Monday, November 18, 2019

No Change

Still no change in Ayanna's udder. IF she is pregnant she is due in 8 days. This morning it was cold and damp and daylight was just starting to lighten up the area when I checked on her and at first I was sure I saw something standing next to her, the size of a foal. I jumped on the golf cart and tore off thinking she must have had the foal only to find there was NOTHING next to her. My eyes were playing tricks on my brain.
Sarah and her 2 daughters came this morning. Sarah's AKC registered Moyen female Poodle Nikki is now in heat and had a date with Chewy, Anni's AKC registered Moyen male Poodle. Pictured below is Nikki.
Chewy is pictured below.
Hopefully in a couple months they will have a gorgeous litter of that so desired RED Moyen Poodles.  A Moyen for those that don't know, are purebred Poodles but is a mix between the Standard Poodle and the Miniature Poodle. IF one of these special pups are in your future you may want to contact Sarah to be put on the list for a puppy. They are rare and hard to find. They make wonderful family dogs, they don't shed and love love love to be with their people. They are also very intelligent.
When Sarah took Nikki over to Chewy Zion got to stay with me. We had fun building things with pretzels and candy corn which had to be consumed when finished.

The pictures below were taken Yesterday of Iris playing the piano.

She would finish a song then look over at her mom as if to say, "did I do PERFECT?"

This afternoon the truck/car/van insurance was paid and to insure those 3 vehicles is now over $2000.00 for the year.  I've never had an insurance claim, none of the vehicles have been in an accident and yet that is the cost. I only have collision on the 2003 truck but the 2014 van and 2015 truck need to have full coverage as I couldn't replace them if they were wrecked and both are needed.
Rhoda found our 2020 vacation house this morning and by this afternoon it was booked. I sure like using airbnb. The house is located just 4 miles from one of the marina's that rent pontoon boats on Norfork lake in Arkansas. The house is on 10 acres and has 2 heated pools. Years ago when the kids were little we vacationed at Norfork lake and now we get to take our grandchildren there.  It is just a bit more than 7 hours from here and 7 hours from the Texas Sceggels.  
When Mark got home from work he went right out to work on the boundary fence line and got two more strands up on the North side. He only had about an hour before it got too dark to work. 
Just one more story that I wasn't sure if I should share but here goes.  On Friday I made 2 full crockpots of pot roast with potatoes, and carrots. When Anna picked up Kensley I sent them home with a bowl full for their dinner. That night while eating the dinner and enjoying the BEEF pot roast the girls asked what they were eating. Philip told them this was horse meat and not only horse meat but we had to butcher Sally and that is who they were eating.  Kensly the 5 year old took another bite and exclaimed, "I really like Sally! That was not the reaction Philip expected. Pictured below is Sally after a swim across the lake summer time and she is alive and well.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Confession Time

Well I have a new coat..I didn't buy this coat in fact I STOLE the coat. We had such a wonderful day at church with Craig Stickling having the morning service an Dave Obergfel having the afternoon and neither of them said anything about stealing so that's what I did when it came time to leave church.  Mark left the sanctuary pretty quickly but I stayed to talk a while then realized he was probably waiting at the car. I quickly put the coat on and went out to the car. As I was taking my veil off I dropped a bobby pin and as it fell I looked down and thought, "I didn't even know my coat had buttons" as the bobby pin hit a button then landed on the floor. That should have given me a clue that just maybe this coat didn't belong to me.  It wasn't until I got in the house and took off the coat that I realized I had never seen this coat before in my life. It has ruffles and pockets and big buttons but my coat just had a zipper and no ruffles or buttons. When Rhoda and Anna came over I told them that I had a new coat and of course they asked, "did I get it at a garage sale or find it in the garbage? When I brought it out and showed them they were really impressed that it is actually in style. Only then did I confess to accidentally putting on the wrong coat and not noticing it wasn't mine until I got home.  I will return it Wednesday night and sure hope it didn't belong to a visitor. Oh BROTHER hopefully who ever owns the coat didn't freeze on the way home.  You just can't trust these AC's.
We had a nice evening with Rhoda, Lee and Iris along with Phil, Anna, Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley.  Nolan showed up for dinner but then left for volley ball. The rest of us spent some time searching for a house to rent for the next Sceggel vacation.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Winter Trail Ride

Even though it is only November 16th and technically still fall it feels like winter, there is still snow on the ground and ice in the creeks.  We got the new heater out for the indoor but the sun was shining and most of the snow has melted so Karin took Magda, her brother, Kayla and herself on the 'death trails' with Hadassah, Jenis, Ayanna and Valiant. Valiant led the way.

 Ayanna sure looks pregnant in the picture below but her udder was not filled at all this morning. 

The overflow stays open but there was still a lot of ice around it. 
Studly is quick to check out the creek. 

 The horses are all careful sliding down the bank and stepping into the creek except sometimes Hadassah decides to jump into the creek. 
Magda would love to set up cross rails and start Hadassah jumping. 
 Jenis and Ayanna crossed carefully. That white to the left of the picture is ice. The creek was still frozen solid along the left bank and both Valiant and Hadassah slipped when they stepped up on it. Karin thought the ice would just break under Valiant's hoof but it was still so thick it didn't break at all.. Jenis and Ayanna were careful and did not slip.

After they crossed the creek I went on back to the barn and cleaned stalls and prepared one stall for Ayanna if she ever does start to develop a bag.  The indoor arena was also watered well just in case tomorrow is warmer.  Today we took Josiah and Joshua, one at a time, for a walk around the field. Both colts are doing very well with leading. Yesterday we took Knight King so all 3 colts were given a good refresher.
This afternoon Karin and I went to mom's to work on the puzzle. Phil and Anna went out to eat to celebrate their anniversary and let the girls come here where they made some beautiful cards for their parents.
Mike went to Middle Grove to put in bales and reported Zalena isn't doing well and has lost weight.  Zalena is 20 years old, we need to bring her home and get her on something with more calories. I don't like mares going into a winter thin.  I took the picture below of Zalena about 3 weeks ago and didn't think she looked too bad then.
That same day I snapped one of my favorite pictures of Soul. She had just come up from the lake getting a drink. She had some mud on her hoofs but otherwise glowed in the sunshine. 
Soul is the dam of Knight King, the Warlander colt that is now back for sale.  Soul is a purebred Andalusian mare with the mega hair.  When we were considering buying another brood mare we looked at all different breeds but decided on buying another Andalusian. When we found Soul we were thrilled to be able to buy her. Soul had Ripper, a 3 month old stud colt by her side so this was a 2/1 package deal.  She has gorgeous foals each year by our Friesian stallions. These Andalusian Friesian crosses have the best minds, amazing stamina, fantastic movement, and mega hair.  We always say, "it cost just as much to keep an ugly horse as a beautiful horse" so when we can get beauty AND brains in a breed we go for it.  

Friday, November 15, 2019

Soul's Colt Back For Sale

The lady that was suppose to pick up Soul's colt on Sunday let me know this afternoon that she was not going to be able to buy him so he is back on the market.  I  had Kensley here and she is a good helper with the foals so we took him out for some pictures.

 Unfortunately the lady named him Knight King and that is the name on his registration papers, coggins and health papers.  This colt has very nice movement.
 He has the mega hair with a double sided mane and long thick tail. This colt WILL GRAY! Can you imagine a beautiful dapple gray Warlander Stallion with that gorgeous black double sided mane and thick long tail!  A complete package for only $5000.00.
He was given a leading lesson and did very well. We took him all over the big field with no other  foals out. He called a couple times but followed the golf cart well.  Anna picked Kensley up shortly after we finished working with him.
Tonight Mark, mom and I went to Morton to pick up Nancy then headed over to Grace church for the Fernando Ortega concert. Nancy walked in the door and there was Dan taking tickets.  She ran right over to give him a hug. Nancy loves her brothers.
The concert was well attended and such a blessing. This was my first time to see Fernando in person but Mark has been to a couple of his concerts. We really enjoyed the evening.
This morning I was watching something Karin had shared on Facebook but got interrupted and when I came back to the computer the video below was playing.  The video is a true story and well worth watching. Have you ever wondered about your future? Listen and watch this, you will be laughing at the end.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Christmas Shopping

Our walk wasn't near as cold this morning as the thermometer was reading 29 degrees.  It was still icy and our ice tracks were needed. Right after the walk I left to pick up Israel and Elisabet who were coming to spend the day with grandma for Christmas shopping. We had to come back to the farm first though as we had a truck load of hay being delivered at 10:30 this morning. Israel and Elisabet played in the apartment while the hay was unloaded and stacked in the barn. There were 17 bales on this load but 3 of them had mold and were rejected so we ended up with 14 bales. Israel and Elisabet were having fun watching us out the window but then Israel decided to turn on the television. Now this is some kind of smart TV and I know nothing about it and sad to say neither did Israel. We could not figure out how to turn it back off. He had 3 different remotes and we each tried all of those over and over with no success. I thought surely there would be an on off button somewhere on the television  but could not find any. I finally just unplugged it.  Hopefully someone will show up here before the next renter arrives and gets it working. The next load of hay wasn't due until later so we left for shopping. Each child was told they were not to buy something they wanted but had to find something for their sibling, their mom and their dad. That was really really hard for Israel as he found so many things he wanted. Surprisingly his dad ended up with things Israel was sure he would want to have to play with his only son. Elisabet found some beautiful flowers for her mom then carried them around the store telling me to smell them. (they were artificial) By the time we were done both Israel and Elisabet were happy with their purchases. From there we went to the McDonalds in Bartonville as they have an indoor play area. They also have a couple video games, exactly what Israel enjoys.

We didn't leave for their home until after 4:00 pm and by that time the next 2 loads of hay had arrived. This time there were 29 bales. As I wasn't there they unloaded and stacked them in the barn. I had left them a check to pay for the 43 bales and we are now almost $4000.00 poorer but have 100 bales in the barn. This hay was much more expensive than we have ever paid for a bale of grass hay but it is not moldy, they are big bales and I won't have to worry about running out this winter.  We still need 42 more bales at Middle Grove. These were supposed to be delivered Monday but the weather was just to awful. Once that is delivered we will all breath a sigh of relief. What is really ironic is I was sure this would be an easy year for us. Our farmer borrowed 42 bales taking them out of our barn in March when he ran out of hay for his cows. He was not able to supply us this year, he lost almost his entire hay supply due to rain. We were short almost that exact amount for this winter as our first cutting was an entire loss also.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

No Longer Broken

Mike fixed the frozen waterer this morning. It was still very cold at 15 degrees but the wind made it feel much colder than even yesterday.  Today the health papers were done for MitzaMaya (Lily's filly by Valiant) and Knight King (Soul's colt by Evan). Both are now ready to leave for their new home. Knight King is supposed to be picked up Sunday afternoon. We are going to miss this colt. He is such a clown.
Mitzamaya isn't going to leave until Thanksgiving day and will be living in Texas.
She is bigger than most of the weanlings but is a kind filly, not like her bossy sisters. Speaking of her sisters, Ayanna is not progressing at all with her udder and she is due in 2 weeks. Is she pregnant or is she just fat? In the picture below taken a few days ago, she sure looks pregnant, but it could be just the way she was sliding down the bank. 
 An ad was placed for Josiah, Jewel's colt by Evan. I can't believe someone hasn't snatched him up. He really is the hidden jewel here, hiding behind his bay coat. 
Josiah has a great mind, mind blowing movement and just happens to be for sale for of only $4500.00. He is 75% Friesian 25% Thoroughbred and 100% beautiful. He leads, stands tied and likes people. He has the movement of those very expensive European warmbloods and will excel in Dressage but also has the bone to hold up in combined training. He is located in Hanna City, IL and we CAN hold until Christmas.  
This afternoon I went shopping big time buying over $200.00 of groceries at Sam's Club and Aldi but that included 2 turkey's  and lots of other foods for thanksgiving.  Mark drove mom and me to church tonight. Mike Kaisner had the message. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Weathering the Weather

Brrr, it was only 6 degrees this morning and had risen to 8 degrees by the time we walked. I thought this snow was unusual but check out the picture taken 6 years ago:
We have just as much snow now on the ground as we did on Nov 12th, 2013, it is just much colder this year. As I went to step out, there was a dog on our patio waiting to get in. A picture of the dog was taken and posted on the Hanna City Happening Facebook page.
 Emma was not too happy but the dog was friendly. This dog went on our walk with us happy to be running with Ruth's German Shepard Farkash, Joan's dog Kabur and Mom's dog Molly.  On the walk is when I discovered the big problems of the day. The weanling paddock waterer was frozen and the paddock was empty! All 6 weanlings were gone. The back gate to the shelter had just a cheap snap and a chain holding it and the entire chain was gone.  The chain is probably buried in the snow. A bucket of grain was grabbed, the back gate tied shut with a rope, the front gate left wide open with grain in each of their buckets and off I went on the golf cart to find them. I was able to follow their tracks in the snow and saw where they stopped to graze, saw where they ran through the fields in a big circle, saw they did not go into the woods and finally saw where they found a downed fence and left the field. The neighboring farmer hit the corner post with his equipment and took down an entire section of fence. Those hoofprints in the snow headed straight north through the harvested corn fields, crossing a road and into another harvested corn field and then off in the distance there they were all 6 of them just standing near a barn, just not OUR barn. They all came running when I called. Lyra was attached to the lead rope and tied to the golf cart and they all followed back to their paddock where they were rewarded with their breakfast grain. It took an hour and a half of searching then another few hours working on the next problem of frozen water. The 75 gallon water tank was cleaned out and moved into their paddock and about 10 five gallon buckets of warm water dumped in.  I didn't want to fill the tank, I don't have a heater for it.  The hair dryer was brought out and plugged in to start defrosting the automatic waterer except when it defrosted enough a hose inside the waterer started spraying water. I was able to get that leak down to a trickle then called Mike to let him know we would need to get that repaired.  Then a lot of the day was spent hauling wood inside for the wood burner and water for the weanlings.  The cold sure makes life hard.
Mike came over after work and worked on repairing the leaks in the waterer but we were missing a part but got the heater working. He went tonight to buy a new part, came back to find the heater had tripped the gfi outlet again. He gave the weanlings 3 more buckets of water and I'll check them first thing in the morning. We have to figure out what is making that brand new outlet trip. Last year we hired Meister Electric to put in a brand new electric line and we put in a brand new automatic waterer all so that we would a trouble free automatic waterer for this winter!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Blowing Snow

The snow was blowing sideways this morning biting any exposed skin and stinging our eyes. Of course we walked anyway.  The temperature started falling this morning and it is still falling. By tomorrow morning we are expecting record low temperature of single digits will a real feel of -5 to 5 above. Diane took a  picture of us walking all bundled up heading over to get Joan and Heather.
 I certainly didn't go out taking any pictures. The only thing I went outside for was to check Ayanna's udder, feed the horses, bring in more wood for the wood burner and to pick up Kensley off the bus.  The snow kept coming until we had 2 inches on the ground but when the snow quit coming the wind stayed gusting hard and blowing the snow around.  Our airbnb guest left today and gave me another 5 star review. This was the 3rd time they have stayed at our place. They have family in the area and are pleased to have a place to stay while visiting with them.  This is what they wrote: This is our third time staying at Judith’s place. It is always our first choice when we visit Peoria. We love it! Great place for our family. Lovely, quiet, and, bonus: horses!!! Clean, well taken care of, and the cookies are always amazing! Judith is great at communicating! We can’t wait to come back!
This evening another booking came in for 3 days in December.  I'll for sure have to order more cookies from Stephanie.
Berean is called off tomorrow for a couple different reasons. Bill sent out a group text but some of our volunteers don't text so I also called people to let them know.

Sunday Visitors

Mark went for walk yesterday morning and out of the woods came Tumnus who followed him all the way home.  Braelyn gave him some pieces of cut up apple but he only ate a bite.

 He then wandered over to the side of the yard and started snacking on the weeds. 

 When he was full he looked up, walked over to the road and started walking home.

 We had a full day. Extra time was planned to drive over to Phil and Anna's house to let Pax out and get the girls dressed for church. Brushing curly hair takes a lot longer than what I'm use to. We still picked mom up on time.  This was Cassie Feuchts wedding day so Peoria was full and I mean really full. The girls were taken down to Sunday school. Braelyn was in Berlica's class, Taegan was in Israel's class and Kensly had Lanae Beutel as her teacher. They LOVED Sunday school. I was serving first shift at lunch so Berlica brought them up and took them over to the children's table for lunch. For the wedding we sat up on the balcony so they could watch the bride walk down the aisle.  Craig  Stickling had the wedding service and had us all chuckling. It was just beautiful. Right after church we drove to Phil and Anna's to let Pax out and change out of our Sunday clothes then back here for a quick dinner of our leftovers from Gils on Saturday night then over to mom's house for a SECOND supper of Cowboy Steak which Karin had perfectly prepared.  Karin and Magda took Valiant and Ayanna out on the trails in the afternoon and Karin had Valiant walk behind Ayanna instead of leading the way and he was again great. Not perfect at the creek crossing as Ayanna is kind of a balker so Karin had Valiant pass and cross first but when he was side by side next to her he let out a kick. Thankfully Karin got after him so hopefully he won't try that again.  When Karin got back she let me know that the owner of Galena's filly was up at the barn. The rest sat down to eat but I took the golf cart over to the barn to take Lyra out of the paddock for them. She brought her family so there were quite a few people there. They were given a leading lesson then left so a bale could be moved into the weanling paddock. By the time they left Lyra was doing wonderful being led around all over.
Amy arrived right about then so that gave me a good excuse to head over to mom's with her.  I had to warm up my dinner but it was still delicious.  Amy and I along with the 3 girls stayed all evening first working on the puppy puzzle then playing games.  Nancy is suppose to be back home at 8:00 pm but we didn't leave for Morton until 7:50 pm we were having so much fun.  Mark watched the girls until I got back then they were taken home and I just relaxed on their couch until Phil and Anna made it home at 10:45 pm.  We had one problem and it may end up being a very bad problem but we shall see. The farmer that we bought 42 round bales from doesn't have them and won't be able to get them until next year. His entire second cutting was moldy.  I contacted another farmer that told me they have 450 round bales stored in barns but none near us. We will have to pay shipping to get them and they still haven't given me a price per bale.  If we only had known earlier we could have been looking for hay when hay was abundant.  Oh well guess I'll just have to sell another horse to make up the difference. Another 5 star review came in from our airbnb guests. This absolutely did not disappoint!! The space was perfect. We had a large group and plenty of room. Judith was very accommodating and she even had an air mattress already made up for our group when we arrived. The fresh baked cookies were a very welcome touch and absolutely delicious!! We all enjoyed our stay and no one wanted to leave. The kids really enjoyed feeding the horses as well! Would definitely book again.
I can't thank you enough for the hospitality and allowing us to stay longer because it was so hard for everyone to say goodbye. We loved the space.
Even with the hay stress Sunday was another good day. 

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Valiant Leads the Way.

The morning started below freezing but we had sunshine which warmed us up nicely. Nice enough for a trail ride and today Valiant got to lead the pack.  We were SO proud of him. He lead the entire way with 3 mares following and didn't throw a fuss. Even crossing the creek where he had to slide down a bank and into some pretty deep water.
Check out that loose rein at a very relaxed stallion on this trail ride. 
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from this ride click HERE.  Once the horses were put away Evan was taken out to the round pen.
Magda worked with him while Karin helped me get a quick video of Lily's filly for her owner.

Joan was busy harvesting dead trees for her wood burner and had a good crew helping.  Mark took the tractor over to help drag the logs back for splitting.  They were working past supper time, probably  until it was too dark to see.  Rhoda brought Phil and Anna's girls here for the night so we all went to Gils for supper. They were hungry, they had spent the night last night with Rhoda and were swimming all evening in her indoor pool then swam again pretty much all day today until they left to come here. They certainly enjoyed the food at Gils.

They are spending the night here tonight then Phil and Anna come home tomorrow night from their business trip.