Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spread the Wealth

I must consider myself one of the lucky ones, I have a job with my paycheck going to direct deposit. This morning the bank account is checked and guess what, our wonderful state lawmakers have struck again! My check used to be $57.48 each week, then it went to $54.57 and this week only $50.47. Perhaps if there was no inflation or reverse inflation this wouldn't be a problem but that is NOT what is happening here. Now most people think $7.01 is not that big of loss each week, and surely we should be willing to give until it hurts to help spread the wealth around, I just never considered myself one of the wealthy ones. Good grief, that $7.01 will most certainly help some poor probably corrupt Illinois law maker mail out a few more pamphlets on how wonderful he or she is and of course I would GLADLY be willing to help them do this with my pitiful paycheck! Afterall who needs the money more than the hired guns of the state of Illinois.
Good thing Mark is working full time, hmmm I wonder how much they are going to steal from his check.

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