Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year at the Farm

Above is the new feeder Mike built to protect the hay at the cabin field. This is his first time to use it. The temperature dropped so suddenly from 60 to the teens that the field was flash frozen and hard enough to move the feeder in without tearing up the field.

We finally got up enough energy to drive out to the farm. As the new feeder was placed in the cabin field, Mike wanted to move some horses over. Those horses had the best time galloping around the field. Karin was bribed to go with us to help move horses and we so appreciate her help. She led over the walkers, Diane took Paris and I led Mika and Jewel.
These are the horses Mike considers his starting lineup.

Mika and Jewel are half siblings, Both are out of Grace, Jewel by Raven and Mika by a cutting quarter horse stallion. One would think Mika could take Jewel in a race but she is REALLY fast.

Below is the feeder with the haybale installed. WE think it is pretty impressive.

Once home it was time to start 'the soup'
Beef barley is always a tradition, made from left over prime rib with lots of vegetables. Mom came over with more vegetables and a bay leaf for the soup. She brought Heidi over to play.

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