Friday, January 14, 2011


Was reading your blog and saw the comment someone had emailed about your videos and mentioned one of the horses being led by the backhoe. I thought I had seen all of your videos but I did not see that one and I would like to!
Which one is it?

After the third inquiry on the leading horses with a backhoe here it is: We were supplying horses for a girls camp, waiting to load and watching the weather closely. When the weather looked it was going to be ok we hauled a bunch of horses out to the Norris Lake for the camp. A huge storm rolled in right after the buses arrived, the campers waited out the storm inside the pavilion, the horses all hunkered down, tails between their legs with their backs to the wind. Just as we thought it would clear we got word of another storm coming quickly. The campers were loaded back onto the buses and taken back to the Old School Center. We started hauling horses back to Middle Grove but the drive (close to a mile long) would not be passable after such drenching rain for the trucks. Diane was sure Mike would not walk the horses in and would find a way. Sure enough we arrived as he was unloading the excavator. Mike had hauled it out to work on the drive not expecting such a huge storm, he took the horses in with that.

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