Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Some mornings don't go as planned and today was one of those mornings. Ralph and Jamie ordered propane yesterday, the truck came today but almost over shot the driveway, tried to make the turn and slid into the ditch blocking the drive. Mom and Rhonda were stuck on the drive trying to get out for Bible study which they completely missed, Jamie wasn't able to get to her shop, Diane was late picking up her grand daughter which made her daughter-in-law late for her dentist appointment. Mike was REAL late for work, when the propane truck driver told him the company was trying to find a tow truck, he didn't wait around but got the yanmar out to try to drag the truck out of the ditch. He wasn't successful, needing a bit more help so he called the neighbors to bring over their big tractor and between the tractor and the yanmar the 2 were able to accomplish the job after more than an hour of trying. Sure glad I didn't get stuck in the mess, we had a LOT of studies today to process and Eva Jean had to put in extra time.
The AC Home now has the Bibles wrapped so tomorrow a trip to Skylines will be on the list of things to do, to pick up the wrapped Bibles and drop off 10 more boxes to be wrapped.

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