Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sunday Afternoon

fog, church, sunshine, horse back riding epic snow ball fight, dinner for 25, games all today.
We looked out side to see fog arriving coming from the south. We could still see Valiant and his paddock in the picture below but that didn't last long.
 The fog soon reached our house. The picture below is looking north.

 On our drive to church the fog became so thick we could hardly see as we were coming in to Hanna City.
 The picture below was on the interstate. Crazy thick fog.
 The sun was out and it was a mild 40 degrees by the time we got out of church. Israel came home from church with us so as soon as we were changed we headed right out to the barn. There was a big fat black cat sitting on the hay bales.  We don't know who the cat belongs to but cats are welcome here. 
 Karin and Magda were here working with Valiant so Israel got to ride Valiant. 
 From there we headed to mom's house where a snowball fight was taking place. Israel joined right in.

 Dinner was served at 4:30 pm. There were 25 for that meal so everyone just had to find a place to sit and mom's  house held them all.

 Joan and Heather did most of the clean up. Below Berlica is asking her mom to show her how to check some pictures.
 After dinner we played games. The kids worked on mom's puzzle. This is the puzzle that Beth had made from mom's Christmas card and this time all the pieces are here.
 Phil and Anna's girls are showing great grandma their Horsemeister shirts. 
If interested in the rest of the pictures from today click HERE.
We were finally able to pick a date for the Horsemeister Horse Show.  Saturday July 18th works the best for most of the children that want to be in this show. Put that date on the calendar if interested in coming to see the different Horsemeister horses and their handlers.  We will have an afternoon show with a picnic after and all are invited.  

Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Big Warm-up

Well the warm up started, it was 23 degrees when daylight arrived and we had a high of 34 degrees. Mark worked inside repairing the hose I broke last Saturday and was able to fix it before Karin arrived this Saturday.
Karin and Magda came to work with the horses, bringing them in the indoor arena. Below is
Magda bringing in Hadassah. 
 I brought in Jenis while Karin brought in Zalena. They all love to roll in the soft sand as soon as they walk through the arena door.

Once that all important roll is finished they explode into action, then line up for instructions.

If you would like to see the rest of the mare pictures click HERE. Next Evan was brought inside.

IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures of Evan click HERE. Berlica arrived as Magda was putting Evan away and Kabur followed her over. Studley and Kabur are exactly the same breed, they have a Golden Retriever mom and a lab dad only Studly turned out more like his retriever mom and Kabur turned out more like his lab dad.  

Those two played together as Berlica went to get Valiant out of his paddock.  

Today Karin was teaching Berlica how to round pen Valiant and then canter him.
 Before Berlica got on Valiant Karin rides him first.

Berlica did very well with Valiant. She has to ride without stirrups as we don't have a saddle small enough for her.

 Karin had her hold the saddle horn and the back of the saddle while she asks Valiant for the canter, then once Berlica is familiar with the canter movement Karin walked out of the middle, gave Berlica a whip and had her canter him both directions on her own. 
Now that's a good stallion. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures of Berlica working with Valiant click HERE. As soon as Valiant was put away Karin and I went to mom's for lunch. After lunch it was time to work on the apartment. The back door lock wasn't working and needed to be taken apart. Mark was able to get that working. 
Sarah and Nolan sold another puppy. This time it was the male Whoodle puppy they are calling Barrow.
I think there are still a few Whoodles still available and just a couple Moyen Poodle pups. 

Friday, February 14, 2020

9 Below

The thermometer was reading -9, that is 9 BELOW ZERO this morning so the walk was cancelled.  Not that we are wimps or anything. Mark brought wood inside and we got both of the wood burners going strong and kept them going all day.
 Above is the family room wood burner and the picture below are of the living room wood burner.
The house was very comfortable all day.  As soon as the sun started shining on the tree tops I took the camera out for some pictures. The snow was glowing in the early morning sunshine. The pictures just don't do the sparkle justice.

It wasn't terrible feeding the horses as there wasn't a lot of wind.  This afternoon it was almost pleasant outside, 8 above zero and bright sunshine. Sarah posted updated pictures of the Whoodle pups so the website was updated with those pictures. Below are a few of the pictures. There are still a some Whoodles available. 

The other puppy news is ALL of Ruby's puppies are now spoken for. The couple that came to buy Wyatt own Frankie, one of Ruby's puppies from a couple years ago. Below is a picture of Frank and little Wyatt.
It really makes a statement that so many repeat customers are coming back for more. They really do have adorable well socialized, well behaved puppies that are wonderful family pets. It wouldn't be a horse blog without horse pictures. Below is Evan in the snow.