Friday, January 28, 2011

Early to Late

The day started early with a trip to the farm and ended late with a trip to the farm. A quick trip to Sams was in order for the all important dog food and rawhide chews. Another big roast was purchased, couldn't resist the price had dropped from $2.95 a pound to $2.54 a pound. After talking it over we will cook it on Sunday as Saturday is the women's retreat. After lunch We were blessed with Addyson.

We can't resist pulling the camera out, she is such a character, so very expressive and never stops talking, although for some reason we can't understand her very well. One phrase we did understand was "mama poop, mama poop!" The reaction this phrase brings is amazing, we jump up from what ever we are doing, grab the child, run to the bathroom and plop her on her potty chair. We had NO accidents yesterday!
After dinner Mark and I headed back to the farm to check out the tile work done in the office bathroom.

Greg Reed is doing the tile work, called to tell say that Mark gave him artistic license but we had to look at it before he started the next wall, just in case we didn't like it. Both of us agreed, it is really nice. Greg does a great job with tile.
This morning there is a funeral and my Sunday clothes were not clean which means up early to put some laundry in.

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