Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cold & Snow

It was barely above freezing this morning for our walk. I had to quit early again as I needed to be at the Berean office again today to work on Bible labels with Cindy. We were the only two workers there today and between the two of us got 100 Bible labels entered and printed out then placed on the Bibles.
Bill Schick is going to come later, pick them up and take them to the post office for mailing. I was home before noon. Good thing, there was a lot of work to do today. The stalls were cleaned, Galena and her colt put in the round pen with hay and water, Ayanna and her colt put in the stall so the arena could be cleaned up and Star put out in the field.  Hadassah was teased but she said an emphatic "NO" so was put back. Jury was teased and she said, "yes" so she was put in the stall until I could get some help for the cover.  When Mark got home we moved a round bale in the short shelter for Lilly, Brandee's mare and another round bale in for the weanlings.  The skid steer was hooked up to the manure spreader and that pulled out of the breeding shed and a round bale placed in there.  The next job was to cover Jury. She was tied but I needed Mark to hold her lead rope just in case she wouldn't stand while I brought Valiant over. She stood well and Valiant got the job done with no problem.  Jury was put back in her paddock and Galena and her colt taken to the breeding shed paddock. It is not muddy as it hasn't been used all winter and spring. Her colt is now plenty old and stocky enough to spend the night out of a stall as long as Galena will taken him inside the shelter if it rains. Sheena was given the last of the Gentamiacin. She just needs an Exceed shot (long lasting antibiotic) tomorrow. She is walking much better and the swelling is going down. Missy and Foxy's udders were checked, both are starting to develop a bag but no waxing.
By the time everything was done it was just about time to get ready for church. Mike Kaisner had the service tonight. By the time we left church it was starting to sleet but by the time we got to Hanna City that sleet had turned to snow.  I still needed to put Ayanna and her colt in the indoor for the night and bring in Star. Star was not happy in the barn by herself so I took the golf cart over to the cabin and brought back Missy who is actually due tomorrow.  Both are on the monitors and both are standing quietly.  It is cold and snowing out right now but the promise is sunshine and warmth tomorrow. Won't that be nice!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


WE were blessed with a sunny day for the first time in a long time. Not only was it sunny it was warm with the thermometer climbing into the low 50s. It was still pretty chilly on our walk today. We only did one round as today is Berean day and I need to leave early. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE.
Berlica and Mackenson came to help today then came home with me as Joan needed to take Faith to her achievement testing in Groveland. When we got home here Mackenson and Berlica found something to play with right away.

 Sarah and Rhoda arrived with baby Zion. At six months old she sits up well and is learning to stay on her hands and knees. It won't be long before she is crawling. 

 We would like to announce 3 pregnancies.  Ruby, Rizzy and Arrietta are all expecting puppies and all are due in about 3 weeks. If interested in one of these designer puppies, keep an eye on the Horsemeister Blog and website where we will be announcing them as they give birth. 
 Ruby and Rizzy were taken to Indiana to be bred to a King Charles Cavalier for those adorable Cavapoo puppies while Arrietta the Maltipoo was bred to a purebred miniature poodle for a Maltipoo litter.  They are all gaining weight and looking pregnant.
 Ayanna's colt is doing so well I removed his IV this morning and let he and Ayanna spend the morning in the indoor arena instead of a stall. This afternoon Rhoda and Sarah helped get them outside. This is the first time the sun has shown since the colt was born 3 days ago. He was afraid to walk over that bright white line in the picture below. 
 Once we got him on the grass he had a ball, galloping around his mom, then running up to Berlica (Joan's daughter) for attention. 

 If you would like to see the rest of the pictures taken today of Ayanna's colt by Evan click HERE. Galena and her colt were taken to the round pen where they also were glad to get outside into the sunshine. 

 His owner asked me to take a short video of him: 
The last foal worked with today was Soul's week old colt by Evan. He was brought into the stall, haltered and tied. He wasn't too happy about that. 
He has amazing movement for just a week old but then again his mom is Soul a purebred Andalusian and his dad is EVAN!  We don't usually video foals until they are 3 months old but it is going to be hard to wait to show this one off. He has huge movement and will be easily able to go up the levels in dressage. 
Rhoda did very well handling him. 

Soul had a good roll in the wet sloppy sand.
Rhoda and I took the golf cart over to the cabin field and gave Sheena her antibiotic shot. She is walking much better on her sore leg.  Sarah cleaned up the stalls and the indoor arena. I went in to cook supper while Rhoda brought Star back into the foaling stall, moved Ayanna and her colt into the indoor arena for the night and brought Galena and her colt into their stall for the night. We had a nice meal together before the girls left. Amazing how wonderful 54 degrees and sunshine felt this afternoon. Tomorrow we will be back to winter as another snowstorm is headed our way and suppose to arrive Wednesday evening. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Vet Visit

Brr was it cold this morning, not only cold, it was so slippery with ice and that thick dusting of snow that fell last night and this morning that the ice-trax were necessary on the shoes. The thermometer was reading 27 degrees but the weather report stated real feel was 14 degrees. We had a cold wind blowing that snow around. We had a cold walk this morning.
Ayanna's colt was up and nursing and stayed up playing with the grain bucket for about 45 minutes while I was cleaning stalls and feeding but he is still squirting diarrhea, not a good thing. What was a good thing is that I saw him urinate twice.
Dr. Hoerr arrived around noon and the colt was checked first. I just have to watch him, if he starts acting dehydrated or laying down more than up and nursing he will need to be run back to Hoerr Vet clinic for more IV fluids.
Lilly, Brandee's mare was brought in for an ultrasound. This mare had ovulated about 5 days ago. We MISSED her. She just did not show to Evan. I'll have to start taking her over to Valiant for teasing. Hadassah was also sonagrammed and had an older CL. She also had a 37 mm follicle.  Dr. Hoerr gave her a shot and tomorrow she will be able to be teased then hopefully a cover on Wednesday by Evan. Hadassah's filly was haltered, tied and hooves picked up today while her mom was in for the ultrasound. As soon as we were done at the barn we went over to the cabin field to check on Sheena. She was given a shot of Exceed which is a long lasting antibiotic and another shot of Gentamician. She will need another shot of Exceed on Friday and 2 more shots of Gentamician tomorrow and Wednesday.  She is walking much better on the leg. Mike has been hosing it down which was good. We have Foxy and Missy at the cabin field with her.

Both of those mares are expecting their very first foal. Missy is due the 19th, Foxy is due the 21st and Sheena is due the 25th. Sheena looks huge compared to the other 2 but this is her 4th foal.  
As soon as Dr. Hoerr left I ran down to TEMCO to pick up the Berean's mail for tomorrow, then ran to Sam's Club for groceries, then down to Meister's to drop off Bible studies.  Once home the ground beef was cooked and drained then added to the spaghetti sauce and that cooked down until thick. Tomorrow's Berean meal will feature crock pot lasagna. 
Amy Koch arrived to see Ayanna's colt while the lasagna was being prepared. He did not act at all sick while Amy was here. He was playing with her and loving the scratches she was giving him. 
I'll flush the IV out one more time tonight and if he continues to improve will remove the IV in the morning.  His stall was stripped of the straw and more bedding added. Star does not seem to be in any hurry to deliver. She is now 4 days over due but not waxing at all. The weather had been so awful that she has been stuck in a stall now for a few days.  Galena and her colt have been living in the stall at night and the indoor arena during the day or vice versa if we need the arena for anything.  The other foals are all doing great outside.
We are expecting another night of near record cold and have had snow flurries off and on all day. The wind has been blowing most of the day and is picking up again this evening.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ayanna's Colt

Ayanna's colt was shooting diarrhea this morning, always a bad sign. When I walked into his stall to check on him, he jumped up and went right over to Ayanna and nursed well. As his stall was being cleaned he was playing around Ayanna, bucking up and trotting around her but I saw him squirting diarrhea 3 times during the morning feed and the stall cleaning. Dr. Hoerr was sent a text telling him I have a 2 and a half day old colt that is not critical but would need to come in this afternoon. Thankfully Dr. Hoerr agreed to see him at 3:00 pm. When  I got home from church the colt was for sure not as well as this morning so I was very glad the appointment had been made earlier. Karin and Nolan helped load him and Ayanna into the trailer. Nolan agreed to go with me to help with Dr. Hoerr's treatment. Dr. Hoerr did all the usual, took his temp, listened to his lungs and drew blood for testing. He was a little dehydrated but not terrible and 101.6 which is considered normal range for a newborn. Dr. Hoerr gave him fluids by IV and as soon as he was done, that colt wanted to nurse. He was HUNGRY! The side of the stock was opened which just gave him enough room to reach under and nurse.
Dr. Hoerr decided to leave the catheter in just in case he would need treatment tomorrow and taped it up so the colt cannot pull it out. Nolan was the perfect person to come help. The colt is actually pretty strong and it took both of us to hold him down while Dr. Hoerr put in the catheter and IV. Nolan held the bag up in the air while Dr. Hoerr made sure the fluids were going in correctly. In the picture below we are just about ready to leave the office and head for home.
Dr. Hoerr will be back tomorrow morning between 10:00 am and 11:00 am to check on him, ultrasound Lilly (Brandee's mare) to see where she is in her cycle, ultrasound Hadassah to see where she is in her cycle and check Sheena's leg which was scratched and now looks to be infected. While we were gone, Emily and Mitchel arrived along with Jury, the mare to be bred to Valiant, Jury's owner, and the family that is doing the breeding lease on Jury.  Mitchel rode Valiant in the indoor while they were here. 
 We made it back to the farm by 4:30 pm, took Ayanna and her colt to the stall, fed the mares and then ran down to the house where a prime rib meal was waiting. Karin, David, Stephanie, plus their 2 children Israel and Elisabet, Nolan and Sarah plus their daughter Zion and Phil, Anna and their 3 daughters Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley joined us for the dinner. The cousins played so well tonight. Below are the pictures from tonight. 

 They found the pirate play costumes and treasures,  
and put on a play for us with lots of sword fighting. 

 The bow at the end. 
Even Elisabet wanted to join in the play. 

 Karin drove over to Phil and Anna's to pick up Hux and bring him back here so we could play with the puppy too. 
 Israel loved holding Hux.

 What a good puppy this Huxly is, he actually likes the kids. 
All good thing must come to an end. Little Zion had a big accident and needed a change of clothes.  Below she is happy in just her diaper. 
It has been in the 30's all day today with rain most of the day but on the way home from the vet clinic that rain was changing to snow and soon this evening it was all snow. The snow is not suppose to last long. 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Word WOW

The weather wasn't very nice today starting out cold then ending colder with rain. I had a lot that needed to be done and with each job, someone showed up to help. I was amazed and grateful for the help. It started early, as I was cleaning stalls with the meds in my pocket for Galena's colt, Emily walked out of the apartment. She had spent the night to help Jessica on her house today but of course I put her right to work holding Galena's colt while I gave him his shot of antibiotic.  Then Karin arrived just as I was getting ready to head out to take pictures of Ayanna's colt for the website. She was more than willing to help with that. This was the first time out of the stall and he had to learn how to follow his mom.

Karin took Evan out to work him in the indoor next.  He is such a magnificent animal. Of course I can't get good pictures in the indoor but he is still impressive even if a little blurry.

Evan was just about perfect for her. Next she pulled out Valiant.
She kept him busy inside while I put a bale in his shelter. As soon as that was done, Valiant was put away and we moved two more bales, one for the middle paddock and one for the paddock next to Evan's. We have a mare coming in for breeding tomorrow and will put her there. Evan is great at teasing mares, although this mare is coming here for Valiant. 
The afternoon was spent inside cleaning and doing laundry. This evening was the Benefit dinner at the fellowship hall. The Peoria choir puts this on annually and this is always an amazing evening but tonight extra special. It started with beautifully decorated tables.
 Then came an absolutley delicious meal starting with sparkling white grape juice, then an exotic salad, a tasty cheese based appetizer with lots of tiny vegies served with crackers and two kinds of breads, a poppy seed and a blueberry sweet bread.  That would have been enough right there but then came the main meal. A HUGE piece of perfectly done prime rib with a horse radish sauce on the side, little round carrots cooked in some kind of sweet sauce and a big baked potato served with a fancy sour cream and or butter and finally two desserts to choose from, either cherry berry on a cloud or a chocolate dessert on a meringue base. Both were tasted and both were delicious. AND that wasn't even the best part of the evening.  That part came when the choir got up to sing. The word that kept going through my mind at the end of each song was WOW! The music was so beautiful that I got goosebumps.
Evidently I wasn't the only one thinking that word. Tim Funk got up to have the closing remarks and the first word that came out of his mouth was, "WOW!"  What an amazing evening of worship. 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Marriage Counseling

After that interrupted night's sleep it was so wonderful to see Ayanna's colt nursing well. He is a spunky thing, when I was putting iodine on his cord, he tried to kick.
He is for sure going to have the mega hair. Check out that tail! That is such a long thick tail for a newborn.  Anna dropped Kensley off this morning so we went to work, cleaning stalls and feeding the horses. Kensley is a good help. We also took Rosalie and Claire out for a haltering, tying, and handling session. Notice Kensley holding Claire's leadrope. Kensley is smart enough to stay outside the stall when helping grandma.
Claire did reasonably well with the tying lesson.  She was born March 25th and time just seemed to slip by. We like to start the tying at a week and she got skipped the last couple weeks. She will be 3 weeks old in 2 days. We took them to the outdoor arena and Rosalie was so excited to be able to run.
We were hoping for a few trotting pictures but Rosalie just didn't want to settle down.

On our way back to the house I noticed Hadassah's filly sound asleep in the hay but when I walked up to take her picture she jumped up.
We had to meet Taegan's bus at 11:15 but when we got back to the farm we took more hay and water out to Galena and Drifter. Drifter loves the attention from kids and came right up for attention.

Of course we had to stop at the barn to see Ayanna and her new colt by Evan.
Valiant will need a bale moved in soon so he was let out into the field and only then did I discover his waterer was stuck on high and flooding his paddock and the field. This is city water, not cheap so we will have a big bill this month. Of course his legs which I had so clean yesterday for the farrier were again muddy. It isn't easy cleaning all that mud out of that feather! Valiant was pretty excited to be let out.

Anna picked up Taegan and Kensley at 12:45 pm. I left for the shop to pick up Mark. Today was our very first marriage counseling session with Kaleb Beyer at Apostolic Christian Counseling and Family Services (ACCSF).  We have been married for almost 41 years and have always wished we had premarital counseling.  Now for the record we have a pretty good marriage but we want a GREAT marriage. It was a two hour session and both of us thought it was time and money well spent. From there we had our date night, eating dinner at Cracker Barrel in Morton before heading home. Phil and Anna brought their girls and their puppy this evening. We all migrated over to mom's to show her their new puppy and let the girls play in the newly finished basement. Diane was there so we had a nice visit and Spark arrived just as we were leaving. I'm more than ready for bed. Thankful for another good day.