Sunday, October 22, 2017

Flynn Leaves

We awoke to rain. At 7:00 am Karin drove over to help move the horses inside as Flynn was getting picked up today and he needed to be dry for the trip. The owners weren't due until around noon so Karin just moved Indy and Envy into the paddock with Sangria and said she would be back before noon to bring him in and dry him up. By 8:15 am it was pouring rain and the owners sent a text that they had just crossed into Illinois. That meant they would be here by 11:00 am which meant Flynn had to come inside.
He was good though, came right to the gate and led like a champ inside. Of course he was given his grain. Since the weather was also turning cold Sangria and Serenity were also brought inside. Mark and I went to church this morning, my first time back. Wow have I missed being there. Mike Reiker had the service reading 1st Samuel 10 and some of 11, the anointing of Saul, then all of 17. The story of David and Goliath. Yes David only had to fight Goliath but Goliath had to fight David AND God.
Mark and I left after the first service. Karin had arrived around 10:00 am, had already met Flynn's owner and they were already gone by the time we made it home. We got home and I got Peoria on line so I could listen to the next service except I just couldn't seem to stay awake. I heard some of Greg's message so will have to wait until it is posted to hear the rest. Amazing how tiring it is the first time out.
This afternoon there was a big party going on at mom's house. The entire parking lot was full of cars. Seems like everyone ended up there because of the rain. Joan cooked so mom had a decent supper. Joan took the picture below of the bubble in mom's eye. That bubble is what is suppose to be holding the retina in place and that is why mom needs to lay on her right side for days, so the bubble goes to the top left. It is right where it belongs. Mom does think she is starting to have vision out of the eye. We are praying this works.
Mark split some logs into kindling for this coming week. The temperature is suppose to drop and I like a warm house. Mike moved the golf cart into the stock trailer. Mark is going to drop that off at Meister's tomorrow. Hopefully they can get the drive shaft and lights fixed. It would be nice to have that tool again.
Thankful for a husband that chops kindling to make it easy for me to start the wood burners. Thankful for LOTS of logs and really really thankful for the warmth they provide.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Work from Sunrise to Sunset

Did you know the sun doesn't come up until almost 7:00 am now? I actually drove over to mom's a few minutes before 7:00 and not only was it dark outside, there were no lights on inside. Why those sluggards were still sleeping and already half the morning was gone. Actually mom had woken up around 6:00 am, took her shower, dressed the laid back down following doctors orders. Karin got in around midnight last night. Breakfast was cooked for these two then back I went to get going on a few chores here.
Mark hauled the tractor and log splitter over to the back field and was joined by Joan and 3 of her children and everyone of them worked hard for HOURS.
If you would like to see the rest of the log splitting pictures click HERE. Meanwhile Karin brought out a group for the first trail ride of the day. The morning riders were Anni Davidovics, Hannah Reinhard, Kayla and Karin Meister. Ebby was most impatient for the ride to start.
 Bo and Emma were fine with watching the group mount up.

To see the rest of the morning trail ride pictures click HERE. After the trail ride Flynn was haltered and taken to the round pen for a refresher course. He leaves for his new home tomorrow afternoon.

Karin took his halter on and off at least 5 times then practiced loading and unloading from the side door of the trailer. He did almost perfect. Next out was Ethan who was being picked up today. He also was haltered numerous times, led around and then loaded and unloaded.

Rhoda arrived just as Karin was finishing up with him. The second ride of the day was scheduled for Jubilee State Forest. This ride Anni was taking Ayanna, Rhoda riding Rosalie and Karin again on Easter Lilly. Karin took a few pictures and sent them to me. They had a good time.

Ethan's owner arrived just before the trail riders got back. Rhoda was quick to jump out of the trailer and lead Ethan over to his new trailer even before unloading our trailer. The owner was thrilled with him. They have a long trip home though, Ethan will be living in North Carolina.
Nolan dropped off Ari and her puppies this afternoon. Joan's girls and grand daughters came over to play with Ari's puppies.

Karin offered to give them a riding lesson on Indy today. Indy's filly was let out with her mom but she did not stay with her mom, she kept running back to Sangria who would pin her ears and tell her to scram.

The riding lesson went great. The horse was well behaved and by the end of the lesson all 4 were easily trotting Indy around and sitting the trot well. To see the riding lesson pictures click HERE. Below Indy is loaded up ready to head back to the barn.

We almost had a problem though. Just as they were walking into the barn Mark started the power washer. Indy spooked but none of the kids fell off. Mark finished power washing the skid steer and was heading out to power wash the manure spreader. We had a perfect day for washing the equipment. Summer is over and the manure spreader won't be used again until next summer.
Rhoda cleaned all the stalls, swept the barn aisles then hauled garbage to the dumpster. Mark grilled steak and that was taken to mom's along with sweet potato, sauteed onions and buttery mushrooms. Sarah and Nolan brought over Phil and Anna's kids and got pizza for them for dinner. Thankful for sons and daughters that help each other out.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Boys WILL be Boys

Disaster this morning, our coffee maker quit.  A rubber band was tied around the filled coffee filter and that was put into boiling water. It worked but not very well. Mark got online and ordered another that will be here on Monday.
Mom and I were the only ones on the walk. Diane and Beth are in Branson, Joan has co-op and Ruth had to leave early for work today. We looked pretty funny, 2 invalids holding each other up as we ambled down the drive. Of course if mom tripped I was going to drop her like a stone. I can't imagine falling right now. After the walk I just cooked breakfast for mom and I. Thankfully she had coffee left from yesterday.  Mom was left on the couch and I went home to work. Today I had to figure out how to do my laundry without using arms much. The laundry was put into baskets and kicked along the floor into the laundry room then a few items at a time were put into the washer. The grabber can be used to pull the clothes from the washer without too much bending down and the rest is easy.
Everything takes longer than before but I sure can't complain. Cathie Trent had the water company come out to Bridlewood to try to find the leak. We knew there was a leak the bill was extra high but there was no standing water around. They pumped out the vault and sure enough the leak was IN the vault. Tom Meister was able to fix it and is going to order and install a new pressure reducing valve early next week.
A lady wants to come see Darla next Friday and Rhoda just hauled her out to Middle Grove last week.

We will have to watch the weather for the best time to go, there is rain moving in on Sunday.
Ethan is getting picked up around 1:00 pm on Saturday. His owner is going to be thrilled, this colt has 'presence'.
Rhoda wanted to get Rosaleigh, Ethan's dam going undersaddle but didn't want to bring her back until after Ethan leaves. We will plan on bringing her home when we pick up Oksana and Darla.
Flynn doesn't leave until Sunday around 1:00 pm. Flynn is out of Zalena. She sure does throw amazing foals. 
Flynn and Ethan have been together in the middle paddock and they are typical boys, always finding something to get into. Last night I saw them playing in the waterer and today they had it knocked over. Emily just happened to drive in to play with Jessica's pugs, saw it knocked over and put it back upright. Mark took me out to Good Tequila's this evening for supper and by the time we got back those boys were back playing in the waterer. They really need something to keep them occupied so we opened up the pond pasture and let them go exploring out there which should keep them busy until we get that waterer bolted down. 
Ruth stopped in at mom's after work and promised to stop in again this evening. 
Sangria and Serenity were brought in for Serenity's shot. Mark helped with that holding Serenity still while I gave the shot. I'll check her temperature in a few days just to make sure she is still fine.
Today I'm thankful Tom was willing to head right over to Bridlewood, found the leak and fixed it all within a hour. Sure is nice having plumbers in the family. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dishes in the Laundry

Mom was able to walk this morning but right after the walk had to go right back to laying down. Joan brought all of her school supplies and children and spent the day there. Mom's big news is that she got a new mattress, one of those memory foam kind that come in a box and have to expand for 24 hours. It came yesterday and Rachel put it on the bed but mom had to sleep in the guest room last night as it didn't have the time needed. Today Joan got the sheets on the bed and we are curious to see if mom has a better night tonight.
As I was eating breakfast I heard a mare screaming, ran out and there was Easter Lilly chasing Rosalie around the paddock, whirling and mule kicking at her screaming all the while. Rosalie was put in the paddock next to Evan and it didn't take long for Easter Lilly to go start picking on Ayanna. That did it. Ayanna was moved in with Rosalie.
Karin arrived after work today and the very first thing we did was bring Sangria and Serenity into the stall and take Serenity's temperature. We are so very pleased to announce it was only 101.5 AND she hasn't had any banimine since Tuesday. We gave her the shot of gentamician and put them right back out. Tomorrow she gets the last shot and this one is a long lasting antibiotic called Exceed. That usually wears off in 4 or 5 days so she will need to be watched carefully then.
I wanted Easter Lilly worked first so once she was out of the middle paddock I could move Ayanna and Rosalie back in there. Karin worked her in the round pen and Easter Lilly did ok, not as good as we had hoped but not terrible.

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures of that training session click HERE. Karin did not ride her today, just did the desensitizing, sensitizing and relaxing session. She was put back in the paddock next to Evan. We really want to watch her to see when she comes into season. Karin took Rosalie out next. This 4 year old mare is just magnificent. She is already pushing 17 hands.

 Rosalie was bred to Evan and is due April 6th, 2018. The foal only will be for sale as we just can't part with our mares. Last out was Ayanna, Rosalie's full sister. Ayanna was born March 21st, 2010 so is 3 years older than Rosalie. Ayanna has the extreme movement.

This mare does a natural Piaf and Passage. Ayanna was also bred to Evan and is due April 23rd, 2018. Of course it is foal only for sale.  Braelyn came over after school today and washed my dishes all by herself. She was careful to put them in laundry baskets that on the floor to dry as each was washed. Now for the record I was out waiting to open the gate for Mark while she was busy working and was so surprised when I walked into the kitchen to see all that work done.
Mark wanted to scrape Valiant's paddock today so Karin let him into the field. Valiant wasn't at all happy having that skid steer in his paddock and field and came running to the gate asking us to let him out. We just wouldn't do it so he ran all the way to the back of the field sulking and waited there until he saw Mark drive that awful machine back out of his field. Thankful our paddocks are ready for the winter. That skid steer sure does the job nicely.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Middle Grove Trip

I walked up to the barn this morning to check on Sangria's filly. They were turned out and the first thing she did was start to play with Darla, rearing straight up into the air then galloping around. She is for sure feeling better. Since I was also feeling better I just decided to walk to the walk instead of taking the golf cart over to the meeting place. WE stopped to admire the decorations Sarah Reinhard put up for grandma.
Rhoda was here bringing Sangria in by the time the walk was over. We took her temperature 102 which is considered normal then gave her a shot of Gentamician.
Rhoda met Karin out at Middle Grove to drop off Easter Bonnet, Titiana, Oksana and Darla and pick up Easter Lilly, Ayanna and Rosalie. They took these pictures while they were getting Ayanna and Rosalie. The grass is greener than what these show but the lakes really are that blue.

When they got back with the mares, unfortunately it looks like Easter Lilly is no longer pregnant. We put her in next to Evan in hopes she will come into season soon.
Rhoda and Karin took the other mares right into the barn to tack up. These two full sisters are just HUGE. Both mares needed a refresher on listening to a handler. Karin started with Ayanna.
 While Rhoda rode Rosalie. 
Ayanna heard something in the grass and just check out her reaction when Ebby bounced out chasing a mouse.
Both mares did well although Rosalie was a little dead to the leg. Since Karin had the spurs, the girls decided to switch horses. Below Rhoda is dismounting off Rosalie
 then asking Ayanna for a bow for mounting. 
They took off for the 'death trails' with Ayanna leading the way. To see the rest of the pictures of this training session click HERE
While waiting for them to come out of the woods I was watching the geese all lined up on a log. 
Next out was Indy and Envy. Now Envy hasn't been worked with since she was about 2 weeks old and she is now 2 and a half months old. She was taken into the stall, haltered, tied and her hooves picked up and she hated every minute of that. I wanted to get a few updated pictures of her for the website but when we put her in the arena she started showing us this HUGE movement. I finally turned the camera off and turned the video on in hopes of capturing her trot. 

Actually by the time the video was turned on she had toned it down a bit.

If you would like to see the rest of Envy's pictures click HERE.  
Rachel took mom to the eye doctor today and she didn't get very good news. She now needs to lay on her side for the next 6 days. She is to do NOTHING. Rhonda took dinner over to mom tonight. I went over after supper and stayed until Ruth arrived. Below mom is all comfy doing exactly what the doctor ordered.
Tomorrow Joan will bring the kids and just do school there. Since my wings are clipped I'll head back over tomorrow afternoon to relieve Joan. Mom is actually on the list to serve lunch on Sunday with Spark and Rhonda. The things she does to get out of work! 
Amy came over after work today with a book to read then Mark got home from church with a whole bag of books from Eunice. Eunice also included scotcharoos and both Mark and I had to have one tonight. They were DELICIOUS. 
Right before heading to bed we heard a big bang then the thundering of hooves and stallions screaming. Easter Lilly decided she wanted to be with Ayanna and Rosalie and slammed into her gate breaking the chain. She was caught pretty quickly and put in the middle paddock where she promptly started slamming into that gate. Mark stayed next to that gate to stop her while I grabbed Ayanna and Rosalie and put them in the middle paddock with Easter Lilly. Now she is calm and all is well. These mares! Thankful the mares led quietly and really thankful it wasn't a stallion out. 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Help Came

Amy Koch sent a text last night that she would be willing to come help here but I was sound asleep and didn't get it until this morning. What a pleasant surprise to wake up to.
We had a good walk today even doing the second loop. Mom seems a little stronger. Pray that she will get her eyesight back in that left eye.
Amy arrived after the walk and of course the first thing we needed to do was to check Sangria's filly. As soon as we touched her we knew she was still sick. Amy held her while I gave her the shot of gentamician then Amy took her temperature. It was up to 104 degrees, Hoerr vet clinic was called and Dr. Hoerr recommended we give 3 ccs of banimine as a fever reducer and muscle relaxer. Sangria and Serenity were left in the stall and the monitor turned on.
Only then did Amy unload presents. She brought out a big tall pumpkin and a huge 3 color mum for our patio.
It was noon by the time she was ready to head to Bridlewood and I was more than ready to take a nap. After the nap and after school, Braelyn came over to play. She was pretty proud of her hair accessory. It matched and according to her, she didn't tell her mom, just put it in her pocket then put it on at school. She told me pretty proudly, "it's Kensley's bow!" Of course she had to climb on the rock for a picture.
 She sat very quietly for the close-up. 
She was pretty pleased with the pictures and wanted to show grandpa when he got home and her daddy when he picked her up but I told them they have to wait until tonight and for sure the pictures would be posted. We heated up some of Ruth's spaghetti for dinner tonight. After supper Mark walked up to the barn with me to check Serenity. She was much cooler this evening and feeling better. Hopefully she is really getting better and it's not just the banimine masking a bad infection. Rhoda and Karin are coming tomorrow. We have a full day planned but if necessary if the filly is still running a high fever we will haul her in to Hoerr Vet clinic for them to run blood work and also ultrasound her belly. We also need to haul Oksana and Titiana out to Middle Grove and bring back Ayanna and Rosalie for training.  That is a 50 mile round trip heading directly East to the vet clinic then a 50 mile round trip heading directly West to Middle Grove. Thankful for the old truck that just keeps truckin.