Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We had chaos this morning in the Berean office. The new program installed on the computer last week wasn't printing out the right labels some of the time. A big storm came through dumping an inch of rain so the Bibles that were going out UPS had to be brought inside. Gail Hodel arrived to see if she could help with the program but wasn't able to figure what was happening so put back the old program so after lunch I could finish up with the rest of the studies. None of the letters were processed although Kathy and David got them all read. Gail is coming back on Wednesday to try to fix the problem. Hopefully the Bible request can be entered in that afternoon. The copy machine was chugging away from the time we started until we left for lunch then Emily got it going again as soon as we got back from Denny's. We needed to order more paper, more labels and 20 more rolls of first class stamps along with another 120 metered stamps for the Bibles. Thousands of copies were made and still we need more. This is a never ending job that is exploding. We need help.
After work I had to run to Sams for dog food and groceries. Emily had to help Mike at Middle Grove. They have 75 or so more fence post holes to dig and 75 or so more posts to install and miles of high tensile wire to string in order to move the horses over to the summer pasture. Yes I wrote summer, the horses are still in the winter pasture, there is plenty of grass but we would like to get them off for at least a couple months to let the grass grow up before they must be moved back as the winter pasture is the only pasture that has electricity, the only pasture for an automatic heated waterer.
I am exhausted today and feel like I've been running on fumes. The horses were fed but no mares teased or covered. I'll probably regret that tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet Serenity

Karin and I left the house around 6:45 this morning for a trip up to a small town named Sullivan Wisconsin to pick up our new mare Serenity. She is a Raven daughter foaled April 1st, 2006 out of a registered American Warmblood mare named Persephone. She has amazing movement, check out the reach of her back legs in the picture below.
 She loved her bath, but the picture below also shows her perfect conformation, her long well set on neck, sloping shoulders, beautiful body and straight legs. 

She was put in the paddock next to Evan to relax after the 4 hour trip home while Karin worked Whitney.

Whitney has come so far in the few days she has been here that Karin believes she could be ridden in the parade this Saturday, but the mare is so big that if we did chose to take her we would need to bring a second trailer. Before Whitney was put away we had Valiant cover her, she is still in and stood fine. After Karin introduced Serenity to round pen reasoning and hosed her off she was introduced to Ribbon and Whitney. We stood around and watched to make sure all would go well and it did. All the mares are so easy going that it makes introducing a new mare a piece of cake. Mark worked on the fence line this evening, he had to cut down a tree that was in the way of the wire. That was fine except the tree was covered in poison ivy vines. Mark doesn't get poison ivy but each time he is out working in it, I get that awful  rash, the weeping, and itching that goes with it. He was asked to step right into the shower and his clothes will be put in the washer with fire tongs.
This evening I downloaded the pictures off the camera of yesterday's evening. Rhonda's grand daughters were playing so nicely with my grand daughters. Below Braelyn found a little frog and the girls are all looking at it.
 Whoops the frog jumped off the tramp into the grass.

The big kids were busy playing volley ball while the young ones were enjoying the playground equipment.
Mom and Diane came walking over to see the new mare and took some tomatoes home with them. I took a call from a man that wants to bring his Andalusian mare down to breed to Valiant and is considering taking Twilight home with them when his mare is bred. He would give her a great home. His Andalusian mare has a 3 month old stud colt by her side that when weaned would be Twilight's companion.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vaulting Video

Emily woke up in time to help get Lola covered by Valiant and Jenis covered by Evan. Twilight was moved in with Hadassah. Poor Twilight, she was the filly born with just one eye, well yesterday we discovered she has lost her sight in her only eye and now is completely blind. Ravyn's Heart, her companion and seeing eye filly for the last couple months, left for her new home yesterday and that is how we discovered Twilight cannot see. We expected Twilight to just follow Ravyn into the barn but she kept getting lost and almost running into things. Once she was in the stall, she ran right into Emily. When Twilight was born with just one eye we had Dr. Hoerr check out the other eye, it was normal and she could see.  Hadassah was a good choice to be her new companion, she use to foal sit with her when her mom was off grazing. She is going to be a very beautiful mare when full grown, coal black and so much hair. Anyone out there interested in giving her a good home? We will give her away for free.
We had a wonderful day in church. Peoria young group held an invite for the weekend and it was wonderful to see the entire front of church filled with youth that love the Lord. Craig Stickling had the first service and Willis Endsley had the second and both were on fire from the Spirit. We are a most blessed church. So so much to be thankful for.
When we arrived home, the vaulting video from yesterday's performance was rendered and uploaded on youtube.

Phil and Anna arrived to clean out the boat. They power washed it down then covered it well then went over to the playground for volley ball. I took the camera and took pictures but am not going to take the time to download or edit tonight. I'm heading to bed, Karin is leaving with me early in the morning for Madison WI to pick up a new mare.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

CIRTS Benefit

Ruth and Anni rode Paris and Larry over early this morning. It is so wonderful to see Paris in such good health.
Whitney was still in season and covered by Valiant. Karin drove her car to the shop to pick up the new Horsemeister shirts and drop me off so I could bring Rhoda's car home. When we got back to the farm Emily was working Killian in the outdoor arena.
Sissy's new owner D'Anna and Tosha came over from the cabin where they spent the night to see what we have done with Sissy and work her a bit. We were all pleasantly surprised by how well Sissy did. 
Tosha ended up riding her in the indoor as the rain started up while we were outside. Sissy and her filly named Ravyn's Heart were soon loaded up and on their way to their new home in Oklahoma. Meanwhile Karin got all the manes and tails brushed out of all the mares going to the CIRTS benefit this afternoon.
We were the first trailer to arrived. I am so thankful for that 4 horse trailer that can fit 4 BIG horses plus 2 foals and still have a dressing room for changing. Ribbon, Jenis, Eliza, her filly, Zalena and her colt all fit comfortably.
The Friesian and Percheron demo was a fun skit starring Mitchell Cooksey as the Dark Knight on Jenis
Anni Davidovics as a damsel in distress riding Eliza
Mikayla Cooksey as the other damsel in distress riding Zalena
Hannah Reinhard as the groom and Noah Herman as Prince Noah riding Ribbon
The audience was engaged and cheered loudly for Prince Noah helping him defeat the Dark Knight. The Horsemeister vaulting team performed as the half time entertainment during the polo match. The video of that will be uploaded tomorrow. It is just too late tonight. Below are a couple pictures of them in their finery.

It was a very successful day

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Poop

Anna dropped off Braelyn and Taegan this morning so they could help grandma get pictures of the foals. The girls were each given a whip and told to move it around in the outdoor. Oh my did they have fun.
Jewel and Treasure were first, this filly by Evan is almost a month old and such a beautiful well balanced filly. Her conformation, disposition and movement cannot be faulted.

All went well with the picture taking then they were let out to graze while Lola and her colt by Valiant were brought into the arena. This boy is fabulous! He is tall, upright and has such presence and beauty everyone just stares at him in amazement.

 He is as friendly as he is beautiful and that's saying something! Just as we were finishing up Lola left a big pile of manure on the sand.
Taegan went right over to check that out.

The rest of the day I heard over and over, "oh poop!" After they were picked up I drove to Honegger Law office to reconcile the check book and pay the HM credit card. Not fun but necessary. Poor Diane, for some reason she thinks this must be done each and every month. I left from there to head down to the state fair in Springfield, IL to pick up Emily. As soon as we got home from there Sissy and her filly Ravyn's Heart needed to have their white legs scrubbed clean, Eliza's filly needed to be brought over and treated for the cut on her forehead and Lola needed to be covered by Valiant. We had just finished for the evening when Sissy and Heart's owners arrived from Oklahoma. They had a 10 hour drive to get here and were exhausted. They were shown the horses then given a car to drive in to town for some dinner. They are staying in the cabin tonight.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

One out of Three

This morning 3 mares were suppose to head to Morton, IL for sonagrams. Emily got Jewel and her filly out of the paddock while I went to get Lola and her colt. As Lola was half out of the gate Killian came up in the next paddock over and wouldn't you know Lola starts to show. Lola was put back in the paddock, no sense in taking her for an ultrasound, she obviously didn't settle on her foal heat. Jewel was put in the front of the trailer with her filly while Hadassah was put in the back. Jewel was confirmed in foal.
 Hadassah had just ovulated. 
She will have to stay for a while I don't like short cycling. Whitney accepted Valiant this morning.
She was moved in with Ribbon and will be teased for the next few days. Lola will have to be covered  tomorrow as we want to use Valiant again for her. We like what the 2 of them produce.  Ribbon and Valiant's paddocks both got new round bales today. The outdoor arena was weed whacked by Sarah and raked by me. Emily took some tests at ICC to test out of a few classes then headed down to the state fair in Springfield, IL. Leigha and her family from Kansas are showing their dairy cows there and Dr. Hoerr was heading down at noon and offered to give her a ride. She will be picked up tomorrow.
I drove the golf cart over to the cabin this evening to make sure it was prepared for the guests coming in tomorrow. Diane came in to help with the dusting and sweeping. Eliza's filly got a cut on her forehead so once we finished she and Eliza were taken over to the barn to clean it off good. She was started on 20 cc's of sulfa tonight and will get that for the next few days so the cut doesn't get infected. When I was taking her over to the barn Zalena's colt was so upset she was leaving he tried to jump the gate. Then when I brought her back he started teasing her. What was interesting is she ran to Eliza to nurse and he also reached under to nurse also off Eliza. No WONDER Zalena is getting fat and we are struggling to keep weight on Eliza.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wake Boarding at Diamond Lake

Below is the video of the kids wake boarding at Diamond Lake on our vacation at Ken and Darlene Hoerr's lake house.

She Said "NO"

After the walk Valiant was let out into the field and Whitney placed in Valiant's paddock. We will let Valiant tell us when Whitney is in since Whitney isn't talking. She put him in his place pretty quickly.
Valiant was enjoying a good roll, stands up and sees a beautiful gray mare in his paddock.
He runs over to very carefully introduce himself. 
 She squeals and kicks out, so Valiant dances around her showing off.
 He is such a show off but Whitney was just not impressed,
She finally agrees to meet him face to face
 Then says, "NO" very emphatically. 
He accepted the answer and they settled down to graze together quietly.
She will stay with him until she shows then will be put back in with Ribbon. Ribbon was moved out of the middle paddock and put back in Raven's old paddock with a new round bale. The middle paddock was prepared for the mares coming in from Middle Grove for ultrasounds. Emily and I drove out to pick up Sissy, Jewel and Lola. Hadassah decided she wanted to come too so we ended up with a full trailer of 6 horses, 4 mares and 2 foals. When we arrived at Middle Grove we found the herd all lounging around under the trees on top of the hill. 
 Emily walked up to greet them. Below Oksana is sniffing her cast, and Rhiannon is coming up on the far left for attention. 
 Emily had the lead rope tucked in her shorts as sometime Hadassah can hard to catch and we wanted a halter on her. 
 Hadassah surprised us by coming up for attention from Emily. 
While Emily was haltering Hadassah I put a halter and lead rope on Jewel and Lola and just threw the lead rope over their necks so they wouldn't step on it. Promise came right over to check that out and grabbed the lead rope off Lola and started to walk away with it.
 Funny funny filly!
Emily put a lead rope on Sissy to lead her back to the trailer. 
Sissy will be leaving for her new home on Saturday. We were only going to take the 3 mares but by the time we got to the trailer Promise, Rhiannon, Star, Emma and Hadassah had followed us down and were trying to get in. Emily tied Sissy up and shooed those away so I could get Jewel, Lola and their foals loaded. When we loaded up Sissy, Hadassah decided she was not going to be left and jumped in the trailer with her. Instead of taking her out we decided to bring her home and get her sonagrammed also. 
We made a stop at Bees for lunch as it was already after 1:00 pm ordering their home made tenderloin and their peanut butter ice cream. The tenderloin is so big half was taken home for Karin who was here training Whitney.
She had a Friesian practice scheduled for tonight at 6:00 pm. Mark was going to be late home from work so I got a ride to church with Ruth. Mom came with us. Mike Rieker had the message.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Exploding Work Load

Not my work load, that is actually winding down with the breeding season just about over. The Berean prison Bible program is exploding. Diane and Eva Jean worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week thinking that would give us an easy day today. Not so, almost 200 letters came in that needed to be read and processed and well over 150 Bibles were mailed out today with another 48 ready go head out on Thursday.  We have a huge pile of studies to take to church tomorrow for grading. We had a good crew but even so it was 2:30 pm before I could get home. I went straight out to the outdoor arena to keep weeding but quit after 2 hours of back breaking labor and came inside to rework the wake boarding video from last week. This morning the first one was finally finished rendering, Rhoda watched it and reported it is too long and too boring. She gave me some good ideas and after a couple of hours more working just on that, I made a big mistake and have to start over.
After supper instead of working at the computer Rhoda and I went out to finish weeding the arena. Mark spent the evening working on fencing.  I should work on the video again but decided to start fresh tomorrow.

Monday, August 11, 2014

No Funday Monday For Me

I must confess it was really hard getting back to work after that wonderful relaxing vacation. The horses were fed, Mark was fed, laundry started and then it was time for the morning walk. Right after that it was down to the shop to try and catch up from being gone last week. The good news for us was the foals  registration papers came, 2 of them needed to be mailed to the owners as they had already been picked up. A few bills needed to be paid and a deposit made into the Bridlewood Apartment account from the Gulf Shores condo rental. Karin held vaulting practice at 10:00 and reported it is all coming together for the Saturday show. Karin worked Whitney in the outdoor arena before taking her on a trail ride. Ella, Diane's grand daughter wanted to go too so Karin tacked up Ribbon for her.

While they were out riding I was busy weeding the outdoor arena. Hanna City had lots of wonderful rain this last week and the arena looked like we were trying to grow grass. I got about half done before the ride was over. As soon as the mares were put away Karin and I drove out to Middle Grove to pick up horses. We got all the way to the herd when the rain started pounding down, so hard it felt like hail. We were going to bring Hadassah and Sissy home but they were not too accessible so we just grabbed Ayanna, Violet and Jenis. They needed to be brought back any way for the practice on Wednesday and the show on Saturday. We will have to take another trip out to pick up Hadassah and Sissy. Jewel and Lola should also be brought back for ultrasounds. All the babies were checked out and all look great. When we came over the hill we saw the herd spread out grazing in the valley. It was a beautiful sight and I was regretting not bringing the camera until the rain started. 
It was a miserable trip home, our clothes were completely soaked as if we had jumped in a lake. It had rained here also and was still sprinkling when we got back. Jenis was put in with Killian and Ayanna & Violet put in with Eliza and Zalena. Ribbon and Whitney were loose, they had knocked a gate off the hinge and stepped over it. Whitney was wandering around kind of lost with 3 boys calling to her while Ribbon made a bee line for the field and was chomping down as fast as she could chew. 
This evening I worked on a wake boarding video from the vacation. It is almost 20 minutes long and in high definition. Hopefully It will be rendered by morning and can be uploaded to youtube.