Friday, September 30, 2022

What a Year

 I overslept not getting up until 5:30 am but since there is no walk on Friday's it was easy to get everything done. Mark took the truck and trailer to American Rental and picked up a trencher as this weekend we are getting ready to dig the water lines. All 600 feet of water lines. Rachel was with mom this morning so I got to watch and listen to AC central, Kaleb Beyer in Goodfield, IL speaking about marriage enrichment  while doing laundry.  At 1:00 pm I headed over to mom's. The weather was perfect for sitting out on the deck. We got to watch the egret fish right off the beach. 

I took the video below hoping he would catch a fish but he never did.
Mark came over at 5:30 to start grilling the salmon.
That turned out delicious. We had a simple yet tasty meal of salmon, mashed potatoes, green beans and for dessert cheese cake.
We were in no hurry to leave the table and ended up sitting and visiting until almost 7:00 pm.  A year ago mom was brought home from the hospital and given at the most two weeks to live. At that time we weren't sure if or how we would be able to care for her and yet here we are.  Lots of what mom would call inexperienced help has now turned experienced. What a year this has been.

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