Thursday, December 13, 2018

Rainy Day Rainy Night

We awoke to thick fog, so thick it stayed dark for longer than usual. Ruth's husband Fedi and Spark were helping a lady clean out her storage containers and Ruth brought over a couple boxes of spices, jello and drink mixes. This lady was a hoarder and was saving up for the famine only most of her items were sugar free. We were laughing at how this sugar free jello was not going to sustain her very long.  Most of this was dated around 2007 but Joan can use it for projects for the kids. There are a lot of neat things she can do with jello. Emma was very disappointed that there was no dog food in the box.
After the walk I did all of my Christmas shopping. That took 40 minutes but it needed to be done. We are celebrating the Sceggel Christmas on Sunday. From shopping I went right to the Berean office to drop off boxes from church and decided as I also bought wrapping paper I may as well wrap all the presents. The table at the Berean office is perfect for wrapping gifts. I also found that an envelope box was the perfect size to fit all of the presents for the Texas Sceggels. The Bartonville post office is almost on the way home so those presents were mailed 2 day priority mail and should make it to Texas on Saturday. We are going to Facetime them on Sunday while we are celebrating Christmas. It started raining this afternoon but it wasn't raining very hard when Ayanna was teased and covered again today.  I took the picture below yesterday but really like this picture. She is such a well balanced very talented mare.
Dixie, the lady that bought her 2018 colt by Evan sent the picture below with the message: Merry Christmas from D'artagan.
Mark was home by the time I made it back inside after doing all the outside chores. He didn't want any supper as they had their company Christmas party this afternoon and had lots of goodies.  
Mom and I worked on the puzzle for a couple  hours this evening. Ruth stopped in for a short time and helped a little.  It is still raining and is suppose to rain most if not all of the night. There is still frost in the ground so the rain can't soak in very well and the mud is going to be awful again. 
Mike stopped in yesterday to say the 4 bales he put out at Middle Grove were all eaten. He put more out.  The horses are all looking great out there but those 4 bales went pretty fast so they must be spending more time eating hay than grazing.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Working Outside

On the walk today I stopped to take a few pictures of that big tree that fell in Valiant's pasture during the big winds last week. I'm glad it fell into the field rather than on the road. The force of the fall split the trunk in half with half falling into the field and the other half getting hung up on another tree. 
 notice the right hand top corner how that branch fits right into a Y of the other tree holding it up. 
 Right after our walk I took a quick trip to Kroger to get the ingredients for the soup Mark wanted for the Meister Christmas party tomorrow and as soon as I got home with the ingredients the soup was made.  Once that was simmering on the stove my real work started.  Today Valiant's paddock needed a new bale.
 Above is Valiant's new bale. Below Zalena's colt saw me coming and ran to the gate to call. He is such a personable colt. He really loves attention but I guess that is pretty typical of Friesians. 
 Ribbon's old paddock was given a bale and the middle paddock given two bales one in each shelter.  

 That all sounds so easy but it isn't.  The bale feeder needed to be moved back in Valiant's shelter and even then it was hard to get the bale in, it was just so big.  The middle paddock had a bale in that had mold in it and that had to be pulled out and moved out of the way first.  At least it was sunny and mild with the temperature climbing into the 40s. By the time I finished Karin had arrived. She was working with Indy first as I was trying to finish cleaning up the hay that had fallen off the bad bale. When I got in she was riding Ayanna. Indy came right up for attention. She loves to be groomed after being ridden.
 Ayanna did very well today, but when we put her back we noticed she was very interested in the stallions. Sure enough she was in season and that means she lost the pregnancy from earlier. She was due in April 2019. If we get her to settle now she won't be due until the end of November.  
 When Karin finished with her she marched over to the door and just stood there looking at it waiting for someone to open the door so she could go out.  She knows the routine and knows as soon as Karin takes the saddle off she should be free to go outside.  Today Karin wanted her to wait inside until she finished riding Rosalie. 
 When Rosalie was brought inside she took off running and bucking and Karin said the bucks were huge.  She was just so glad to get out of the mud and get some of her pent up energy out.  She ended on a very good note. Notice that big smile on Karin. 
We put Rosalie and Indy away then took Ayanna over to Evan. Evan was glad for the work. Hope she settles this season, if not she probably will not cycle again this year. 
Mark was fed the soup for dinner and pronounced it good. That was put in the crock pot and put outside on the porch to cool down. He will take it to Meisters in the morning. 
Greg Rumbold had the message at church tonight reading in Isiah first and then John. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Weanlings

We cut our walk short today. Ruth had to get to work, Joan had to drive to Eureka, mom had to get ready for Bible study and I had to leave for Berean.  Ruth's news is that the second opinion Fedi got from the expert in St. Louis agreed with the first giving them a clear answer. His surgery is scheduled for December 19th. Diane's news on her grand daughter Willow is that she is fighting a virus. her white blood cell count is normal and all her scans and blood work are clear. They will just keep her as comfortable as possible while she fights it.
The Berean office was busy this morning.  If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE.
I stopped at Sam's Club and picked up a roast for our Christmas dinner on the way to that office as it was cool enough outside to leave it in the car until I could get it home. As soon as the groceries were unloaded I went up to feed the weanlings. This morning they were square baled as they finished their round bale during the night.  Each weanling was brought inside a stall, haltered and fed then while they were busy eating the round bale moved into their shelter.  Once the tractor was put away, each weanling was handled, led around and asked to back up.  They are all doing so well. Zalena's colt has gained back most of the weight he lost when he was sick. I'll need to get updated pictures of him. The last pictures I took of him were on Aug 31st.
He has had a tough time. He was born 26 days early, his intestines weren't quite working right and had to be put on IV's. Then Mark and I went to his 50th high school reunion so left the colt at Hoerr vet clinic for the 5 days we were gone and when we went to pick him up he had lost most of his hair. We called him Baldy for a while. That grew back but then he got kicked on his right hind leg up by the hip and he was really lame for a while and then to top it all off he got the flu from when we brought Lisa, the auction mare home.
Gideon, Soul's colt by Evan was brought into a stall first. We used to call this colt Wild Child. He fought us about everything in the beginning but now he is the best behaved.  The picture below was taken Oct 18th. He is much bigger now and more stocky. HE loves to eat! He is an Evan son and inherited that big movement and the mega hair from both Evan and Soul his Andalusian mom.
Isla, Madiera's filly by Valiant was brought in next. She wasn't quite as well behaved as Gideon but only needed a little encouragement to move forward with her leading practice. We decided against offering the free shipping and just dropped her price from $7000.00 to $5000.00.  We don't care if she doesn't sell as we would love to see what she would produce when bred to Evan.  She is going to be tall and really has nice movement but crossed with Evan she should produce AMAZING movement. Plus she will most likely throw black as her sire Valiant is black and so is her grandsire on her Andalusian side. The video below was taken Oct 18th.

The last filly worked with was Ilyssa, Foxy's filly. I had to find a halter to fit her first. I couldn't find any more adult small halters and she no longer fits in a weanling size. All of the foals have now outgrown the weanling size.  The picture below was taken Oct 6th.
I was really happy with how well she remembered her leading lessons. She would stop as soon as I stopped and would walk forward when asked.
There are also 3 foals at Middle Grove, Missy's filly by Evan, Roxanne's filly by Valiant, and Tatiana's colt by Valiant,  but we decided to wait to bring them back until after the holidays. The last time I went out all 3 were handled and all 3 were very friendly.
Mark spent some of the evening removing more staples from the ceiling. he also went to Home Depot to look for ceiling ideas. He does not want to put up squares or plaster.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Prayer Request for WILLOW

Rhoda, Iris and I joined Sarah and Zion for a really neat program at the Peoria Heights public library for little children. This program is twice a month for preschoolers and babies and teaches signing. The teacher was excellent and we all enjoyed the class. Each child is given a carpet square to sit on. Below Zion  wearing her brand new snowman shirt specially made for her by her other grandma Amanda (Nolan's mom, the grandma with all the decorating talent) is getting ready to sit on her square.
During the class at one point the instructor brought out bubbles. All of the children loved popping bubbles, even Iris was enthralled with the bubbles.
As soon as the program was over we were ready to head to Flat Top Grill for lunch when I discovered my wallet was missing. We drove back to Sarah's and found the wallet had fallen out of my purse in my car.  Flat Top was very slow today, and we didn't get our food for almost an hour. We were waiting so long Zion started to get impatient so this grandma gave her a lemon wedge.
 I was waiting for the funny face reaction but instead Zion made one kind of funny face then gave us a big smile and had fun chewing on that sour lemon. What kind of taste buds does this yearling have?
We started our day with just 13 degrees but by the time we got out of Flat Top the sun was shining and the thermometer was reading 39 degrees.  It was really hard driving home with out falling asleep and hard to get back to work once home. The weanlings will need a new bale in a few days as will Valiant and Galena. All of the horses are doing well here and Mike reported that the Middle Grove herd is also doing well, still grazing but supplementing with some hay. Anna is our first mare due next year again but this time I held off covering her so that she would deliver in April instead of March. She is already getting big. Anna is so much fun. She is a mare that anyone can ride as long as they can hold on to a saddle horn. No balance or experienced needed. Anna knows her job and does it willingly.  Below is Anni enjoying a winter ride on Anna. 
Mark is busy removing staples from the living room ceiling tonight. This is a good winter job and once the staples are out we can start replacing the tiles. 
Diane sent a prayer request, her grand daughter Willow is back in the hospital. Poor Willow had 3 days of non stop vomiting. By Saturday she was so dehydrated they took her to the emergency room for fluids and they sent her home. By the evening they took her back and the doctors scheduled an appendectomy for Sunday. Sunday evening they sent her home but today took her to Methodist. Below is what Diane wrote: Please pray for Willow.  She is back in the hospital (Methodist this time) after having her appendix removed yesterday.  She can't keep any food or water down and feels the same as before surgery.  She hasn't been able to sleep or eat since Thursday morning.
Willow is Mike and Diane's oldest grandchild. She is the daughter of Jenny and Billy Schick. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Inez Leaves

Inez left today for her new home around 2:30 pm.  She was kept in a stall all day as I thought the shipper was coming at 12:30 pm but when we got home from church at 2:00 she had not yet been picked up. She was taken straight to the indoor arena and let free to get some exercise before her long trip to New Orleans.  She was a good girl and stepped into the trailer without any hesitation.  Below the driver is shutting the door after she loaded.
We left for church again at 4:00 pm, picked up Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley for the all church Christmas Caroling.  We separated into 3 groups with each group going 4 places.  Our group went first to Bernice Hauks house. Bernice is 105 years old and she was explaining to the children that she has celebrated 105 Christmases. She told them how one time she got a pack of gum as a gift and how they drove their horse and buggy to church.  The girls sang a special song just for Bernice.

The next house was Artie's house and after singing with her she joined us for the next two places.  We stopped at Dr. Corley's house but he wasn't feeling well so we didn't stay. Our last stop was the Buehler Home right across the street from church. Our group was the first group back. It didn't take long for the other two groups to arrive and once everyone was there we had a delicous potluck meal. The girls loved all the different deserts. We stayed to clean up and didn't get the girls home until 8:30 pm.  Rhoda and Sarah came over right before we had to leave and Sarah brought her puppies. I got just 1 picture of Iris before needing to leave. Rhoda had thrown something over to me and Iris was not at all sure what I was holding. Check out those eyes. 
The girls took some pictures of the puppies. These are Arri's puppies. They are 2 weeks old, fat and so cuddly.

 Zion was so happy she got to play with a puppy. 
It is late and more pictures of the puppies will be uploaded on the website tomorrow. Their mother is Arietta, Maltipoo and their father is a King Charles Cavalier.  They are for sale and can be reserved with a deposit. They stay small and make wonderful companions for someone wanting a small dog. If interested in learning more about them please visit our website then click on the Puppies for Sale link. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Handel's Messiah

 Today was spent gathering wood for the wood burners. Joan had her kids out working hard today cleaning up the woods by Diane's of fallen limbs and anything burnable. The picture below was taken on Thursday morning as we were walking.
Joan was pulling the fallen limbs off the side of the road and stacking them for later. The kids work hard helping their mom but are thankful for the warmth each winter.  While pulling this picture off my phone I also found a picture of mom shoving snow off of her balcony after the blizzard.
She was just shoving a path to her bird feeder.  Almost all of the snow is melted now, not because of warm weather, the melting happened with the big rains and tornado a week ago. We have had below freezing temps for the last 3 days. Today we were able to work outside as there was sunshine and no wind. It almost felt warm even though it was just in the low 20s most of the day.
I've had Zalena's colt and Jewel's filly in a paddock together yesterday and today trying to keep Jewel's filly clean. She is leaving for her home tomorrow and the shipper thinks they will be here by 12:30 pm. We won't be home from church until 2:00 pm so tomorrow morning before we leave for church she will be put in a stall and all the paper work left in the barn. They don't want to wait for us to get home and said they could handle the loading themselves. They should have no trouble, she jumps right in any of our trailers. We even practiced loading into the small side door of the stock.  The pictures below were taken Oct 6th. She is much bigger and more filled out now that she is 2 months older.
 She really will be a super star in the dressage world. 
All of Jewel's foals by Evan are amazing movers.  We had an inquiry on Soul's colt this evening. They saw his last video (the leading and loading video below) 
and would like to call on Monday to discuss purchasing him. I'm also going to have to take a trip out to Middle Grove next week to pick up Roxanne's filly and Missy's filly for weaning. 

Above is Roxanne's filly and below is Missy's filly.

Both are more than ready to wean. Tatiana's colt will really be sorry to see them leave. These two are his best buddies and the 3 of them hang out together only going to their dam's for nursing. He is not yet old enough to wean. 
This evening mom and I listened on the internet to Handel's Messiah being performed live. My cousin Barbara is playing the violin (4th from the left)  a few of my second cousins are singing in it. If interested it was recorded and posted below.
The soloists were amazing as was the entire orchestra and the choir.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Colt Update

We had a cold day, 14 degrees to start our morning and it never made it above freezing.  Mark brought over 6 or 7 wheel barrow loads of wood to the porch which I stacked. The wood burner was kept burning all day. Very little work was done other than feeding horses.  Karin and Jackie left for Kansas City and we have Studly here for the weekend.
This evening Ruth, Diane, Rhonda, Joan, Faith, Berlica, Mackenson, Braelyn, Taegan, Kensley and I met at mom's for games. The kids played downstairs while we adults played upstairs. All had a good time. A phone call came in from the man that bought Ayanna and Sheena's 2016 colts. He is thrilled with how they are growing up. He stated Sheena's colt by Valiant is very tall while Ayanna's colt by Evan is more baroque. He sent the two pictures below. He also sent some video of both colts but the file is too big to post here.
 Above is Sheena's colt and below is Ayanna's colt. 
The pictures posted below are of the colts when they were just born. Below is Sheena's colt by Valiant born May 12th, 2016 and pictured at 1 day old.
The next picture is of Ayanna and her colt born April 3rd, 2016 pictured at 2 days old.
Both turned out gorgeous and the owner couldn't be more pleased. He called to say he would like to purchase a filly from us next year. Both of these mares are expecting again. Sheena was bred back to Valiant and Ayanna was bred back to Evan.  Ayanna is due April 26th, 2019 and Sheena is due May 27th, 2019.  We really are thrilled with the quality these our mares produce when bred to our stallions.  Can't help but be thankful for so many blessings around here and horses are just a few of the blessings. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Festival of Lights

Right after the walk I went to work outside. Zalena's colt was brought inside and given his grain in the stall while I moved a new bale in for him.  Jewel's filly was brought inside to clean up for big trip to her new home on Saturday.  With our crazy weather this week,  the blizzard, then heavy rains then the tornado everything is muddy including the weanlings. I took 3 buckets of hot water and numerous rags and did my best cleaning up her legs and tail. Her belly I will just have to leave muddy. It is much to cold to get her wet there. I brought the propane heater inside then had to move it and got just a little too close singeing off some of my hair. We had snow again today while I was working outside and below freezing temperatures. By the time I finished it was late, so late that Karin arrived to work horses. I just sat and watched her work Galena while sitting next to the heater in the indoor arena. She worked with the other 3 mares too but I had to go get dry clothes on and pick up Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley for our outing tonight.
Mark and I took the big van with those girls to East Peoria where we met Sarah and Nolan. They had Zion, Israel and Elisabet with them. We ate dinner first at Chick-fil-a letting the grandchildren play on that indoor play place while waiting for the food.  Anna and Phil met us. They had been working on their East Peoria house getting it ready to either rent or sell.
After everyone had their fill of food and fun we loaded into the big van for the trip to the Festival of Lights. Nolan drove as he grew up in the area and knows it well.  We thought the van was loud with excited voices but when we reached the lights the noise level rose by 100 % and what was funny was Elisabet was the loudest, repeating everything the others saw at the top of her lungs. She was so excited. Below are a few pictures.

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures of the lights click HERE. There were many more lights than the pictures posted. I highly recommend going. It is $10.00 a car load and they give each in the car a free candy cane.