Monday, January 17, 2011

Early to Bed=Early to Rise

What happens when one crashes into bed before 9:00pm? One wakes up at 4:00am ready to start the day while the rest of the household is still sleeping. Kind of NICE, just sitting in front of the computer drinking coffee with the heater on full blast. After tossing and turning, trying to fall back to sleep with my mind going a hundred miles an hour on everything that needs to be done before leaving for the walk this morning, the warm soft bed is quietly left tip toeing down the stairs so as to not wake up the snoring dogs in Rhoda's room, hit the last step, thinking ah home free when the quietness of the morning is broken by the sound of 2 elephants galloping down the stairs. Once they had been out and had their treat they climb up the stairs and go back to bed, smart it is much warmer snuggled up to Rhoda.

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