Friday, May 27, 2022

Soul's Prognosis Poor

 We made it through the night. At 2:00 am Soul was quiet, not trying to thrash around, not trying to drop and roll. I went to bed. At 4:00 am I just drove up to the indoor, she was standing quietly while her colt was laying down sleeping. She perked her ears, looked at me so I thought all was well so relieved and went back to the house to start the coffee. At 5:30 am She was still standing but had moved forward some. This time I went in to let her outside to see if she would like to graze and she was trembling and not wanting to move.  She is not ok, no fresh manure in the indoor. She is not dropping and rolling but obviously in distress. I will haul her to the vet clinic leaving here at 7:30 am. If an obstruction she may be able to be saved, if a twisted intestine I will have Dr. Hoerr put her down then make arrangements to get the colt started on milk replacer.  As of this now he is still nursing.  Her prognoses is poor but not yet a death sentence.  UPDATE Soul lost her battle.  We are actively searching for mare milk replacer.  We will be raising him as a bucket baby. We brought Irish in to see if she would accept him but he is refusing to nurse off anyone not his mama.  I was able to find mare milk replacer in Goodfield so got one 40 pound bag (all they could spare) and will be able to pick up more next Friday.  He has not tasted it yet but drank water and ate a few bites of grain so I am hopeful.

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