Monday, January 31, 2011

Mental Preparing

Up early this morning because a phone went off around 3:30 and the beeping to tell us there was a message couldn't be ignored. Well it was ignored for a couple of hours as I was sure it was a wrong number or someone working the 3rd shift that decided they wanted to talk about buying one of our horses (hey, it happened before).
Finally decided to check out the message around 5:30, it was on Rhoda's phone, another co-worker is sick and can't come to work. Then decide as long as I'm up, I'll check out facebook and see my sister Beth has the flu also and Anni's surprise birthday party was canceled due to illness at the Davidovics. Mark reported coming home from dinner at David & Stephanie's last night he passed one of the clinics. The parking lot was completely full with cars lined up almost out the street. OK anyone traveling DON'T come to Peoria, in fact don't even drive THROUGH Peoria. Obviously Peoria should be quarantined as catchy as this flu seems to be.
Then the thought comes, what if it is not the flu but we have been secretly poisoned by a terrorist. Way to much imagination here, it must be all the books that were devoured these last 3 days.
Mike reported he put in a couple of round bales on Saturday. Before we leave for our vacation in 5 days we talked about what we should do at the farm to prepare. It was decided there would be 2 bales placed in each paddock with 3 in the middle on Friday and Jamie would be asked to check the horses each day. She is always so willing. Rachel and mom are both staying home from the cruise and can be available for any emergencies. Rhoda will be available for any vet problems, yes mentally we are prepared now to see how well the physical preparations go.

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