Friday, September 20, 2019

Working With Skye

I realized early this morning that I had forgotten to post pictures of Sheena and her 2019 colt by Valiant yesterday at Middle Grove. These were posted on that Facebook album. Check out the neck, short back and perfect conformation on this very special half Friesian half Thoroughbred colt.
 He will be weaned and ready for his new home in October. 
He is only priced at $4000.00.  He is the FULL brother to Skye, the 2 year old we brought in yesterday for training. On our walk this morning Mike showed up with Skye. Skye lived all of her 28 months of life out at Middle Grove with the exception of her first 3 weeks of life and then when she was weaned. She grew up in a big herd of crabby brood mares and they did a wonderful job teaching her herd etiquette. She was taught how to lead from birth to 3 weeks and then Sheena was confirmed back in foal so out they went to that horse paradise. She needed a refresher course on leading. Mike worked on that this morning using first his 4 wheeler and then walking her.

I had to leave the walk early as I had a vet appointment for Jenis and Tori. Aaron helped lead the mares into the clinic.
  Jenis had been covered in August and even though the chance was slight that she settled I wanted to know for sure.  She had not settled. Tori is for sale and is 3 months pregnant so we needed to make sure all is well before advertising her. Her foal is alive and well. It was moving around quite a bit, below is the ultrasound picture. We don't know if the foal is a filly or colt but no matter what gender we know this foal will be beautiful! Evan is the sire. Tori is due May 26th, 2020.
Tori is good on trails and is also good in the arena. She rides out alone or with a group. Check out the video of Rhoda working on Tori's canter transitions:
Tori was born July 1st, 2007 and is registered with FHANA but we have also registered and DNA'D her with Friesian Heritage Horse International so her foal will be registered with that registry.  We are asking $15,000.00 for her as a 2/1 package with live foal guarantee.  It really hurts me to advertise her for sale. As I was explaining to the vet clinic, each of our mares were HAND PICKED to improve our herd. They are well loved and deserve loving homes and only for sale as I am old and getting older. I also don't have the energy since the open heart surgery. When I got home from Hoerr Vet Clinic, Skye was taken to the round pen for some training and updated pictures for the website.
 Today she was introduced to the tarp and that was no big deal at all. The tarp was rubbed all over her, put on and pulled off and then left on for her to carry it around. It didn't faze her at all.
 Below she is checking out the mounting block completely forgetting she has the tarp on her back.
 She turned to look for the other horses when the breeze picked up blowing the tarp up and around her body and even that didn't spook her.
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from this training session click HERE. She was put back and all the horses fed.  At that point I went in to start on laundry.  A bit later I was at mom's visiting with Dan and mom when a text came in that someone booked the apartment for tonight.  I left in a hurry to get it ready. All the bedding had been washed but the kitchen, bathroom and floors still needed to be done.  This is just a 1 night booking but very last minute. Thankfully I had a box of Stephanie's cookies in the freezer. Those were pulled out to defrost and Stephanie sent a text that I need to order 2 dozen more. Sure hope Stephanie doesn't get tired of baking. It must be the cookies bringing in the guests. After working with beautiful Skye this morning the sky (heaven not horse) late this afternoon was beautiful. The clouds were edged in bright silver with a ray of silver stretching up into the deep blue sky.

Mark got home late from work, almost too late to work outside after supper as it is getting dark around 7:00 pm now. We are expecting a lot of rain starting tomorrow evening. If the rain holds off we hope to start spreading manure now that they hay is off the fields.
Jamie sent the picture below of her 3 year old Valiant daughter Legacy. They have her home from training and Jamie is pretty thrilled with how well she rides.  These Valiant babies are the BEST, so easy to train and so gorgeous. She has a thick long mane and tail and should end up close to 17 hands when full grown.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

28 Bales

Fedi surprised us and came on the walk today. Diane thought he should have changed into something a bit more stylish for our walk but Joan said she knew that patterns are important and both is top and bottom had squares. We are thrilled he felt well enough to come.
Joan had to show us what Bill, her son-in-law made for her. Berlica was glad to show us how it works. It is a wonderful invention, the noodle is bolted to the block wall and the fishing poles fit snug inside the noodle and yet can be pulled out easily. Hopefully this will stop the kids from tangling the lines.
Before we got over the dam, Mike showed up with Ripper. He really enjoys working with this gelding.
Ripper just grazes while waiting for us to finish talking.
After the walk 2 horse trailer was hooked up to the 2015 truck for a trip to Middle Grove to pick up Oksana. The home schooling co-op is doing a report on Medieval times and Joan's girls are going to put on a jousting demonstration. We already have Jenis here and she is experienced in jousting but our other jousting horse was Ribbon and she died. Check out the video below of Karin riding Ribbon and Rhoda riding Jenis during our very first jousting demo. Valiant and Evan 20 months old for this show and both did exceptionally well. 
After talking to Karin she believes Oksana would be pretty easy to train for that. When I got to the top of the hill the mares were all lounging under the trees where the salt blocks are kept.
The 3 left to right are Rosalie, her full sister Ayanna and Indy. Behind them is Skye.
 Below is Lily's filly. 
 Ivan, Irish and Isla were quick to come for attention.
 Tatiana's filly is no dummy, she knows the best way to keep flies off is to stand UNDER her mom's tail. 
 Sangria was enjoying one of the salt blocks while Missy looked on. 
 Soul's colt came up for attention. 
 Below are Lola and her filly by Valiant. 
 Lily's filly has perfect conformation, she is a real beauty. The bay is Jewel's colt and behind him I think is Madiera and her colt grooming each other. 
 I needed to also pull hair from Madiera's colt and was thrilled when he walked right up to me and let me scratch him all over and then he didn't even flinch when I pulled out about 40 of his tail hair.  Oksana was haltered and we started our trip down to the trailer. Skye not only followed us all the way down to the trailer, when I opened the door of the trailer she walked right in. Oksana was also loaded, the door shut and I was on the way home with both mares.  Skye isn't even considered a mare yet, she is just 28 months old and already well over 16 hands.  Mike wanted her home to start training her and brought over a halter. She was put in with Oksana.
The registration papers for Madiera's colt, Galena's filly and Sheena's colt were filled out and sent in today. Ryan brought the baler over around 2:30 pm and started baling. The auger needed to be taken off the skid steer and the bale spear put on for moving the bales. Mark got home as I was getting that done. He took the tractor and I used the skid steer and we got all 28 bales moved inside before dark.  When we got in, Mark decided he wanted blueberry pancakes for supper along with the left over chicken from Gils yesterday.  We had no pancake batter but had self rising flour and sour milk so I was able to make some very tasty blueberry pancakes using that, eggs, vanilla, a little sugar, olive oil and of course lots of blueberries.  It is now after 8:00 pm and I still need to do the dishes before heading to bed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Today was a shopping day. First on line at where I spent $398.00 buying 30 Quest Plus de-wormers and then to Big R for 600 pounds of grain.  I have plenty of Safeguard and Strongid but in the fall we need something that kills bots. Ivermectin use to be good for that but the parasites are becoming resistant to that de-wormer. I don't use Quest Plus on the pregnant mares but use it for the yearlings and stallions and non pregnant mares.
The hay got raked but not baled. It is plenty dry and ready for baling so hopefully that can get done tomorrow as soon as the dew dries.
Tonight Mark drove mom, me and Diane to church. Mike Rieker had the message.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Transition Training With Tori

We had an interesting walk today, so much was discussed that I was almost late for work. If you would like to read about our morning at the Berean office click HERE.  When I arrived home Joan, Mackenson and Berlica came over to help move the split logs. We used 2 wheelbarrows and the golf cart and got those logs all moved before Rhoda arrived to work with Tori.  Today Rhoda wanted to work on Tori's walk canter transitions and I wanted new pictures for the website. When we pulled Tori out, she kind of acted like she was in season but would not stand for Evan. I think it is pregnancy hormones but will still have her checked when Dr. Hoerr arrives on Monday.  Our disappointment was Cinnamon. It is 18 days since her last cover and today she showed. I covered her with Evan today. I'll need Dr. Hoerr to check her also to find out if there was a reason she didn't settle.
Tori was taken to the round pen. She stood like a rock for Rhoda to mount.

 Rhoda had some fun with her canter. 
 I made this short video showing the progress of Tori's walk canter transitions.
After that work out Tori was taken into the barn and given a hosing off. She loves the water. 
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures from the training session click HERE
Once Tori was put away we ordered food from Gils Supper Club for dinner. Gils was swamped and it took 45 minutes for it to be ready. By the time we got to eat it was after 7:00 pm. Rhoda left for home, Mark went back out to the garage to finish working on the 2015 truck. It was a long but very good day. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Changing Oil

Ruth and Joan didn't come on the walk today. Joan has company as Bill and Bethany decided to stay for an extra day and Ruth needed to take Fedi to the wound clinic. Fedi had surgery last week to remove another pocket of pus.  After the walk I drove to Sarah and Nolan's house to play with Zion and Eden. They are now back from their long two week vacation and I've missed those girls. I forgot to bring the camera. I also stopped at Sam's club for a few groceries and ended up buying a 6 pounds of pork chops for $1.40 a pound. We will plan on making grilled bbq pork chops for Sunday dinner.
Today was kind of a lazy day. I had a lady wanting to see videos of the horses of Horsemeister Friesians and the best way to do that was to just post the plays from the past. The 2019 play couldn't be posted as the music to the Wizard of OZ is copyrighted but the rest of the plays from 2012 on up were. We sure had a lot of fun doing them. If you want to see them without going to another page, just click HERE.
Tonight Mark changed the oil on the 2015 truck and needed just a little help. We spent the evening together up in the barn and got filthy in the process.
Diane sent the pictures below of when they took Tate, their grandson out to Middle Grove. Mike was busy mowing (a never ending job out there) and when Diane asked Tate if he wanted to go out on the boat fishing or swimming she was surprised when he told her he wanted to go see the horses.
 The horses are always glad to see people out there and come right up for a visit.

With all those pictures of Valiant giving pony rides to my grand children I've been taking flack about not riding myself. Well below are couple pictures of me riding Valiant. 

This stallion isn't just good for little kids, he is a fun ride even for old ladies. 

Past Plays

Featuring the Horsemeister Friesians:
The 2019 play the kids did Wizard of Oz and to see that click HERE.
 The next play was from the 2018 play.
The 2017 play was another of the Pirates from the Carribean

The 2016 play was the first pirate play.
 the 2015 play is Sleeping Beauty.

The 2014 play is Cinderella
 The 2013 play was one of the lady of the lake and Karin (the evil queen of Maquon) is riding Jenis.
 The 2012 was our first Lady of the Lake and the evil queen of Maquon.  Jenis' rider is Rhoda who is wearing silver and carrying the jousting lance.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Galena's Filly Sold

Well even though we awoke to rain and the hay was cut and the 2 weanlings that were being shown today were out in the rain I still determined that I would praise HIM for the rain. We got up at 5:00 am to get most of the house clean before heading out in the rain to get the weanlings in the stalls and start cleaning them up while singing "Thank You For the Rain".  The two that needed to come in weren't too muddy and both were easy to lead inside and into the stalls. Of course it helped that their grain was waiting for them in the buckets.  As they were eating their grain the water buckets were filled and fresh hay brought inside. Then Legend, Zalena's filly was cross tied and groomed. She wasn't too happy but had gotten into the burrs again with not just her tail and mane but the feather on all 4 legs had burrs.  She was pretty good getting those nasty burrs out. Galena's filly was next.  By the time I had finished cleaning them up an hour had past and I only had 10 minutes to shower and get ready for church.  Church was a blessing. Greg Rumbold had the morning message reading first Psalm 23 and then John 10. This afternoon Mike Kaisner had the message and that was on Jesus in the boat calming the winds and the waves.  You really did need to be there but if you couldn't be there the next best thing would be to listen on AC central. 
Mom and I left right after church riding with Mike and Diane. I had a lady coming to see Galena's filly and the owner of Zalena's filly was coming to pick her up.  They both ended up here at the same time. We said good by to Zalena's filly then went down to the house to write a receipt for the deposit on Galena's filly.  By the time everyone was gone the family was all here for dinner and all pitched in to help cook the dinner. Mark grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, Rhoda made a pound of bacon for the hamburger toppings, Anna peeled and sliced avocado's and tomatoes and set the table. Dinner was delicious. We had brownies and ice cream for dessert.  After dinner we headed over to the playground for the volley ball games. Below are a few pictures.

Karin took a group over to the round pen to ride Valiant.  Below are the kids all waiting their turn.
Each got to ride that big black stallion all by themselves.

If you would like to see the rest of the pony ride pictures click HERE. By the time they quit the sun had gone down and it was getting dark fast.  We took the kids back over to the playground where the volley ball games were still going strong under the lights. The kids had to run and tell their parents what they got to do.  We really did have another super Sunday.