Monday, January 31, 2011

Preparing for the Storm

Steven Marchal sent this email:
Hi Judy
I only got one bale moved in for Ribbon's paddock but think that should be enough for 4 days as they still had a lot left. I also moved in an alfalfa bale into the middle paddock. they still had quite a bit left in the far shelter so I put it in the first shelter with the other bale and the two bales are side by side in that shelter. I also put a grass one in the shelter for Paris and kids and I know you said that Raven probably had enough but looked and some of it was bad so just went ahead and put one in and its good alfalfa.

Thanks Steven, we appreciate all your hard work making sure the horses will not run out of hay once the storm hits. Just heard on the news we are suppose to get 12-18 inches of snow out of the coming storm with 40-50 mile an hour winds and bitter cold.

Rhoda was suppose to take care of 2 dogs tonight and tomorrow but is worried about the drive after listening to all the awful weather reports and all the news channels telling people to stay off the roads, so is bringing them both here. One is not good with other dogs so she is bringing their crates and we will have them in the front hallway. The study pocket door and living room pocket doors are shut to keep Darcy and Emma from bothering them.
These next three days should be an interesting with 4 dogs that don't know each other. If we really do get over a foot of snow, the city of Peoria will be paralyzed and who knows when the county will be out to plow our roads.

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