Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Shaeya came at 6:30 this morning to help with the ultrasounds scheduled for this afternoon. After the walk, she was put to work. Our first job was to take Roxanne and her filly Giselle into the stall, halter and give her a tying lesson. We took her to the outdoor arena for another tying lesson and took a couple pictures of her.

She was not happy but figured out pretty quickly that pulling back doesn't help and stepping forward the pressure goes away. She is a smart filly.  Next out was Allie, the Goose Ranch new mare. She was teased and didn't show but didn't scream at the stallion so I had a good feeling she was probably in and didn't quite know how to react. She is a maiden mare. Shaeya round penned her and she did very well.

While we had her out we decided she needed to be de-wormed and she was given a tube of Safeguard. Right after she was put back we decided to de-worm the other two mares as they will be living in the same field when they are taken home. Coke and Brista were also de-wormed with Safeguard then Coke and Genesis taken out for a few pictures of Genesis. Shaeya needed pictures for the Friesian Heritage Horse registry.

 The registry needs to see both side and a face shot. We really liked the picture below and uploaded it to Sam's club to get that one printed out for Shaeya's room.
Shaeya had to leave at 4:45 pm as she had open house at her school tonight. Dr. Hoerr didn't arrive until after 5:00 pm. She stayed all day and didn't get to be here for the ultrasounds.  Sadie's dad arrived to pick her up right before Dr. Hoerr came so he agreed to let Sadie stay until after those mares were sonagrammed.  We had the Goose Ranch horses sonagrammed first. The first up was Allie the palomino.
She is in season now, had good uterine tone and had a 50 mm follicle. She was taken right over to Valiant and covered.  Coke was next and we are thrilled to announce she is pregnant.
Coke was bred to Valiant and is due July 4th, 2019. Brista was next and she had poor uterine tone, no edema but no pregnancy either. Dr. Hoerr does not think she is cycling right now.
Brista was the mare Dr. Hoerr discovered had 2 huge follicles on the same ovary both ready to ovulate. We know she was covered at the right time but we don't know if neither took one took or both took and were aborted.  Dr. Hoerr does not think we missed her  as today is just 21 days from her last cover.  So not sure what to think now for her.
We are honored to report that Oksana was bred to Evan and confirmed in foal due June 21st, 2019.
Star was bred to Valiant and confirmed in foal due June 22nd 2019
and Roxanne was bred to Evan and due June 30th, 2019.
We walked out of the barn to see this beautiful brightly colored rainbow glowing in the sky. It stretched all the way across the sky. I only had my phone with me and it took two shots to get it all in. We had almost an inch and a half of rain today and we were glad for it. 

This was all good, the problems came after Dr. Hoerr left. Star's colt refused to follow his mom into the paddock. I ended up just putting them in the field with the plan to move them as soon as Roxanne was put away. I brought Roxanne and her filly to the back gate, went to open the inner gate going into the paddock from the field Star was in, slipped in the mud from all the rain and fell. Without thinking I didn't let go of the lead rope. Roxanne spooked to see me on the ground in the mud and took off dragging me a few feet before I finally let go of the rope. By the time I made it back up to my feet I was covered in mud from my hair all the way down the back side to the feet. Meanwhile Roxanne had run to the far end of the field and her filly was on the other side of the fence both upset. I went to grab Roxanne leaving the gate and Wicktoria came bursting through and ran all the way down to where Star was squealing at Evan through the fence. Roxanne was caught first, she and her filly put in the paddock and the gate shut, then I tromped all the way to the end of the field to bring the other two up. By the time I got in the house to try to shower off all of the mud it was 6:30 and way to late to make it to church. Mark and I listened on-line.  Not the way I had planned to spend the evening. 
Mom, Diane, Joan, Beth, Rachel and David all flew out this afternoon for a trip South. They found cheap air flights going to Destin, Florida which is just a 2 hour trip to Gulf Shores. Diane was able to rent a car for the week for under $200.00.  Greg and Mike will be joining them Friday.  They are sure to enjoy this trip. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Wicktoria In

We had a good walk this morning. Now that we are starting at 7:00 am I can almost finish it before heading to Berean. Today I had to leave a little early to pick up the mail at TEMCO then stop at Sam's Club for fruit for the lunch. Mom made a delicious pot roast with all the fixins, roasted potatoes, carrots and onions.  Rhoda made the brownies. If you would like to read about our morning at the Berean office click HERE.  As soon as I got home the mower was taken out and the hillside mowed.  Ribbon's old paddock needed a new bale and the middle paddock needed 2 new bales. Rhoda spent the morning cleaning the apartment even cleaning out all the closets. We hauled a bunch of stuff to the dumpster. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates over the years.  Wicktoria was teased and showed so was covered this afternoon by Evan. She is a big mare, more baroque in stature and just beautiful.
 She also has big movement and we decided by crossing her with Evan we should get a big baroque foal with the HAIR gene. Sure hope she settles and we can get a foal out of her in 2019.
Rhoda and Lee's daughter Iris is so much fun to play with now that she is smiling. She thinks her mama is funny. She is just now starting to coo. 

 This evening Dave Kellenburger dropped off 3 mares and 1 foal from the Goose Ranch. They bought a new mare, a pretty 4 year old palomino and brought her here to be bred to Valiant. Brista and Coke are here for their preg checks. Dr. Hoerr is scheduled tomorrow afternoon for ultrasounds.  Mark weed whacked then worked on the camper this evening.
Lee flies in from his business trip at 9:30 pm tonight flying in to the Peoria airport. That makes it easy for Rhoda to leave from here to pick him up.  We have enjoyed having Rhoda and Iris here these 2 days.
A wonderful email came in from Brandee, the lady that bought Ribbon's orphaned colt Titan and Lilly. She sent these pictures and wrote: Judy,
I just wanted to give you an update on how Lilly is doing.  She is such a joy to have around.  My youngest just loves her & always goes out to love on her. 
I know you saw the video of Titan & we are also very proud of how he is turning out.  My youngest desperately wants to use Titan as his show horse next year.  It's looking as though we may be keeping Lilly's foal for my son to have one of his own big horses.  His horse is the smallest in our little herd. LOL.  Here is a pic of 3 out of the 4 horses since Titan is off at the trainers (left to right Lilly, Cooper & Will).  She gets along great with both the boys.  I'm thinking we are going to do a local parade in September with these 3.  I think Lilly will be ok since her 2 buddies will be with her.  We are so happy with both the horses we have purchased from you.
Thank you,
 I love love love updates, especially when they include pictures or videos. Words of affirmation must obviously be my love language and it makes my heart warm to hear how happy Brandee is. I saw the video of Titan all grown up and at the trainers cantering on Brandee's Facebook page. If you would like to watch the video click HERE.  This is Ribbon's orphaned colt at 2 years of age. Watch the video then look how much he has changed:

Monday, August 13, 2018

Wonderful Reviews!

This morning right after the walk I finished the pictures from our vacation and posted them on Facebook the Rhoda came out with baby Iris and helped get some action shots of Giselle (Roxanne x Valiant) for the website.
This filly can MOVE! She is just over a month old and spectacular. If you would like to see the pictures that I posted for the website and Facebook click HERE.  Next out was Star and her colt Zephyr, also a Valiant offspring. When we pulled him out Julie had already arrived with her 3 daughters and Amy Beth with her 3 daughters and 2 of her sons.  The girls had fun petting Zephyr.

We decided to make a quick video of him for his owner.

While we were waiting for Karin to bring Cookie over to give the 2 boys a pony ride. Russ wandered over to pet Zalena's colt.

 Russ felt that colt was getting a little TOO friendly. 
 He was glad to climb on Cookie. 

 His little brother also got to ride Cookie. 

Once they were done, Karin took Star and Cookie over to the cabin to join the 4 horses going from there. Horses used were Sangria, Jenis, Oksana, and Sally.
If you would like to see the rest of the trail ride and vaulting lesson click HERE. Everyone had a very good time. The kids were all picked up by noon and Karin came in to join Rhoda and I for a leftover lunch. After lunch we went shopping on the internet. Rhoda decided the apartment needs a new shower head and liner and the comforter needed a duvet. We had fun picking them out. Airbnb sent a message that 2 reviews came in. This first one is from Jennifer, the lady that stayed here and helped so much with the horses while we were gone. She wrote:  “Judy was the absolute best host I have experienced. The house is a great space with all the items you would need. The farm was amazing with experiences we will never forget. Judy is amazing and her family is beyond welcoming and very open. This place is beautiful and night was just as awesome. It’s a beautiful and quiet peaceful retreat. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. Comfortable bed, couch and futon! Provided washing machine soap and dish soap. Amazingly quick to respond to Airbnb mail and personal text. Very quiet and plenty of space for walking and exercise. Full air conditioner and fans. No issues with any of that. WiFi provided. Television provided, no cable but an XBox 360 was provided and easy access to apps. Very easy access and check in was quick. Town in about 20 minutes away and easy to navigate. Lots of options for places to go. Can’t wait to go back for more fun! ” 
Then she also sent a private message through Airbnb:  “Thank you so much!! Can not wait to come back!!” 
We were so very happy Jennifer picked our place to stay and very thankful for all the work they did while here. Jennifer's daughter grained the horses for Karin every single morning they were here.  Plus all the work they did with Wicktoria and her foal. We would WELCOME them back.
The next review came in from the renters that stayed this weekend. They also sent a wonderful one. writing:  “We were absolutely blown away by this place. The photos on the website don't do it justice. It's much bigger than it looks and it was so cool to be able to go outside and go right up to the horses to pet them. The area is beautiful and far enough from the city that you can see TONS of stars in the sky. We will absolutely return next time we are in town!”
Obviously I need to take new pictures! They also sent this message: “Judy, thank you for letting us stay at the apartment. The three of us had a wonderful time and were blown away by just how beautiful the apartment and area is. All of us are big-city boys so it was refreshing to be able to stay in a setting that we aren't normally used to. The horses were so beautiful and the little foals were adorable and friendly and allowed us to approach and pet them. Our expectations were exceeded by a VERY large margin and we would love to stay here again when we return next year. Thank you for everything. -David”
Mark spent the evening mowing the yards. Sarah and Nolan came over for the evening and we ended up over at mom's to play Mexican train. We started the game with Ruth, Rhoda, mom, Sarah, Nolan, Diane and me playing. Ruth dropped out first, then the 2 nursing mothers (Rhoda and Sarah) had to go take care of their babies Iris and Zion but we were able to finish the game with 4 players. We had a busy day but one that could have been busier. Mom found a roast on sale at Kroger, bought it and made it for the Berean meal tomorrow. Then Rhoda made 2 pans of brownies which I will also use for the Berean meal. Tomorrow I will just need to pic up fruit and bread.  A BIG big thankyou to mom and Rhoda! What a great day.

Friday Fun at Branson

Family Fun on Friday
For our last evening the grandchildren were all given a Horsemeister T-shirt. Although it was one size fits all so baby Iris was just wrapped in hers.  
The pictures from our Friday fun on our family vacation were finally downloaded off the camera and uploaded to Facebook. If you would like to see them click HERE.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Working on Pictures.

We were both glad to be back and in time for Sunday. It is such a blessing to go to church. After church we drove straight to Wilma Honegger's visitation. That was more of a celebration of her life than something sad. As soon as I got home the sheets were stripped in the apartment and the laundry started. Karin came over to help with teasing and then covering Wicktoria with Evan. The horses all look great. Tomorrow I may need to move in a few bales. Mom invited us over for supper and served ham, home made noodles, vine ripened tomatoes and egg rolls. After supper Sarah Reinhard came and we played games until 6:00 pm. The volley ball players arrived so we went out to watch and visit.
David, Phil and Anna's family, Nolan & Zion and Rhoda & Iris arrived for volley ball. The games were fun to watch. We had a big beautiful red ball shining in the sky this evening as it dropped lower and lower in the Western sky.
This evening I worked on vacation pictures which will posted tomorrow. It is now late and there are still more to go through.


Yesterday was a busy day packing, cleaning and driving home.  We started our day early. By 6:30 am Ben and Taunya were on the way to Texas. By 9:00 am we were pulling out. David and Stephanie passed us on their way to Kansas City.  Phil and Anna were the only ones staying. They packed lunches then left for the beach to enjoy one more day of swimming with the girls. Lee sent a picture of Iris in her own bed all tuckered out after that long trip in the car seat.
We arrived back at the farm by 5:30 pm. Nolan and Sarah helped unpack the entire trailer. Once everything was put away we headed to our own bed for an early night.  We had a wonderful week of fun with the family and this morning I am already missing those grand children hugs I got each morning. I have pictures still to go through on the camera but not today. Family vacations are truly the BEST!

Friday, August 10, 2018


Yesterday I was just too tired to stay up to write about our day. This morning I was too busy. Yesterday afternoon we drove to the Sight and Sound Theater to watch the play Samson. I did not bring my camera but a few pictures were taken with various phones.

The kids were all very impressed. Actually it wasn't just the kids, all of us were amazed at the production. I love love love the ending each time I watch one of the plays from Sight and Sound. The Gospel is truly shared.  As I was looking at the pictures off my phone I saw the one below of Braelyn, Addyson and Anna at that awful roller coaster ride, The Time Traveler!
I haven't felt that sick after finishing that ride in years.  At more than one point I was sure if I didn't get my head down I would faint and ended up laying on a bench.
This morning the group, other than Mark, Phil, Taegan,Jace, Abe, Elisabet, Zion and me went to Marvel Cave. The older ones stayed home to watch the younger children (those that can't hike down and up so far).

As soon as they all got home Mark and I drove to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. The kids bought us the tickets on-line and got us the very best seats of the house, front and center.  We thoroughly enjoyed the pre-show and the real show. It is so refreshing to hear such songs for God and country.  These Branson shows are such good, family friendly, patriotic and Christian entertainment. The horse used by the MC was OF COURSE a Friesian.
The kids all went back to the water park this afternoon as it is very hot here. The thermometer is reading 95 degrees. The water park kept them all cool and entertained. Tonight is our last night on our vacation. I will miss being with all the grandchildren the most but plan on enjoying our last evening together.