Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chad & Julie's News

We woke up this morning to the news that Chad and Julie are expecting. This will be their second child and number 103 in the Meister family. Congratulations Chad and Julie! Hopefully it will be another red head.
Nate Herman emailed about pony rides at Elmwood All Outdoors Show on Saturday and Sunday March 5-6th but we will be in Springfield for the IL horse fair. Too bad it is the same weekend. Anyone out there want to donate some time and ponies for a good cause? Last year Nate supplied the trout pond and donated all the proceeds to the school. Thousands of people came through the show and hundreds of kids paid $3 to fish in the trout pond.
Emily Ricketts is going to take Ciera on Thursday and start teaching her how to drive. Ciera will be 2 this year. Each year Emily takes on one of our horses and does a wonderful job. We are pleased she wants to start early. I need to get the cart and harness ready for her.
We missed Rhoda's birthday, she turned 25 years old yesterday but left for Florida on Sunday. We sent her gift with her. Sounds like she is having a great time. They flew into 79 degree sunny weather.
Today I feel human and will be READY for work!
8:30am: Stamps were picked up $1250.00 worth, now we just need to get the Bible wrapped. Anyone want to help out with that?

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