Sunday, September 25, 2022

Another Beautiful Sunday

 As almost everything was done yesterday to prepare for today this morning was an easy one. We needed to leave by 8:30 am though as Mark had arranged to meet with Geoff to work on the thermostats at 9:00 am. Joan brought the wheel chair van with mom this morning as she had Aubrey overnight. Joan was teaching this morning so I sat with mom. David had the morning service, the 3rd message on Psalm 110. If you would like to see that click HERE. Craig Stickling had the afternoon service on our Galatian Bible study. Phil and Anna were already here by the time we got home from church. Kensley helped me with teasing Indy. 

When she didn't show she was given the second shot of Lutalyse. Hopefully she will come into season soon. Another booking came in for the barn apartment, now every weekend is booked until November. Berlica and Aubrey came over on the 4 wheeler to check out the B&B Bakery.

They decided to head to the playground for volleyball so Aubrey gave them all a ride over.
Sarah and Nolan arrived as I was working on the onions. Zion and Eden wanted to help too.
Those onions were sautéed and served along with some sautéed mushrooms and with some perfectly grilled porterhouse steaks. River thought that was delicious.
We are raising carnivores here and start them young.
After supper we headed over to the playground. The kids had so much fun on the trampoline, they always come up with new ideas.
Anni and Matt arrived with their brand new son Dexter.
There were a couple other babies at the playground tonight.
Below is a short video of a few of the activities.
Very thankful for another beautiful Sunday.


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