Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hi Judy,
Princess went for a trail ride today too!
I started trail riding her for short rides now that she is 2 years
and 7 months old. We took her to the vet to get xrays of her knees,
just to be safe, and the vet said her knees are verified, officially
"closed". This veterinarian is a very well respected equine specialist
in our upper midwest region and we were thrilled when he checked her
out, stood back and gave a nod of approval and said "THAT"S a NICE
horse." ... (We know!) :)
She is doing very well for her age... in such cold, brisk weather too!
She will ride out on the trail with other horses... or all alone! (and
does not call out to others even if they are calling to her!) She is
very cautious of narrow, icy water crossings and negotiates them with
careful steps. She will lead, follow, or ride side by side. She will
follow a trail, or blaze a new one if I ask her to. She neck reins
very nicely now too! Gee, I feel like I'm bragging... but it's true!
Can't stop smiling here!
Hope you're smiling now too!
THANKS Alesia, I couldn't be prouder than if she was mine! and yes I'm SMILING reading this. You've done a wonderful job with Princess.

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