Friday, January 21, 2011

Java Sold

She is such a pretty filly and getting a great home. Her new owners came today for a nice visit even though it is very cold out. She loaded into their borrowed small 2 horse trailer and came Bridlewood for the night. Tomorrow morning she will be leaving for Missouri. She was so glad to see Duke, running over to the fence between the 2 paddocks and Duke was glad to see her.

Samantha Ginzel called and offered to help with the wrapping of Bibles. She came down to Meisters and picked up everything needed to wrap 96 Bibles. She is an answer to prayers, with what she took and the Bibles Skylines wrapped this shipment can get out on Tuesday. We have chaplains waiting from Lake Charles, LA, Beeville, TX and Topeka, KS but the weather hasn't co-operated. The Bibles need to sit out on the loading dock until pick-up but it starts to snow each time we start.

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