Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pretty in Pink

At choir tonight there were quite a few of the women dressed in pink, most unusual for our group.

We had a REALLY good group at choir and the singing was enthusiastic, beautiful, loud and a lot of fun. Even Wayne Klopfenstein, our director was having fun tonight. The room was rockin with praises to our Lord. After the practice Gail Hodel and Marilyn Baurer served lunch and just about everyone stayed to visit, they were all having such a good time no one wanted to leave. This choir is like a fun rambunctious family reunion each Tuesday night! Come try it out once, anyone is welcome, and if you come, you might just be hooked!
The lunch Gail and Marilyn served tonight was just so colorful and delicious a picture needed to be taken for posterity.

Now just so the thought of having to do lunch doesn't scare people off from coming, one doesn't usually serve alone and there are enough people that most only get to serve once a year.

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