Sunday, January 16, 2011

Da Bear's WIN

Not only did the Chicago Bears win tonight, the New England Patriots lost. All good in my boys eyes. Dinner was after the game and the kids came over pretty pleased with the results. Speaking of dinners, the roast beef was PERFECTLY done, pink, juicy and almost fork tender, rest of the meal was also good. Nothing we like more than tables full of people, many interesting conversations with much laughter.
Mike went out to work Dalia after church for the first time since she arrived and brought back a video to prove how good she was. He is very pleased with her. She is quiet and respectful. He saddled her, bridled her and rode her at a walk inside the arena. Even away from the other horses there was no fussing at all. We are very happy she has joined our herd. He led her away from the farm with the 4 wheeler, she followed right along, not spooking at all. Mike is convinced she is going to be really fast.
Church today was a real blessing. My kids tell me I say that every Sunday but today was a real treat. Craig Stickling had the morning service and every time Craig speaks the Holy Spirit is talking to ME. The lunch seemed quite crowded, I served at a curve and was pretty busy, one time pouring cold water in the mug after hot tea was requested. Tim Roecker had the afternoon service.
We are heading to bed, both of us are tired and Diane has planned a big surprise for tomorrow.

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