Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ethan SOLD

Karin decided she had better work horses early this morning before the heat hit. She took Brista out while we were on our walk. She was able to saddle her, put weight on her and actually sit on her for a few seconds today.
That was a huge success for a mare that had never been handled just 9 days ago. But the biggest success today came when Karin decided Coke was ready for the 'death trails' for the very first time with a rider. Karin asked Jessica to ride Missy and lead the way.
 They stopped to talk before heading out and Jessica happened to look up into the tree and saw a snake skin hanging down.
 Below is a zoomed in picture of this skin. It is a big snake to leave that long of a skin behind in the tree that far up.
They continued the ride crossing the first creek with no problem at all. 
 Below they are cantering, this was the first time Coke has ever been cantered under saddle and she did perfect. The entire ride was amazing. 
 Below they are coming home on the drive from Spark's house. 
 Coke stopped when she reached the field not sure if she should take another step but Jessica brought Missy back and off they went to the barn. 
What a huge success for this mare and for Karin. This mare has only been here in training for 15 days and today was only the first time ridden outside of the round pen.
The next job of the day was to finish weeding and raking the arena. In fact Karin got ALL of the arenas raked today.

By the time she finished the sun was out, the heat and humidty was way to high to stay outside. We went to a late breakfast at the Hog Trough in Hanna City, then she went to work at mom's and I went to Berean to pick up the Bible studies for church on Sunday. When I got home there was a message from a man wanting to put down a deposit on Rosaleigh's colt by Evan we named Ethan.
The deposit came by paypal so that colt has been marked sold. He will be going to South Carolina once he is weaned.

He was marked sold right before we needed to be over at mom's for dinner. Karin bought pork chops and invited Mark and I. Mark grilled them, Karin cooked the rest of the dinner and we provided dessert. The meal was delicious. Later Ruth, Spark and Rhonda came over. We spent the evening playing games then eating icecream and visiting. What a great day!

Remembering Ribbon

I was going through the files today cleaning them up and adding folders for the new horses (Madeira, Wicktoria, and Bethany) when I pulled Ribbon's file out and started throwing away everything. That is everything but her Percheron registration paper. I just couldn't bring myself to throw that away. Feeling sad I took a break, opened up Facebook to find this video showing up first.

my how we miss Ribbon. The vaulters are my nieces, Sarah, Bethany, Hannah Reinhard and Anni Davidovics. Karin is the lunger and the lifter is my niece Rebekah. A true family affair.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

HOT But Will be Hotter Tomorrow

The first job I did this morning was to walk across the pond dam in the slippery mud to check on Indy and Roxanne. We had a storm come through during the night and I was half way scared that one or the other had delivered but they were fine. They followed me back to the fence line just hoping for more attention. Left to right is Indy, Roxanne, Zalena and Flynn. Zalena and Flynn are still here as it is only 15 days since Zalena was covered last. I'll see if we can get her in for an ultrasound next week then they can be hauled out to Middle Grove to join the rest of the mares and foals.
Karin arrived at 7:15 am to start working horses before the heat of the day but by 8:00 am it was already almost unbearable. Elisabeth worked with Evan first then took him into the stall barn to redo his braids. Karin worked on weeding the arena while Elisabeth was working with Evan. Weeding is something that is hard to keep up with. Especially since we got another half inch of rain during the night. At least that made the weeds easy to pull out.
Next out was Coke and today Karin rode Coke in the round pen walk and trot in both directions. Coke didn't do anything wrong. We are so pleased with how quickly she is learning to carry a rider. Brista also surprised us with improving more quickly than Monday's session. She did so well that Karin decided to pony her on the trails.
She did perfect on the first creek crossing but balked at the second. Still she did end up going through and they finished the trails with success. All of the horses were hosed off and fly sprayed as the temperature was already close to 90 degrees by the time they got back.
This afternoon I worked on finishing the arena and got pretty much all of the weeds pulled except around the edge. It really got too hot to be out there. What is worse to hear is that this heat is just the start, tomorrow we are expecting heat indexes between 105 degrees and 110 degrees. 
The mares were teased and no one is showing yet. This evening church was held at the fellowship hall where Bill Schick and Marshall Heinold gave a talk on the Spanish outreach. It was interesting and very well supported. I believe we will start holding a service in Spanish at the Peoria church down in the old lunchroom soon. If you know any Spanish speaking people that are hungry for the Word please invite them to come. 
After church Karin had Indy and Roxanne in the stalls for testing. Indy is testing at 150 meaning we have some time and Roxanne's udder is not yet full so we did not pull any colostrum. Karin worked with her on touching her udder from both directions over and over. Each time Roxanne would try to kick she got in trouble and after a few minutes was finally allowing Karin to handle her udder. This is very important to do for a mare that has never had a foal before. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Truly Wonderful

Today at the Berean office we really did have a truly wonderful time. Why is it that serving others can be so fulfilling? To read about our really great day there click HERE.
After work, it was so hot outside that the only thing done with the horses was to move in a round bale, catch Brista, and check udders.
Brista only took one step back before she stopped and let me scratch her on the back and neck. She wasn't too happy when I held her halter but put up with it. Indy's udder is  pretty full and it is easy to squirt colostrum but that is not milky yet. I'll probably test it tomorrow just to see if any calcium is showing up yet. No change in Roxanne's udder. Both are due 12 days. We are leaving the state and heading up north in 10 days. Sure hope it is cooler up in Michigan, this week the weather is brutally hot.
This evening Mark took a quick dip in the lake to cool off then we met at mom's with Spark, Rhonda, Joan, and Diane to go over solutions on how to get the coon's tail (water plants) out of the lake.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Beautiful Funday Monday

The air was cool when we awoke, such a refreshing breath of fresh air. After our walk, Karin came for breakfast and then it was time to work horses. First out was Coke. She was teased first and said, "no" very dramatically. Today Karin introduced the tarp with her. When Karin shook that out Coke slammed on the brakes.

Karin used it first to lunge her then placed the tarp on the ground.
 Cokes's worry cup filled rapidly and she let out some bucks and kicks but when the tarp didn't move she slowed down and started thinking instead of letting that flight instinct take over. 
 She willingly walked over the tarp before too long. 
 When she was comfortable with walking all over it Karin asked her to stop and started picking up one corner and letting the wind blow it up. 
 Coke was more curious than afraid after a few minutes. 
 Even when the tarp blew up onto her legs and belly she didn't move and wasn't afraid. 
 Karin draped the tarp over Coke both from the left and the right. 

 She ten tied it loosely onto the saddle and asked Coke to move. 
 This mare did very well dragging the tarp around. 
 Karin asked her to trot and canter carrying the tarp but Coke figured out very quickly the tarp is not something to be afraid of. 

 Next the tarp was hung onto the railing and the breeze moved it around. Even that didn't seem to be much of a problem.
 Karin laid the tarp back down and let Coke stand on it while she desensitized her with the whip hitting the tarp. 
 The tarp was taken out and Karin mounted Coke and just had her take a few steps each direction and back. 

 This was a huge success for Coke. We were both well pleased. She was taken into the barn sprayed off with the hose then fly spray and put back. Brista was taken out next. Brista didn't do as well but we didn't think she would so that was no surprise. Brista was taken into the barn before heading out and sprayed off with water to make sure she would be cool enough as we expected the tarp would blow her mind and it did. Below are the pictures of Brista getting worked.

 She actually surprised us with how quickly she turned to face the tarp. 
 Below she is curious and watching the tarp as Karin walked around with it. 
 Check out her reaction when Karin asked her to step onto the tarp. 
 It took about a half hour for her to feel comfortable enough to walk on it. 

 Karin was able to rub it all over her without a huge reaction. 
I left to start weeding the arena as it was getting late. Karin had Brista wear the tarp and finally settled down while it was on her but that was as far as her training went today. It was more important to stop when Brista was relaxed than start the next step. Her training session went on until almost noon. She was sprayed off with water then fly sprayed and then taken over to Evan to tease. She also said no. As Dakota was picked up yesterday we decided to move Brista in the paddock next to Evan. Hopefully being near a stallion will bring her into season sooner.
Indy was checked next. She is starting to bag up, hopefully we will have a baby soon. Karin left for Funday Monday and I left for Sam's Club then Berean. This evening Taunya and the kids came over for supper. We served bbq ribs, water melon, and asparagus. Taunya said there was a big group of kids over for Funday Monday at Rachel's. All but 1 of my grandchildren. Next Monday I must quit work earlier and join in the fun. This evening Spark, Rhonda, mom and I played games at mom's.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Addyson's Big Bass

We had a wedding in Peoria this afternoon and the church was full, the parking lot was full, and the lunch room during lunch was full too. There were visitors from all over and we love visitors in Peoria. The minster this morning was Howard Plattner from  Alto, Michigan and after the service he got back up to say greetings but started it out with greetings from Alto the best kept secret in the AC congregations. The other visiting minister followed his lead by giving greetings from Prescot, AZ the other best kept secret and when Tim Funk got up of course he needed to follow with Peoria too is the best kept secret. The entire church was chuckling by this time.
It was a wonderful day for the wedding couple  Chelsea Streitmatter and Craig Huber.
After church some of the kids and 7 of the grandchildren came over for dinner and fun at the playground. During the volleyball games Addyson and Braelyn went down to fish with Berlica. Soon Berlica came running back up yelling, "Addyson caught a HUGE bass!" Of course we needed to go down to see that bass and take pictures.
 The bass was about as thick as it was long and was very heavy. This fish gave her a good fight as she worked to get it into shore. 

 Below Faith is helping hold the bass up while Kensley pets it before putting it back in the lake for someone else to catch. 
Taunya was thrilled we catch and release the big ones around here, she did not want to clean or cook it. Braelyn caught a decent sized bass too.
She was sad when we had her let it go. Everyone wanted a chance to fish a bit before we headed back up to show the parents the pictures of the fish. Below are a few other pictures of the evening.

The pictures from yesterday at State Farm Park were downloaded and posted. If you would like to see them click HERE.  The pictures taken yesterday of Irelyn and Crew riding Zalena and Missy were also posted this afternoon.

These were some happy riders.