Thursday, August 6, 2020

General Conference

What a long busy day. Mark got the scraper off the Kubota but ran out of time to get the mower on. The stalls were cleaned and the barn swept. Next was to get the last 4 registrations filled out and taken to Diane's office for mailing. From there I started moving bales. We sold our round bales from last years first cutting for $20.00 a bale. I only kept few to feed Ripper. He is very overweight and shouldn't have good hay and must stay off the grass until he loses weight. Dr. Hoerr recommended a dry lot with bad (non nutritious) hay so he can have something to munch on while he loses weight.  Michaela, Kyro's owner arrived at the same time the buyers of the hay arrived. They were willing to load the hay with the skid steer while Kyro and Madiera were brought into a stall. Michaela was shown how to halter him, how he picks up his hooves and how he loves attention.  They were taken out to the field for Madiera to graze and Kyro to show off. Machaela and her mom are staying in Rachel's cottage in Hanna City. I recommended Gils for supper and the Hog trough for breakfast. After supper they came back here to work with Kyro. I left for mom's where Spark, Rhonda, Diane and I joined mom for the general conference. We watched on her lap top.
We wanted to use the big screen from Ruth and Fedi but Ruth and Fedi didn't come and we were afraid to try as if we were knocked off the conference we would not be able to get back on. There were only 1000 people allowed on and over 1300 that signed up. IF someone got off the next in line would take that place.  The conference lasted around 3 hours.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Skye Sold

We had a good walk today, mom felt well enough to come along. Karin arrived after the walk and offered to go with me to Middle Grove to pick up Madiera and her colt Kyro. When we got out there no horses were in sight so we started hiking the up on the ridge first and ended up hiking around the entire 78 acres with no horses in sight. I sent a text to Mike to make sure they were in this pasture then Karin went down to the cabin to get the 4 wheeler but right about then I heard a neigh. We found them up by the double red gates. All horses were checked over then Madiera haltered. All of the horses followed us to the truck and trailer but then split off to head down to the lake for a drink. It was a beautiful day for a hike, we just didn't want to hike THAT long. No pictures, when the horses weren't in sight I knew it would be a long hike and didn't want to carry extra weight. This pasture is rough with lots of hills, trees, valleys and plenty of places a herd of 30 horses and big ones at that can hide. Madiera and Kyro loaded up very nicely and we were on our way home. They were taken right into the stall and a halter put on Kyro so he could get a refresher course in tying, hoof picking up and handling all over. He did very well. By the end was standing quietly as his halter was taken off and on a few times. They were put out with Indy, Rosaleigh, Sheena and their foals.  Indy was taken out and teased, then covered by Evan when she showed. Dr. Hoerr was correct, she was coming into season. Sure hope she settles on this season.
Sarah was here with Zion, Eden, Abe and Addyson. We went on a golf cart ride through the trails looking for dinosaur eggs and found 2 huge hatched ones (broken clay culverts that LOOK like broken eggs) . From there we went black berry picking. We found lots of blackberries. All of the grand children picked and ate then picked and ate somemore. We didn't save ANY for grandpa.

Skye sold to the lady that wanted her 2021 foal.  The pictures below were taken this spring before her black shiny coat faded.

Mark and I went to mom's for church and were joined by Ruth and Fedi, Diane, Joan, Sarah, Faith, Mackenson and Berlica.  Mike Rieker had the message. After the service Tim Funk announced David as our new minister. Next Wednesday will be held live at church for the confirmation vote.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Skye Pregnant

Mom did not join us on the walk this morning. She had a bad night with sharp pains in her back. She didn't feel well enough to go to Berean either.  We had a very productive day at that office. IF you would like to read about our morning there click HERE.
I left at 12:30 pm as Dr. Hoerr was scheduled to come after 1:00 pm. He didn't make that time.  Ruth took mom to the pulmonary doctor visit. That was informative. The doctor said the progress from 2013 until now  with fibrosis in the lungs was mild and probably not the cause of the shortness of breath.  That maybe from leaks in the heart valve. Mom is waiting for the appointment with the cardiologist.  Overall though the doctor said it was good news. The heart thing is more treatable than than the lungs.
Skye, Ripper and Mika were brought over here and put in Ribbon's old paddock so I could grab them easy when Dr. Hoerr arrived. A bale was moved into Indy, Rosaleigh and Sheena's paddock then the back gate shut so they would also be easy to grab. Dr. Hoerr arrived around 5:30 pm. Skye was done first.
I was happy she stood for him without needing a twitch or sedation. Dr. Hoerr pronounced her pregnant. Indy was next, she may be pregnant or may be coming back in season. She has what looks like embryonic vesicles but may be cysts.  She also had some edema and some 34 mm follicles. I will need to tease her hard the next few days to see if she comes in. Ripper is moving much better and the abscess is healed up but he still seemed a little off. Dr. Hoerr recommended he be put in a dry lot with not good hay as he is quite obese. Rosaleigh was not far enough along to see if she was pregnant or not.  Now for the bad news: Skye is the horse that kicked and Mike feels we cannot have a dangerous horse here with so many children around. We decided she must be sold. Skye is registered and DNA'D with Friesian Heritage Horse International. She is very tall, already 16.2 hands as a 3 year old. She is also very athletic and best of all carrying a 75% Friesian foal. She is now for sale for $6000.00 as a 2/1 package. She likes people but is only 3 years old. We will also put on the bill of sale that she has kicked as we don't want anyone else hurt. Who ever ends up with her will be pleased, she really is a beautiful mare.

Monday, August 3, 2020

First Accident

We had an early morning, trying to get caught up on everything from vacation. Ruth took mom for her echo cardiogram and the results were not terrible. Tomorrow she will go to the pulmonary doctor.  Taunya came this morning with the boys so she could work as her new house doesn't have internet yet. The boys and I went on a long golf cart ride searching for black bear, they also helped with the feeding. As soon as Taunya left I drove in to Peoria to pay the first of the month bills 3 days late then to 3 different banks to deposit the end of the month checks. Rachel and Andrew brought the camper back from their trip to Wisconsin.
They enjoyed their trip. The camper worked out fine.  Mike hauled Missy, Cookie, Sangria and Sally out to Middle Grove for a vacation. We had our first injury here on the farm Saturday from a horse kick and that shook us all up. Thankfully there will be no permanent damage done and it wasn't a riding accident.  Mike called our insurance agent to file a claim and spent a lot of time asking what we should or should not be doing. We have never had a claim since we started this business in 2002.
Joan, Ruth, Diane and I went to mom's for games, mom WON again.  Ken and Diane Helmuth dropped off the Berean mail. There is a LOT of mail plus we have mail from last week. I sure hope we can get it all done by noon tomorrow as Dr. Hoerr is scheduled to come for Indy and Skye's ultrasounds around 1:00 pm.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday After

It was hard to wake up after unpacking everything last night. There was still stuff to put away and laundry to do today before heading to church.  This morning was the reading of the memorandum by Tim Funk and Mike Reiker and the second service was Craig Stickling. There was a lot of visiting before church and between services. After church the Christensens left. They will be missed. Phil and Anna's family along with Ben and Taunya's family along with Taunya's dad Ron came for Sunday dinner. Mark grilled Parmesan chicken kabobs with green, orange, yellow peppers and onions served on white rice with brownies and ice cream for dessert. After supper we stopped to look at Indy, Rosaleigh, Sheena and their foals.
Then we went to the playground to watch volley ball and visit.

Braelyn, Taegan and Berlica made a fire and s'mores were made after volley ball. Below Kensley is blowing on the fire while Berlica and Braelyn are searching for kindling. Anna came over to see if she could help.
The weather was perfect and it was another great Sunday.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Glamour Girls

We pretty much all woke up early, ate breakfast, packed, cleaned the place and left for home. Mark and I were the last to leave and we left right at 8:30 am. We had an uneventful trip  home.
Emma was very glad to see us. Mark unloaded the van while I put stuff away. Our bedding needed washing. Evidently a dog thought it was ok to sleep on our bed and it wasn't Emma. The pictures from the Friday Night Glamour Girls were uploaded. Check out these beauties!

Of course when the masks came off and the make up on they looked a LOT better.

Meanwhile David, Ben, Phil and Lee took the Jack, Jace and Israel to a park to play with their new nerf guns then to McDonalds for ice cream.
IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from Friday evening click HERE.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Vacation Friday

Our last day as we leave tomorrow morning but what a jam packed day today was. We had our breakfast at the usual time of 8:00 am then left for the lake at 9:00. We found new cliffs and a cave to explore and did more cliff jumping.

 Jace and Jack started the tubing. We had some wind today so they got some airtime.
 Addyson and Kensley also got big air.
Addyson's was tubing by herself at the end and the wind picked the tube up while she was on it. She did not fall off but flew with the tube.

 Not only did she stick and landed she stood up to celebrate!

 When we got back the rest were swimming in the pool enjoying the sunshine and heat.

If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from this morning click HERE. This evening we ate left overs then David, Ben and Lee took Jack, Jace and Israel to a park for kick ball and an epic nerf gun battle while the girls had their annual girls night of makeup, nails, and pictures. Those pictures will be worked on tomorrow and posted once home as it is now after 10:00 pm and we have a big day tomorrow with clean-up, packing and driving home. What a wonderful last day. This has been one of the best!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Vacation Thursday

Wow another beautiful day! After breakfast we left for the lake. The kids voted they wanted to tube first before heading to the cliffs and that is what we did.

 We saw something orange in the woods so Jack jumped out to swim to shore to see if it could be the missing life jacket.
 It wasn't, it was a part of an orange bucket.

 Addyson got to drive today, while Taegan and Jack were riding the tube.
 When we stopped at the cliffs David jumped off the tall one then took his fishing pole and tried to catch fish off the smaller cliffs.
 We had a new game where the kids would go off the slide and land on the tube. 

The clouds started building into a storm so we headed back letting the 4 older kids ride the tube back.
We had a few sprinkles of rain but it stopped by the time we got to the van. We were all hungry for lunch. Stephanie had lunch prepared for all the hungry kids. After lunch the sun came back out so we left for the trout hatchery. It was closed but catch and release fishing was allowed for anyone under 16 years old.
Jack and Addyson were playing on a rock when Jack slipped.
The current was so strong it took him right under water. He is a strong swimmer and was able to swim back to the rock where his dad and Braelyn helped him up.

They caught 2 beautiful rainbow trout.
We got word from Sarah and Nolan (who couldn't come because of expected puppies) that Nikki had 8 puppies, 2 male and 6 female. These are purebred Moyen Poodle pups. If interested in one please go to their website 
Tonight for dinner Rhoda and Lee picked up Buffalo Wild Wings for everyone except Ben and Taunya and Mark and I. We went out to eat for date night. Mark and I went to Fred's Fish House. Ben and Taunya went to a Mexican restaurant. After dinner Rhoda organized games and then line dancing.

The kids ended the day by pushing Rhoda in the pool.
Plenty of videos were taken today which will be rendered when home. IF you would like to see the rest of the pictures from today click HERE.