Sunday, May 15, 2022

Another Wonderful Sunday

 We really are blessed. It was cool this morning and since I had no one in stalls or in the indoor my morning was easy. Joan brought mom to church and beat me there but I was right behind her. The Kline family were visiting today.  They were a big part of our growing up here in Peoria. They had 10 kids and we were 11 kids and the two families spent a lot of Sunday evenings together either at their house or ours. IT was so good to visit with them. Tim Funk had the morning message and Mike Kaisner had the afternoon. Sarah Reinhard sat with mom and I for the second service. She took the picture below of mom holding the Bible. Her hands that held so many babies over the years, washed dirty faces, wiped  our tears so tenderly. I'm so very thankful we still have her with us and so thankful for the raising she and dad gave us. We always knew they loved us. 

Right after church Tatiana was taken out and teased. She is not showing but should be in soon. The colt is a week old today.  They were moved out of the field into a paddock next to the other mares and foals. I tried putting them in with them but Lily was being bossy so didn't want to risk the younger colt getting kicked. Mike went to an auction and picked up a bunch of buckets and driving harnesses.  I think there are 3 pony harnesses and a draft harness and I think a horse size harness.  The draft harness is VERY nice quality and includes the bridle and bit.

WE always need buckets around here. I used them for feeders in the paddocks and water and feed in the stalls.
We only had Phil and Anna's family, Ben and Taunya's family and Rhoda, Irish and Zeke for dinner tonight.  Sarah and Nolan are still in Gulf Shores and David was teaching at the rescue mission. We had pot roast tonight and had enough to take over to mom's for their dinner too. After supper the kids spent some time playing out in the new barn then came here for crafts while their parents all went for a walk.

Not pictured is Zeke, he was being rocked in my arms. He is such a good baby. Addyson made up a new game for the younger cousins. They each started a paper then passed it to the next and then the next until they had all decorated all the papers.
A short video below of the game.
No volley ball tonight as rain moved in.  After everyone left I headed over to mom's to check the schedule. The sun was breaking through the rain clouds in the West and lighting up the East with a beautiful rainbow.
It was so pretty I tried to take a video but honestly the picture above is better.

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