Thursday, January 13, 2011


A lady was suppose to come down today from Rockford, IL to try Autumn out but she was a no show. Rhoda was suppose to ride her but since we didn't get a phone call or an email to let us know she was on her way, Rhoda didn't bother sticking around, she went out to eat with the girls for sister-in-law day and after their lunch Taunya brought Addyson over to play.
The other lady interested in Autumn was emailed to let her know she is still available. Earlier she was told that Autumn was probably not available to look at for at least a couple of weeks so I hope she didn't get discouraged and will still come.
Diane was able to reserve 2 more rooms pretty reasonable for the horse fair at her hotel, the Lincoln for just Saturday night. That is 1 room for Friday and Saturday, 2 rooms for just Saturday, then we have 2 rooms at the Crowne Plaza for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Too bad we aren't all together but the money savings was well worth splitting up. I also still have rooms reserved at the Ramada Limited for $83.00 plus tax that I will cancel after talking to Karin.

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