she reminds them of Jenis and feel she could be the next superstar. She is athletic and smart.

This evening was the visitation for Allen Herman. We didn't arrive until 5:15 pm and waited in line for 2 hours but all of us were glad we went. Allen was a special special man and we will miss him and his big smile every Sunday.  Mark took mom and I Market Grill in the Hy-Vee grocery store. They have all of their burgers priced at $8.00 and they are good.  They are big enough that the meal can be split in half and the other half taken home for lunch tomorrow.  As soon as we got home from there I ran up to the barn to check on Sheena. Sheena is a Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred mare in foal by Valiant. She is waxing and was pacing around the stall which is a sign of first labor.  I will be surprised if she hasn't delivered by morning.
We know the foal will be black but we don't know if it will be a colt or a filly. Sheena is bred to Valiant and her foals by him are so special we keep breeding her back to Valiant. 
Above is one of her colts by Valiant and below is the only offspring we kept of Sheena's, her only filly which we named Skye.  
The man that bought her last colt sent this picture of him as a 2 year old. He writes that he is very tall and one of the nicest horses in the barn. 
We find the Friesian Thoroughbred cross is about perfect for those wanting to event. They have the bone to hold up over the big jumps and yet are athletic enough to cover the miles. They also have wonderful minds that want to please so training is a breeze. IF you have ever wanted a big black beautiful horse you may want to keep an eye on our website. As soon as this foal is born it will be posted for sale for only $4000.00. and that is actually a tremendous value for a horse of this quality. 
I got word today from Amy that Cathie Trent, the instructor at Bridlewood, was in a bad accident. Cathie and her mom were driving the truck and horse trailer going to pick up Cathie's daughter Savannah and were near Crawsfordsville, IN when a semi truck slammed into the back of her horse trailer which slammed into the back of her truck.  Below are a few pictures of the accident. Thankfully they were not hurt and there was no horse in the trailer.

Below is Cathie's mom getting out of the truck ALIVE.
Can you imagine the shock of a semi trailer slamming into you.
Ann, Cathie's mom was bruised from the seat belt and I think had some cuts but both are alive! I'm pretty sure the trailer is totaled and the truck too!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

10 Taken Out

Beth came for our walk today, we had much to catch up on and we really weren't in a big hurry.  The walkers all stopped in to see Madiera's new colt and all were impressed with how tall and beautiful he is.
Hard to believe he is just a few hours old in the pictures above and below.

 Dr. Hoerr was scheduled this morning. While waiting for him to arrive a bale was moved in Evan's paddock and the short shelter paddock. 5 mares were teased. Rosaleigh is still not interested, Lisa is still in and was covered by Evan, Irish the Gypsy is also in and covered by Valiant. Tori is now showing big. She will be covered by Valiant tomorrow, and Roxanne started to show. She will need to be covered by Evan so hopefully Lisa will be going out soon. Dr. Hoerr arrived and drew blood first from Marika for her new coggins test. Hers runs out May 25th. Madiera's colt got a foal shot. Zalena's filly got a thorough going over.  She has lost some of her coat on her back legs and rump, and I wanted to find out why.  When she was born at Middle Grove she ended up laying in a puddle for at least 20 minutes. As her skin was so very new that wasn't at all good for her and the diagnoses is rain rot.  I can't treat it with anything too strong, she is just too young. Thankfully the hair will grow back. Next were the ultrasounds. Galena, Lola and Soul with their foals were brought into the indoor. The 3 mares tied while the foals were free.
Dr. Hoerr started with Galena and I was disappointed to find not only is she open, she had just ovulated. Dr. Hoerr declared Lola pregnant. Lola was bred to Valiant on May 3rd making her due April 13th, 2020.
Lola's filly was very interested in what Dr. Hoerr was doing to her mom. 
 He had to stop and give her some attention.
Soul's colt was fascinated with the lubricant Dr. Hoerr left on the arena floor.
When it was Soul's turn she was also declared pregnant. She too was bred on May 3rd, but to Evan and is also due April 13th, 2020
As soon as Dr. Hoerr left, the trailer was backed half way into the arena and those 3 mares and foals were loaded for a trip to Middle Grove.  We will need to bring Galena back in a couple weeks but I didn't want to leave her and her foal here when the others will be gone. They were thrilled to be out there and all 6 dropped their heads grazing on that lush green grass as fast as possible. I went back for the second load picking up Karin as by this time she was off work. She helped load Isla, Giselle, Ivan and Irish.  When we got back to Middle Grove the first 6 were still in sight grazing. They had not even tried to find the rest of the herd.  Karin was dropped off a the library where she was meeting Jacki to go out to supper. The next job on my list was to get the van to Gary Byerline. Mark drove the truck while I drove the van and we dropped that off this evening. Gary is going to have that done tomorrow. The headlight keeps burning out, Mark has replaced it numerous times but this time Gary is going to try to sodder it in believing that will stop it from bouncing around which is why we think is why it burns out so quickly.  We left from there to go to Lowes to pick up the new fridge. Even though it had been paid for yesterday and I called to tell them we were coming and would be there in a hour to pick it up it took a long time for Lowes to find it and the ice maker then to get it out of the store and into the truck. We barely had enough time to make it to church arriving just a few minutes before 7:00 pm. Mike Rieker had the message.  As big storms are moving in tonight Mark and I left right after church. Phil was already here moving the old fridge out and helped us move the new one in. It was plugged in and is cooling now. We will install the ice maker later.  Sheena was checked and is not bagged up but storms are coming so she was moved into a stall.  The lightning in the West is lighting up the sky and we hear continuously the sound of rumbling thunder.

Strong Handsome Fellow

I checked the monitor during the night with the last time checking at 3:30 am.  By 5:00 am Madiera was standing in the corner and I really couldn't see her on the monitor other than the last 3rd of her body. By the time I got to the barn there was a colt laying in the corner of the stall out of the monitor's view. He jumped up when I went into the stall and went right over to nurse latching on quickly. What a strong handsome fellow Madiera's colt by Evan is.

He is black and more than likely will stay black as Madiera's sire Despierto is black as is Evan.  He will also have the mega hair. Madiera has a huge tail and double sided thick long mane.  This colt is going to be FANTASTIC! He will be registered and DNA'D in the Warlander book of Friesian Heritsage Horse International and is for sale for $6000.00 Dr. Hoerr is scheduled to come this morning so I'd better call the vet clinic and tell them there is one more to put on his schedule. Madiera has already delivered the placenta and is a wonderful mother. I didn't take my camera out this morning as I was really heading out to the apartment to grab cream, butter and eggs to make breakfast for Mark. The phone was used to snap the two pictures above but of course better pictures will be taken later. This IS a special special Warlander colt!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

We Have Waxing

We had a good walk today and didn't use our sweat shirts, nope today we wore winter coats. It was only 42 degrees outside.  We had rain last night, rain this afternoon and it is been pouring most of the evening. The morning was spent at Berean, we had a good group of volunteers and filled 80 Bible requests. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE. This afternoon as soon as we finished up at the Berean office I drove to Sarah and Nolan's house to drop off some bows and play with the girls.

 From there I went to David and Stephanie's house to play with the grand children there.

 As soon as I got home Madiera and Sheena were checked. Madiera was standing in the corner of the paddock by herself while Sheena was out in the pasture grazing.  Madiera's udder was checked and sure enough she has waxing. Her foal is due in 8 days but I don't think she will hold on that long. Evan is the sire of her foal.
Both mares were brought into the stalls. Madiera isn't comfortable in the barn without Sheena in the next stall over. Extra bedding was put in Madiera's stall and both mares are on the monitor. Both are quiet and no sign of labor.  We had problems today. Our refrigerator quit working.  That wasn't the worst of that though,on Sunday we noticed the ice cream was very soft. Mark ordered and today brought home a new seal for the freezer door believing that was the problem and we spent a couple hours removing the freezer door and replacing the seal and yet that still wasn't the worst.  The very worst thing was I CLEANED it out today before I knew we were not going to be fixing it.  Why oh why did I waste all that time taking everything out and scrubbing it down then putting everything back in all organized.
Once we realized it was not going to start running all that food was removed and hauled up to the apartment fridge. The food can stay there until Thursday morning but then we have people moving in around 2:00 pm.  Mark tried to order a new fridge from Home Depot but they didn't have the one we need in stock and couldn't get it here for over a week. We have very few options as the size of the place the fridge fits is pretty small.  Lowes has one and I'll try to get it picked up tomorrow but tomorrow is already booked pretty solid. The mares inside were fed, given fresh water, more bedding and the stalls cleaned for the night before heading to the indoor to clean up that. Lily and Zalena must stay inside, their foals are too young to be out in this cold rain.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Fixing the Golf Cart

Brr it was cold this morning at 48 degrees with a stiff wind. I walked out without a jacket turned around and walked right back inside to grab one.  Ruth was a little late this morning as she did the very same thing. Diane even came on the walk with gloves on.  Hard to believe it is May 20th.  The sun was out just for a little bit this morning before the clouds rolled in. Our high of the day only reached 55 degrees.  I had a very productive morning. Once the arena was cleaned up Lily and Zalena were turned out into the pond pasture to see if they had any interest in Evan. I thought Zalena may be in so brought her to the front of his paddock but she was not at all interested, screaming and striking out at him.  Both mares were given their grain and put back in the indoor.  Irish was next. She is still in and was successfully covered by Valiant.  Jewel was teased next and she is out.  Tori showed some interested and started winking but when Evan tried to mount she started bucking. I was glad to see she did not kick out, just bucked up. Evan was put away and Tori moved in with Irish.  Lisa was teased next and she was in big and stood for Evan like a pro even though it was her first time. Sometimes maiden mares can be a handful.  If she settles that will be a really beautiful foal. Lisa is only 50% Friesian but her 37.5 % Morgan mixed with that 12.5% Percheron sure makes her look like a purebred Friesian. Check out the feather on her in the picture below taken a week ago.
Once the horses were put away I left for Pekin to shop at Aldi and ended up spending $188.00. Wonder how in the world that can happen?  Well they had some really good buys. Queen size sheet sets for $17.99.  Those really cool zero gravity lounge chairs and this one is a extra big extra wide with a side table and only cost $34.99. I also bought the apartment a new frying pan, a really good frying pan that only cost $9.00. All those extra things plus groceries made me the big buyer of the day.  This evening Mark did more weed whacking then we started the big job of the evening. Replacing the batteries on the golf cart.
The golf cart works but now the charger is not working.  Hopefully Mark can take that apart and fix it.  Sheena and Madiera were checked before heading in. We have storms coming in tonight but neither of them are bagged up enough to bring them in. Below 
 Sheena is due in exactly a week but has gone 10 days late in the past.
Madiera went just 1 day late last year. She is due May 29th.