Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rain Forest

It was raining again this morning so the walk was called off but no one remembered to call mom or Ruth. Those two walked with umbrellas. I really needed to leave early today for Berean and had lots of work to do out in the barn first. We had a great time at the Berean office today o read about our morning there click HERE.
The rain briefly stopped by the time I got home, just giving me enough time to get a few pictures of Ella's colt for the website.

Below is one of the favorites. He had just tasted some grass and wrinkled up his nose showing me his gums. His teeth will be coming in soon but at 3 days he still has none.
If you would like to see the rest of his pictures click HERE. They were turned out to graze and about that time Lily and her colt named Apollo by his owner came up. Apollo is exactly 1 month old today so they were taken out so I could get his owner.

If you would like to see the rest of those pictures click HERE. It started raining again and by the time the horses were all put away I was drenched. It really is like we are living in a rain forest. 
Tomorrow after work I need to get updated pictures of Eliza's colt AND pull hair from him, Sheena's filly and Ella's colt for their registration papers. These 3 need to be named before those papers can be sent in. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

10 Out

Today was hauling day and again we hauled and unloaded in the rain. We seem to be living in a rain forest. The good thing about all this rain is how well the pastures are keeping up the bad thing is the mud in the paddocks. There is no way to control the mud right now.
The first load hauled out to Middle Grove was an overfull trailer. Horses hauled were Zalena, Flynn, Star, Elsa, Lola, Easter Bonnet, Soul and Francesca. Karin came over to help load then followed me out to Middle Grove to help unload. The horses were thrilled to get back there and started grazing right away slowly making their way to the hillside. The second load was much easier, just Jewel and Roxanne. When Jewel's halter was taken off, she took off like a race horse. Poor Roxanne just could not keep up but both ended up with the herd. There are only 14 horses left at the Hanna City farm leaving 30 at Middle Grove.
Rhoda dropped off Rizzy and Ruby this afternoon. Both of these dogs will be staying with us while Sarah and Rhoda along with their husbands are leaving for Iceland. Rhoda was here dropping them off when I finally got back from the second load. The dogs were settled in then Mark and I went over to mom's for supper. After supper Joan, Hannah, Sarah, Faith, Mackinson, Berlica, Ava, Aubrey and Diane came over to mom's to play. We had a fun evening. The pictures below are of Eliza's colt. He is growing well.

This afternoon they were taken outside for a few minutes so Eliza could graze but brought right back in when the rain started up.
Maybe tomorrow it will dry up enough to get some updated pictures for the website.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Birth of Ella's Colt

If you want to watch in high definition that should be available. You will see that Ella was not making any progress. Karin was there to save the day but it took more effort than she was expecting.

Ella probably could have done it if we would have left her it would have put the foal at risk. I was thankful we could spare Ella and have a healthy foal.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ella Has a Colt

He was born tonight at 10:30 pm. How wonderful that we didn't have to lose a night's sleep. Karin came over to watch and it was a good thing she came. The colt was big and his shoulder's got stuck. Ella was not making any progress so Karin stepped in to pull. She thought she was going to just give a gentle tug when Ella was contracting but when she tugged the foal didn't move, not even a tiny bit. It took a all of her strength and all of Ella's to push this big boy out. He is a solid dark bay and will be gorgeous.
It started raining again so we both left, me to watch the monitor to make sure he stands and nurses and Karin to bed. Lucky Karin! He stood at 40 minutes but Ella had laid down again so I had to go back up to the barn in the rain to ask Ella to stand while he searched for the milk bar. He is so tall that it took until 11:42 pm for him to finally latch on. 

 He is shockingly filled out and I can't get over his tail. I think this is the longest thickest tail we have ever seen on a newborn colt. 

Another Vet Visit

It was pouring down rain this morning, a cold nasty uncomfortable rain. All of our umbrellas seem to have disappeared and I have no rain coat so a garbage bag was used. A hole for the head and 2 for the arms and I was good to go. Unfortunately when I got up to the barn to take care of the stalled horses, Eliza's colt was laying down shivering and he had diarrhea all over his rear end. He was strong enough to fight during the cleaning of his legs and rear end but obviously not feeling well. His temperature was 102.4. Dr. Hoerr was sent a text and he was good enough to call right away. Thankfully this time he felt that I could just come and pick up the meds needed instead of hauling the mare and foal in as it was still pouring. By the time I got back with a sack full of syringes, needles, banimine and antibiotics the colt was much sicker. He did not get up while he was given the banimine. He did not want to get up for the antibiotic shot and his temperature was almost 103. Shocking how fast a foal can crash. Less than a half hour later he got up on his own and nursed then laid down again a slept another 15 minutes before getting up to nurse again. Amazing how fast the banimine worked to take the fever away. By this afternoon he was running around mom looking normal. He will have a shot each day for the next 4 days and banimine if the fever comes back. Dr. Hoerr gave me an entire bottle of injectable of which only 1 cc was used orally.
Ella hasn't delivered yet but her udder is so full and dripping milk I can't imagine she will hold another 24 hours. I'm thankful we have the foaling camera. I could watch the colt and Ella while in the house working.
Yesterday between rain storms Karin worked with Lola a bit. Her filly was having fun on the outside of the round pen and even threw in a jump which I caught on video.

This is the most sensible foal on the place or maybe the smartest. She watched Karin and when Karin put down the whip and started walking over to the gate she went right over to the gate to wait for Karin to open it. Most foals would have been frantic if their mom was locked away.
This afternoon I drove over to Big R in Pekin for horse food then to Aldi for people food.
This evening was the graduation open house for Hannah at their house and Emily and Matthew at Gary and Marie's house.  We managed to hit them both and ate 2 suppers.
As we were driving home Spark called, he was over at the farm with his company, Dr. Marty Langhofer and his wife are staying the weekend with Spark and Rhonda. Dr. Langhofer is a vet from South Bend, Indiana. We had a nice visit, he looked at the sick colt and agreed with me, it probably isn't an umbilical cord infection. The stalls were cleaned one last time, Ella and Eliza fed and now it is time for bed. Last night I got up every two hours to check the monitor watching to see if Ella delivered.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Rainy COLD Day But Successful

No walk today, it was raining. The change in the weather was drastic, from high 80s and sunshine to low 50s and rain. Checking on the mares I discovered Ella had rolled in the mud and was looking miserable. She is also waxing. She was brought in, cleaned up and stalled. She will stay in the stall until she delivers which I think will be soon. Dr. Hoerr showed up around 10:00 am to ultrasound mares. I had Rosalie done first and she is pregnant. Evan is the sire of this foal. Rosalie is due April 6th, 2018
We are so excited about this pregnancy. Rosalie is a gorgeous mare and the foal will be top notch in movement, looks and HAIR! The next mare done was Galena and we are thrilled to announce she is pregnant too.  
Galena was bred to Valiant and is due April 9th, 2018. Check out the feather on this mare in the  picture below.
She is going to throw a TALL black or black and white very HAIRY foal. Karin and I took these two out to Middle Grove today and as we were unloading Karin said, "she is just SO beautiful"  I have to agree. Galena is such a lovely mare.
Jewel was next and was ready to be bred. She had a follicle of 47 that was starting to soften. Since it was pouring down a cold rain she was just put back in the paddock until later. This afternoon the rain stopped for a bit so Jewel was covered by Evan and Zalena was covered by Valiant. 
The next 3 for ultrasounds were all mares with foals by their sides and all three settled. Lola was bred to Valiant again, we love what the 2 of them produce.
A tall, sweet, quiet, beautiful foal with good movement. Why would we mess with success. Lola is due the same day as Rosalie, April 6th, 2018. Star was next and she had also settled on her foal heat. She was again bred to Valiant, check out the video below to see why we stayed with Valiant again. These two throw big foals with amazing movement. Star has the mega hair so her foals look pretty much 100 percent Friesian. 
Star is due April 12th, 2018. The last mare sonagrammed was Soul. This year we chose Evan for Soul. We liked what she and Valiant produced but want to see if breeding her to Evan will produce bigger movement. One thing we know for sure is this coming foal is going to have HAIR.
Rhoda and Emily got home from their trip to Wisconsin. They left yesterday to pick up our new Andalusian mare Madiera. Madiera is an 11 year old 15.3 hand  IALHA registered bay purebred  Andalusian mare with amazing movement. It was kind of late when they arrived home and getting ready to rain again so we just snapped a few pictures then bedded her down for the night. Meet Madiera:
She has the typical mega mane and tail of an  Andalusian plus that exquisite movement that is so fun to ride. She also has a double whorl on her forehead. That means this mare is going to be a superstar. Check out  this LINK  on Whorls if interested. 
As I was walking across the dam to the pond pasture there were two foxes in the field watching the foals playing. They saw me and ran to their den but didn't hide from me, instead watched as the horses were brought in only leaving after the last mare had crossed the dam. I didn't have my camera, just the phone so the picture below isn't the best.
 This evening Ruth, Karin, Mark and I went to mom's to play Mexican Train. Mark just walked over and didn't stay too long. The game was fun but I lost miserably, so bad it was laughable.

Eliza Delivers a Colt

This post was written on Friday morning but this is Thursday's post. It was started last night but I was just too tired to finish.
We lost our electricity last night for a few hours which meant the foaling monitor didn't work which meant trips up to the barn if I wanted to check on Eliza. We had lots of thunder and wind but not a drop of rain. It was so hot in the house I ended up taking a blanket and pillow and sleeping for a while on the patio but the stars by this time were so bright and distracting it was hard to sleep. The verse that kept running through my mind was Psalm 19 vs 1 The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth His handywork.
Around 1:00 am the electricity came back on. Lights were turned off that had been on when it went off and then finally I slept waking to no baby in the stall. There was something else interesting though. A big snake had shed it's skin after the storm right in our yard. The 4 point deer shed below is actually the first I've ever found. What a prize.
Mark went out early to clean up the tree that had fallen over the drive but someone had already done the job. We found out later Sarah Reinhard was the good fairy. Joan has taught her well how to use a chain saw. 
On the walk we noticed mom's umbrella up by her chimney. That really was quite a wind. Rachel climbed up on the roof and handed it down. 
Mom took me into the shop to pick up the truck on her way to quilting. When I got the truck back to the farm I couldn't get the ball switched around to hook up the gooseneck. Rhoda arrived and the two of us worked on it but no luck. We finally called French's which is now under new management and the 3 guys there worked for about 20 minutes before they found the problem. A ball bearing from some other piece of equipment had fallen into the the sleeve and jammed it up stopping the ball from being released. Both Rhoda and I were so thankful it was fixed as without that gooseneck hitch she and Emily would need to take the old truck up to De Pere, WI.
We got the truck home, hitched it to the Exiss trailer then put the old truck on the Keiferbuilt trailer, just in case of an emergency here. With Eliza due any minute and living through emergency C section with Marika last year I could not be left without a truck and trailer.  Emily arrived around 3:30 pm so she and Rhoda started the trip up to Wisconsin. We were going to Hannah's musical at 6:00 pm so Eliza needed to be brought in the stall. I was talking to a lady about Star's filly around 5:00 pm and instead of cutting the call short just took my time visiting with her. By the time I got out to go get Eliza at 5:20 pm there she was delivering her colt out in the field with Ella standing guard. Of course I had no camera! Ella was helping Eliza clean him off. Mark came to help bring them into a stall. Ella was distraught when we took them away from her and left her in the field. She will be fine when she has her own foal hopefully soon. By this time I was hot, filthy and only a few minutes to jump in a cold shower to try to cool off and clean up before leaving for the play. Thankfully I was able to watch on the monitor during the evening and could tell he was nursing well.
The play was hilarious. It was Gilbert & Sullivan's THE MIKADO

Hannah had a lead part. We had a wonderful time. After the musical Mark took mom, Karin and I to McDonald's for a late dinner. When we got back to the farm Eliza and her colt were checked on. Even though he is 3 weeks early he is healthy and strong.
 Those whisker's catch the straw and stick. 

His cord was iodined and then I slept!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Maybe Eliza

This morning Eliza's milk had changed from yellow to white but no waxing. Her calcium was tested and she is right at 250 meaning the foaling may or may not happen tonight. Actually it is a slightly better than a 50/50 chance.
She is stalled and on the monitor which I will check on during the night. I'm pretty exhausted so if she does foal I'll probably miss it.
Wednesday's at the Berean office is for entering the Bible requests and printing out the labels. We have a little less than 90 to go out tomorrow.  Dave and Cindy entered them while I worked on the copy machine.
Once home the foals were taken out one at a time for pictures. The last time Rhoda and I tried to do this none of the pictures turned out. Today went much better. Lola's filly was first. She is always a joy to work with, she loves people and loves to show off. Below she is wading through the long grass while her mom grazes.

 Above she is making her mom chase her and below she is showing her 'air time' by her big springing trot. Notice how high she gets off the ground. 
She was having a ball running back and forth between the barn and her mom. 
Next out was Star's filly. She was napping in one of the shelters and had to do a big stretch when I asked her to get up. 
 She is an elegant filly with good movement. Don't think she is gray by the pictures. This filly was born silver and should end up blueblack. 
 In the picture below she was jumping for joy. 
She has quite an arched neck and likes to flaunt it. 
Zalena's colt was out next. He is a perfect example of a Friesian foal with his long neck, rounded rear end, short back, pitch black coat and an abundance of hair. 

Last out was Soul's filly. 

 She was holding a stem in her mouth and looked over as if to say, "hey buddy, do you have a light?"
We are having tremendous winds today. We drove over to  pick mom up for church and found mom out looking for her umbrella. She had it closed up on her deck when a huge gust of wind picked it up and threw it somewhere. We found it up on her roof on the other side of the house. Of course we left it up there and started down the drive but had to stop and back up. A tree fell across the drive. We were able to get out to the road by going around our house and taking the barn drive. Mike Rieker had the message tonight. After church we stopped at Dollar General in Hanna City to pick up some orange juice mom wanted to take over to Joan's. Faith hasn't been feeling well and mom is sure she needs orange juice. We met Logan and Steven coming in as we were getting ready to check out. The tree was still across the drive tonight so everyone has to drive around our house to get home. It is much too late to get the equipment out to move it. That will need to wait until tomorrow morning. Eliza's stall was cleaned and her calcium level checked again, it is still right at 250. She is not acting like she is in labor so I will probably head to bed. We are hearing the rumble of thunder and it seems to be coming our way. All of our windows are open to let in the cool night air but if the rain comes we will need to start shutting windows quickly. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hot Middle Grove Trip

Good news this morning. Roxanne's leg was much better, the infection came to a head and burst draining a big pocket of pus down her leg. She was walking better and was ready to go out. Hoerr Vet clinic was called to cancel the x-ray machine. Dr. Hoerr was right, it was just the infection making her leg so sore. I have to stop second guessing the expert. Her leg was hosed off and soaked to help remove the pus. Tomorrow morning she will have her last shot, which is a long lasting antibiotic called Exceed.
Tuesday's is our big Berean day. We had 2 new volunteers come today and all of the work was done before noon. It was a good morning's work. To read about that click HERE.
As soon as I got back from Berean Roxanne was stalled then Ayanna loaded up to take to Middle Grove. She will be brought back in a couple weeks for her ultrasound but meanwhile she may as well be out grazing on the lush green grass at Middle Grove. When the halter was taken off she stood quietly for a moment listening.
 Then took off at a gallop up the hill. The horses are always so thrilled to be back with the herd. 
I started the long hike in to find them. They were not at the watering hole so I just kept climbing. When I finally found the herd they were at the highest point of this pasture all drowsing or grazing in the sunshine. The picture below was taken with the zoom lens. I had quite a hike to reach them. It is really hot today but the wind was blowing which helped.
I took the camera along to get some updated pictures of Anna's filly and Hadassah's filly for the website.
Above Anna's filly is to the left while Hadassah's filly was nursing. Below is Hadassah's filly. 

 Anna's filly is still impressive even with that brown foal coat. She is a rich black underneath, had a long neck and already has thick curly feather. Her tail is also long, she was swishing at a fly in the picture below. 
 Off in the distance I saw another mare and foal pair and was confused. Only when I reached them did I realize this was Wicktoria and Bethany. They are not related but stick together like a mare and foal pair. 
 Foxy is doing well out there. She is another mare that will need to come back in a couple weeks for an ultrasound to see if she settled. 
Karin haltered Jewel then she stayed to train horses while I led Jewel down to the truck. We were followed for a while by Easter Lilly. 
 Ripper followed us down to the salt block. 
 Mika too came down to the watering hole. 
The only horse that followed us all the way down to the gate was Ripper. He was sad when Jewel was put in the trailer and only when he couldn't see her any more did he leave at a gallop back up the hill.
Jewel loaded like the well behaved mare she is and we were on our way home. To see the rest of the Middle Grove pictures click HERE.
She was put in with Rosalie and the first thing she did was walk over to Evan and show. She isn't due to cycle so will need to be sonagrammed on Friday to find out what is going on with her uterus. Zalena is also showing and she was covered this afternoon by Valiant.
Mark planted 2 tomato plants this evening. We are getting a late start on those compared to mom. Her's have been growing inside her house until it was warm enough to transplant them in her garden. Phil dropped the girls off this evening. We played at the playground then Braelyn and Taegan took turns learning how to drive the golf cart.