Saturday, October 20, 2018

Second Day Of Friesians Galore

We had an early breakfast at the hotel then drove the 23 miles back to the Topeka Livestock Auction where the stallions were being presented. We went first outside to watch them warm up.

It was so impressive to watch them zooming around that huge area with their legs snapping up and forward getting big air.  When we finally made it indoors the stallion presentations were almost over but what we saw was so very impressive. We met up with Marty Langhoffer who is the vet that works on a lot of the Friesians stallions. He had saved us front row seats at the arena. The place today was packed. By noon it was standing room only and this place is huge. When I wrote yesterday about the horses and buggies lined up I didn't think they could get any more packed in but today Amy said there was at least a thousand. She took pictures and sent them to me but none of them have come through yet. We had no service in the barns.  The prices today were actually shocking. One 2 year old stallion went through and brought $40,000.00 and he was not FHANA registered but he was out of a Ster stallion and a Ster mare. Another brought $45,000.00 but this one was FHANA registered.

Even the crosses were bringing big bucks. The Amish really like the Standardbred/Friesian cross and  quite a few brought $12,000 of those that were broke to drive.  We saw bay geldings bring that much.  What did not go over as well was the Saddlebred/Friesian cross and even the Morgan/Friesian cross didn't bring what I would have expected.  Rhoda found one she really wanted me to bid on, a 3 year old by a  Friesian sire and out of a Percheron/ Hackney dam. She was even in foal.  This one was a flashy mover and well broke pulling a buggy but the bid was less than the owner wanted so he said, "no sale".  I told Rhoda she could go offer more for her but she couldn't find the owner. While she was gone looking I bid on a 2 year old by a Friesian sire and out of a Percheron/Morgan dam. This filly was moving very nicely, pulling the buggy in the arena and because she wasn't the Standardbred cross I was pretty sure I had a chance and I was the high bidder.  Mike and Diane were there and Diane had 1 she wanted me to bid on but this mare was almost at the end of the sale. We had to leave by 2:00 pm to make it home in time for Jessica's surprise birthday party so were not able to stay and bid on the one Diane wanted.  At 1:45 pm I went to the office to pay for the filly and was told there was also a 7% tax on the filly. That was shocking! I told her I live in Illinois the most corrupt state in the union and they don't tax horses, then mentioned that I sure felt sorry for the person that spent $45,000.00 on a stallion." She was quick to respond "well that is a stallion and they are going to use him for breeding so he is not taxed." I responded with well I'm buying this filly for breeding too and do not want to pay tax. That saved us quite a bit of money.  The clerk explained since the Amish do not own cars but use the roads they tax their horses. We had to drive through a blizzard to get home. Around Chicago there was 60 mile and hour winds and so much blowing snow everyone had to slow down.  I was glad we had a horse in the trailer to help hold it down. We were glad to drive out of that storm and into the sunshine. We stopped at the Pizza Ranch in Morton, IL for a quick supper then finished our drive home arriving by 6:30 pm.  The filly was unloaded, taken to the barn for a couple pictures then put in a stall with plenty of hay and water.
 She is all black, they had a ribbon braided into her forelock.  She was born May 26th, 2016. We will need to name her and the names for the year 2016 should start with A, B, or C. They were calling her Lisa.  She is well put together for a 2 year old. We had Marty look her over and he gave us the thumbs up for buying her. Nice to have a very knowledgeable equine vet give us the AOK and approval. 
The entire trip she was very well behaved and very well behaved leading into the stall. This filly came from a farmer up in Elgin Iowa. We met the owner of her sire and he is going to get us her paper work to register her in our name.
This was quite an experience for all of us, one we will probably be repeating each year.  If you go plan on getting their early each morning to get a seat. The entertainment is amazing. Watching horse after quality horse strut that amazing movement is really something to behold.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friesian Fall Classic

Sarah, Nolan, Zion, Amy and I left this morning for Topeka Indiana for the Friesian Fall Classic. We arrived shortly after the actual auction started and were pleasantly surprised at how high the prices were going for the Friesian crosses. The highest purebred Friesian was a weanling colt that went for $26,000.00. A second weanling colt went for $20,000.00 but we were disappointment in the prices for the purebred fillies. One actually sold for $4750.00 and this was for a purebred Friesian. A yearling filly brought $9500.00 and the owner stated, "NO SALE!"  He wanted at least $12,000.00 for her. My phone died on the way up and my charger isn't working so I asked Sarah to take a few pictures of the ring.

This is the largest Amish auction I have ever attended. The audience was large and kept getting larger as the day went on. We watched until supper time then went into the restaurant right there at the barn where they had a delicious buffet that included those famous Amish pies. We all ate too much. There was a cold rain falling outside by the time we left. We saw lots of horses all tied to their buggies enduring the cold rain. Some were wearing blankets to keep off the rain. We are staying in a neighboring town called Howe right near the Michigan border at a Holiday Inn Express.  Rhoda and Lee arrived so we watched Iris while they went down to swim in the pool with Sarah and Nolan. Zion is sound asleep.  Mike and Diane are staying with Marty Langhoffer who lives about 40 miles from the sale barn. They will all be joining us at the auction tomorrow. This was a fun day but I learned never never let Nolan have the bidding number. He really gets into these auctions and wants to WIN.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Dr. Monfort

The weanlings were all brought inside this morning, groomed, fed and left inside as the farrier was due at 9:00 am. He didn't show but sent a text that he was not going to be able to make it. He hasn't sent a text back yet as to when he can come. I left the weanlings inside while I ran to Sam's Club for groceries. We were out of dog food. Not that we EAT that but I am leaving tomorrow for Indiana and didn't want Mark left with no dog food for Emma. After the groceries were put away it was back to work and today the 2 horse trailer and the new truck had to be cleaned out.  That is what we will be taking tomorrow.  The other jobs I wanted to get done today had to wait until help arrived. I had 2 people waiting to see videos of Gideon and Isla and the owner of Lily's colt also wanted a video.  When Karin got here after work we took Gideon, Soul's colt by Evan, out first for his video.
Then took a few still shots for the website. 

He was well behaved, better than expected as he was just taken away from his mother yesterday.  The next weanling out was Isla, Madiera's filly by Valiant. She is a very impressive mover.

Both of these foals are still for sale. Both are Warlanders (half Andalusian half Friesian) and both will be easy to train. They are sweet and want to please. The Andalusian Friesian cross is one of the most desirable crosses with their big movement, big hair and pleasing disposition. 
The last foal worked with was Lily's big colt but by this time it was getting late and Karin still needed to work two of the mares. We just took a short video of him showing his trot for his owner.

All of the foals, including the 2 being weaned were put in the paddock for the night and grained. There are now 6 buckets hanging for grain and 6 weanlings in that paddock. Karin took out Galena first and had a good training session with her. Galena is one of the horses that need trimmed. 

The last mare worked with was Tory.

Amy Koch called to report Dr. Monfort died. Dr. Monfort was a well known horse vet. His clinic was in Farmer City but he came to Bridlewood on Wednesdays.  He was our vet when I first opened Bridlewood and continued serving the clients at Bridlewood until just last year.  They will miss him. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Weaning Day for 2

Mike left for Middle Grove early this morning to work on a culvert. He took the picture below and sent it to me. The early morning light was hitting the hillside which was dotted with beautiful horses happily grazing.
I had a busy day, right after the walk splitting wood all morning, doing dishes and a couple loads of laundry.  After Karin got off work she offered to meet me at Middle grove. Karin and her friend Sue had already arrived and had the gate open waiting for me to drive in.  The ground was still too muddy to drive the truck and trailer up the hill. On this first trip to Middle Grove  I brought Hadassah and Zalena out. Zalena's colt was left at home in a stall for weaning. . Karin and Sue were willing to help get Galena, Anna, Soul and her colt. Galena and Anna for training and Soul's colt for weaning with Zalena's colt.  We drove to the bottom of the hill and parked then let the mares out.  Zalena ran back to the gate looking for her colt but Hadassah waiting until we started hiking up the hill then followed us.
When we got to the top of the hill the herd was all spread out grazing in the valley. I took this short video of them galloping to meet Hadassah.

It really is a beautiful sight to see the horses all enjoying the lush green grass.
 Foxy was thrilled to see Hadassah.
 Cookie is in front of Jenis who is always regal looking. Bunni and Jewel are also in the picture below. 
 Hadassah got the entire herd running.
 Karin led Soul and her colt while I took Galena and Sue led Anna down to the trailer. 
 Anna and Galena were loaded first, then Soul and her colt Gideon. Gideon stepped right in the trailer.  When we got back to Hanna City, Soul and Gideon were taken out of the trailer and led into a stall. Karin and Sue unloaded Galena and Anna. Soul was slipped out of the stall, loaded right back into the trailer and driven back to Middle Grove. While I was taking Soul back, Karin and Sue took Galena and Oksana out on the trails. Galena really needed a refresher as she was bucking in the canter but by the end of the ride Karin reported no more bucking, even in the canter. The next job was to remove burrs and knots out of the manes and tails.  
Both of these mares have thick tails but Galena's is massive.
Mike had to go back out to Middle Grove after work and got there before the sun went down. He sent the two pictures below of the herd grazing.

Mark drove Diane, mom and me to church tonight. After church I had to take one more trip up to the barn to take care of the two weanlings.  When I got back a nice email was here with some pictures of Raven's 2013 son out of Eliza all grown up.  Isn't he GORGEOUS!

They were so pleased with him they bought two more of our horses. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Trip to Middle Grove

The Berean office was busy this morning but we didn't have very much mail. That just gave us time to get other things done that were also needed. If you would like to read about our morning there click HERE.
As soon as I got back to the farm Sheena and Indy were loaded up and driven out to Middle Grove.  I was worried about Sheena's leg but when she was let out of the trailer, she took a few bites of grass, then burst up high into the air, came down and took off galloping up the hill and over to the herd. Indy found it hard to keep up with her. Those Thoroughbred mares forget about injuries when they get galloping. She was so excited to be out of a stall and back with the herd.  I wanted to check over all the horses so started  hiking.  The camera was left at home today but when Foxy came up I pulled my phone out to snap a picture of her. She had lost weight nursing her filly and I was thrilled to see now that the filly is weaned Foxy is looking great.
Rosaleigh was another mare that had lost weight nursing her big filly, she too is looking better out on that good green rich grass.  No picture of her, I was too busy making sure which mare was which. Looking over the herd I was missing a bunch of mares and the 2 youngest foals so had to start hiking. They were down by the lake. The 2 foals are nimble as mountain goats and were playing on a steep hillside together.  They both came galloping up when I arrived. The mare in front in the picture below is Tatiana, her colt is next to her and Roxanne's filly is behind them. 
 I think the foal in the picture below is Roxanne's filly and the one below that is Tatiana's colt. 

They look alike because they are half siblings. Valiant is the sire of both of them. Jenis came wandering up. She is in good weight, her coat is glossy and she looks amazing. The other black mare in this picture is Bunny. Bunny is standing in front of Sangria. The chestnut is Mika. That is Roxanne way in the back ground. 
Tatiana's colt was curious and following me around as I was checking the mares. It was really beautiful out there today. 
The frost this morning has killed the flies off, the horses were enjoying the sunshine and all were feeling lazy. Lily is in the picture below. She too had picked up any weight she had lost nursing her colt. Pretty much all of the horses were handled before hiking back out to the road.  
When I got home, Mark was out on the tractor splitting wood over in the far field. He brought the tractor back here, backed it up to our wood pile and we split wood together until 5:30 pm.  After supper he was going to head back out to put the tractor away but I asked him to leave it set up. I have tomorrow free and will use some of that free time to split wood. With the cold coming so quickly this year we will need a lot split. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Radiating Joy

We had a cold morning but the sun was shining.  Right after the walk Evan was moved into the round pen, the field gate to that paddock locked and a new bale put in. Valiant was moved back into that paddock and Evan was moved into his old paddock so I can use the pond pasture for mares.  Today was shopping day in Pekin stopping first at Big R for 12 bags of grain and then Aldi to pick up ingredients for the Berean meal tomorrow. On the way home I stopped at TEMCO and picked up the Berean mail. There wasn't very much so tomorrow will be an easy day.
Anna dropped off the girls this evening while she played volley ball. Phil has been working late each day running service for Meister Heating and Air. Everyone turned their furnace on for the first time the day we had snow and now lots of people need service.
We had some pictures come in this evening from the couple that bought Eliza's 2013 colt by Raven. He is now all grown up.

They named him Carbon and he is gorgeous. Carbon was bred to a Spotted Saddle mare and that mare delivered a filly this year.

Sarah and Nolan asked Rachel to take Zion's year old pictures and I just have to share a few here. She is such a cutie.

Anna also had Rachel take her girls pictures and this is what they said when Rachel finished with them. "Mom! Rachel found our real smiles!" 
Yes Rachel really did find their 'real' smiles. These girls radiate JOY!