Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paid the Bills

One of the accomplishments of the day was getting the truck insurance paid and the registration sent in. That leaves $62.07 in my bank account until February, oh well, who needs money anyway. The farm insurance was not paid, it is due Feb 4th, hopefully the first of the months checks come in time to send that payment in.
Cefcu was visited to transfer the vaulting entry fee from the vaulting account into the checking account before the Horse Fair cashes that check.
As we were walking into church the song that was being sung right then was Jesus Rose of Sharon, one of my favorites but they were already on the last verse. We should have left home just a few minutes earlier. It is very cold out and it just seemed to take longer to get to church than usual.
Tim Roecker opened to Esther, he kind of chuckled as we are starting our Esther Bible study next Wednesday and one of the Bloomington ministers will be here to start us off and of course they will speak on Esther. Mark and I are leaving our Thursday evening group and signed up for the early morning Sunday group. He is on 3 different boards that meet in the evenings, between his board meetings, choir and church we really wanted at least one evening home.
Tomorrow a lady is coming down from Rockville, IL to look at Autumn. Rhoda is suppose to ride her first, I'm so glad Thursdays is her day off.
Diane was able to get a room with priceline in Springfield during the horse fair for Friday and Saturday. We decided to try the same price and see if we could get the same hotel although we needed 2 rooms for 3 nights. Well we got the same price but we are staying at the Crown plaza while Diane is staying at the Lincoln Hotel too bad we would have preferred to be together. We still need to find out from Karin how many of the vaulting families want a room for Saturday night.

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