Thursday, January 17, 2019

Age Test

Fedi came on the walk again today and this time Diane was prepared. During the summer she found some extra ice cleats at garage sales and brought a pair for Fedi this morning.
 Below Diane and Ruth are putting them on for him.
 He made it all the way to Joan's house and half way up the hill to the barn before turning around today. He is for sure getting stronger.  After the walk I left for grocery shopping. We have another winter storm moving in tomorrow and we were just about out of food. Ryan our hay man, sent a text as I was driving to see if he could come pick up the 24 bales today. He was sent a text back that he would have to come check it out for himself but I didn't think it was possible with all of this snow in the way.  Mom, you would be proud, he wasn't answered until I arrived at Sam's Club. He did check it out and decided he would have to wait. These were the bales we purchased and only after we stacked them in the barn found out they were put up wet and were molding from the inside. The pictures below were taken this afternoon. The snow is coming off the front porch but a lot has been hanging around growing slowly.
 The icicles hanging off the snow in the back have curled and are now facing the door.

By this afternoon they were actually touching the door. Karin had to work late today and wasn't able to come train.
As everyone is doing that age test thing on Facebook I thought it would be interesting to do one of Evan. We bought Evan as a weanling and he is just over 7 months old in the first two pictures.

Evan is 9 years old in the next two pictures taken June 27th, 2018. Those 9 years have made a huge difference is HIS looks!

When we knew we were going to be keeping some Raven daughters we decided we must have another Friesian stallion not related to Raven and started our search.  Robert DeBoer, the owner of the Mintse, Evan's sire told us he had 5 or 6 colts to choose from so we drove up to Michigan to the Friesian Connection to look and we chose Evan. We have never regretted this purchase. Evan sires gorgeous foals with the mega hair and amazing movement. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fedi Walks

Fedi surprised us by joining us on the walk this morning. 
He brought along his trusty walking stick so he and mom had to compare sticks. Fedi's won in all categories. 
He can pull the head off of his and attached to that ornate dog head was a long sharp knife or really more of a sword. We sure didn't have to worry about any wild animals attacking us on this walk.  
Right after the walk I had to go in to Peoria to fill 2 empty propane tanks which went well until I started driving to Meister's. The smell of leaking propane made me feel really nauseated.  I drove back to the company that filled them, told them they were leaking, they brought them inside, did something then brought them back to the car and all was good but in my mind the smell lingered.  The other reason I had to drive in to Peoria was to deposit a few checks for the land trust. Mike left this morning to haul more hay out to Middle Grove. He didn't get done with that until close to 1:00 pm.  We still have 25 more bales reserved and mostly paid for being stored in Princeville. We determined that next year the hay will be either on the property or close by. No more hauling from so far away. This hay is really good and stored inside so there has been no waste but it just takes too long to take them to Middle Grove. 
As soon as I got back a bale was moved into Ribbon's old paddock for Ayanna, Rosalie and Indy.  Tomorrow I may need to move another bale into the far paddock. I would like to get all the paddocks situated before the deep freeze hits on Sunday.
Karin arrived after work and brought three mares inside. Indy was the first mare worked. 
 She is such a sweet mare and use to be our tallest Friesian mare until Rosalie kept growing and growing and growing. Rosalie will be 6 years old Feb 18th. Rosalie is the mare in the middle. Karin decided to work her next. Indy is on the left of Rosalie and Ayanna is on the right. 
 Ayanna was laughing at Rosalie and thinking, "ha ha you have to do more of those boring circles." But more than likely was really just letting out some of her worry cup with big yawns as her turn would be coming up next. 

 Indy and Ayanna look like they have been smoking. We use to call Ayanna and Rosalie the thugs of the herd as those sisters were big and bossy just like their mom Lily. Hope that thug mentality doesn't rub off on sweet Indy. Smoking isn't good for anybody and especially not horses. I really don't know where they were hiding the cigarettes though so perhaps they were just vaping.
 When Karin finished with Rosalie she had a good roll then got up, shook off all the sand and,

 then let out a big yawn. 
 Check out her pearly whites. 
 Ayanna was the last mare worked today. 
 All was going well when an avalanche of snow started sliding off the left side of the roof of the barn. Those three mares took off at a gallop for the right side of the barn. Thankfully Karin grabbed mane.  She had to convince them all it was fine. 
They settled down and Karin was able to finish the training session without any other drama.  At that point I was still feeling pretty sick, pulled the tractor back into the barn and headed down to the house and went right to bed sleeping until after Mark got home.  We listened to church on line today.  
Joan used the Kubota to clear drives today. Mom had the first of her dentist appointments to get her tooth implant. We are expecting less than an inch of snow tonight with ice on top. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Impossible Snow

Well the thick blanket of snow did not fall off the roof during the night. The picture below was taken first thing this morning. I can't believe it will hold together much longer.
On the walk today we had to check out the igloo Joan and her children are making. Below Joan is already inside and Diane is heading in.
 It is quite large and easily fits Joan, Mackenson, Faith, Berlica and Kabur their dog.  They are working on the second room and will probably have that done later today. With more snow predicted this weekend and then below zero temperatures predicted to stay for at least 2 more weeks this snow house should last a long time.  Below Joan is coming out. It is important to keep the door small to keep the heat inside.
We were short handed at the Berean office today but the roads were bad this morning and we didn't have a lot of mail so some of the volunteers that offered to come were told to stay home and stay safe and some of the volunteers left for Florida last week. If you would like to read about our time at the Berean office today click HERE. Karin was already here working horses when I arrived home. Her schools were given a snow day today because of the roads out that way were just not safe.  She had Jenis, Oksana and Anna in the indoor. I arrived as she was working with Jenis.
 She worked Oksana next. 
 The last mare worked of this group of three was Anna. 
 They were taken back to the paddocks so Valiant and Galena could be brought inside. Valiant loves being able to run. 
 And also can't wait to drop and roll. 
 He is learning to wait to drop down for the roll until Karin lets him then will sit until she releases him. The IL Horse Fair is planning on having a liberty class this year and Emily and Mitchel are excited to show him. 

 It didn't take long for Galena to pick a nice soft spot to roll too. 

 After that it was time to get to work. Valiant was worked first. He is being worked almost exclusively in the canter and his walk canter departs are amazing. Each time Karin finishes with him she exclaims, "Mitchel is going to love showing him." 
 Once he was untacked he was taken into the middle of the arena while Karin worked Galena around him.  No pictures of that though, I was in charge of holding Valiant in the middle.  Karin finished up around the time Mark got home. He pulled out the small Kubota and worked on clearing by the mail boxes, the entrance to the drive and then our drives.
 This evening we have been hearing snow cascading off our roof but NOT from the front of the house. I just snapped the two pictures below and it is still holding together.
The overhang of snow alone is exactly 3 feet and the size of the icicles are 33 inches in length. I just took Mark's measuring tape out and measured. 
 It seems impossible that the snow is holding together this long.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Two Multiplied

We had a very cold start to the morning at only 6 degrees. By the time of the walk though the sun was starting to shine and the sky was clear.  The picture below is just as the sun was coming up.
 Mom told us the announcer on WBNH was saying it was cloudy with frozen drizzle and we all decided it must have been a recording. On the second round of the walk we were standing talking with Joan and looked toward the west and just like being in a horror story could see a thick fog creeping toward us. The picture below shows that Valiant's shelter is still in the clear but the trees in the back ground are getting covered with the frozen fog.
I made arrangements to pick up the Berean mail from TEMCO and on the way in saw some beautiful snow covered trees. One yard was so beautiful it was like a fairy land and the phone was taken  out for the picture below.
Ellen called to tell me that she would bring the mail out to the car as the TEMCO lot wasn't plowed yet. That went perfectly and from there I went to Kroger in Bartonville to try to pick up mom's prescription. While waiting I purchased the ingredients to make a double batch of Yaki Sobi and started that for the Berean meal as soon as I got home.  At 1:00 pm I met Vikki and her husband to pick up the missing saddle pads. Now those saddle pads must have been a male and female as when I got there they had multiplied big time. There was now a big pile of them. Vikki cleaned out her tack room. 
A big thank you to Vikki, we will be glad to put them in use.  With over a foot of snow on the roof each time a big chunk would slide off Emma was sure we were getting attacked and would jump up and bark. We are still waiting for the snow in the picture below to finish sliding off. 
It was interesting to see the folds in the snow on the roof. 
 What was also interesting is the icicles that formed on the end of the pile. As the pile curved in toward the house some of those icicles ended up pointing horizontal.  
Other icicles are so big and thick they stretch from the table to the ground. Emma is busy tasting the snow in the picture below. The snow on the table is not from the roof, that is still from the storm. The rug that had been moved to the table formed some pretty thick large icicles. 
Joan drove in to Hanna City to pick up bags of salt for the drives, spreading it on the entrance, the hillsides and at mom's place. The rec room wood burner was kept burning all day. 

Trail Ride Sunday Middle Grove

Diane sent the pictures from their trail ride Sunday in the snow at Middle Grove. They had a really wonderful time. Horses used were Mika (chestnut Appendix gelding) Sally (black Tennessee Walker) Sangria (gray Andalusian) Cookie (gray Tennessee Walker) and Missy (blue roan Tennessee Walker). Below is some of the herd as they drove up
 The next picture shows them picking the horses they want as the others are all lined up begging to go. 
The line up of the horses chosen for this ride. Left to right, Cookie, Sangria, Mika, Missy and Sally. 
Stopping at the cabin to grab some saddle pads as 2 blew out of the truck on the way to Middle Grove. 
Crew showing how he can ride Cookie. He rode backward, sideways and sometimes forward. 
 Below they are heading out on one of the snow covered trails.