Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today is pathetic, a cold drizzly gray day outside while we are stuck inside with chills, sweats and aches. We tried to get the church services online but for some reason none of the computers would allow the connection. The reason was no plugins, then when we tried to find plugins the only thing we could bring up was no plugins available Bother!
Time for Philip to come to the rescue, he can fix anything.
I've read just about everything in the house except for some of Mark's books. For some reason they just don't appeal to the general public.
Time for another Blaze story. Once we realized that blind Blaze could no longer live here at Bridlewood Ruth was called. She has a 5 acre flat pasture with no ravines. Blaze was taken to Ruth's and introduced to a miniature horse named Candy. Candy became Blaze's seeing eye (dog)pony and it was love at first sniff as there was no sight. Candy did a very good job taking care of Blaze except when it came to feeding time. Blaze needed special food as at 36 he was losing teeth pretty quickly and the only way to make sure Candy didn't get the food was to hang the bucket on the outside of the fence letting Blaze out to take his time eating while Candy was left inside the field. This was working very well for Ruth except one time she got busy and forgot Blaze was still outside the field, remember it would take him over an hour to eat. It got dark and Blaze got tired of waiting by the gate. Ruth heard a screech and a thud, came running out of her house and found that Blaze had wandered out to the road and was hit by a truck. Blaze was lying on the road and looked dead, the truck had damage, over $2200.00 we found out later. Ruth called the family asking what to do. Most of us congregated to her house wondering what to do with him when someone discovered he was still breathing. Spark made the comment it was time to put Blaze down, all of a sudden Blaze jumps up and starts trotting off the road shocking EVERYONE. We were sure he heard Sparks comment. He and Candy were reunited and he lived another 4 years with more stories. In fact at one point when he was 39 years old Ruth video taped Blaze and Candy standing near the fence with the baby goats jumping from the ground to Candy then Candy to Blaze's back and back down to Candy's back. She sent in the video to America's funniest pets and won $100.00.

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  1. OOH! I was there I remember that! the truck was a Wildlife Prairie Park employee. Thanks Judy for posting that memory...Good old blaze. I used hold onto his head while he was grazing and let him lift me up into the air. It was the best fun!