Monday, January 10, 2011

Trailer Line-Up

A very nice phone call came last night after hymn sing. Amy Koch called and offered to drive her truck and trailer for the IL Horse Fair. She not only is going to drive down 2 of the horses SHE has CLASS, she doesn't know it yet but she will help with the stall decorations. This may not be true, but there are reports that I don't know what looks good or what matches and that makes it very important to have someone along that actually knows colors and which colors look good together.
This is actually a handicap some of us Meister kids inherited from our dad. Some of the 11 take after mom and are very artistic and have class and some of us take after dad and have none.
Mom, Karin and Janelle made it back to the Les Cayes compound from the remote village they were out working at with an Ohio work team. Mom called to finally let us know they are made it to Haiti only a week late. Actually we figured they must have made it when we heard nothing, no news is good news sometimes. We told her about having to put Ellie, Karin's dog, down and asked her to break the news to Karin.
Kindred Spirit sang at Hymn sing last night. The blend was so perfect and the music varied and beautiful. It made me put my head back, close my eyes and think of Heaven. Music will be a big part of Heaven and how wonderful it is when we can get a small taste here on earth. Even though it was cold outside and the day had been a long day at church, Hymn sing was well attended. The ushers had to set up more rows of chairs. One of Johnny and Serena's twins YELLED out a number about 3 times before the leaders could figure out what she wanted and everyone chuckled when it was the song Jesus Loves Me. Of course once the song was over another little kid yelled out a number. Now when we were growing up no kids gave out song numbers, no women EVER did either. We had to sit with our dad and ask him to give them out. Times are a changing...ah good times, good times.

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