Monday, January 24, 2011


David Sauder helped load 12 boxes of Bibles up to take to Skylines. He was more than willing which sure helps plus he is young and has a strong back. Each box weighs 32 pounds, each must be picked up, loaded onto the cart, then handed down and placed into the back of the car. At Skylines while waiting for the 10 boxes to be delivered up front, the 12 were unloaded and hauled into the foyer.
Back at Meister's Detrick was cleaning the snow off the loading dock with Jacob, Elden and his new invention. They built this using the fork lift, a pallet and a piece of flat wood, added some cement blocks for weight and it was good to go.

This kind of shows how NOT busy the Meister companies are. I'm sure the shoveling would have been done on the dock in less than 1/4 of the time it took to build this. The guys need something to keep them occupied!
Phil and David Jacob came up for lunch, ate, then left just as Mark came up for lunch. The frozen taco meat we purchased for the choir lunch 2 weeks ago was pulled out, heated up and made those guys each a nice meal. Not too much meat left, perhaps just a few more tacos.
At the farm the middle paddock needs 2 bales, Ribbon's paddock needs a new bale and Mike needed to move the feeder out of the boy's paddock shelter. They were starting to step through and scrape up their back legs again. Mike is going to try to move in bales this afternoon or evening.

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