Sunday, May 29, 2022

Rocky Sold

 It was really hard to get out of bed at 5:00 am but the colt had dumped his milk bucket during the night so it was necessary to quickly make up a gallon and haul it up to the barn.  He was very glad to see me so not sure how much he drank and how much got dumped. the clean bucket was put in the other corner with a half full water bucket next to it.  At 9:00 am I took a gallon and a half up and he had already emptied the first gallon. Rosaleigh and her filly were put in with the other mares and foals this morning. The filly is 6 days old and Rosaleigh was ready to join the herd.  We left for church right at 9:15 am.  Tim Funk had the morning message and Mike Kaisner had the afternoon. When we got home from church there was a VERY nice update from the lady that bought Mayberry (Sheena x Valiant) last year. She wrote: We drove 5.5 hours to SC to attend our first open show ever. May travelled like a pro. She won Saddle-type halter, Saddle-type Showmanship, Open 2 and under halter, 3rd in Open English halter, (beat only by the Champion and Reserve Champion overall winners),  4th in in-hand trail (it was last class and she was hot and tired), and 6th in Championship over all halter. For a 98% QH and Paint show with a QH judge she did excellent. People were coming up to us all day and saying how beautiful she was and how they are in love with her. Stopping and asking what IS she? Many pictures of her taken by spectators. She was the crowd favorite and belle of the ball and she  loved every minute of it. P.S. keep a baby from this breeding because it is a spectacular match. Her new registered name will be Valiant's Unbridled Mayhem.We call her May or Mayberry though. She's so smart and personable and we love her.Feel free to share her pictures and do some well-deserved bragging in your blog 😁. We are so glad we were able to talk Mike into letting her go home with us. She is on her way! Best, Karen

We are SO happy for updates and so thrilled both for Karen and Mayberry. They have a wonderful future ahead of them.  There was also a very nice review from the airbnb guests that left this morning.  They wrote: A perfect get-away at Judith's place! Very quiet and clean.  The horses right outside the window and door are superb.  The apartment is exactly as described - for us the added bonus was it was very user friendly for our child who is a wheelchair user (hard surface floors, wide hallways and doors, shower with seat and hand wand).  We would definitely stay here again!
I'm very thankful they enjoyed their stay. The guests moving in today were thrilled with the horses. Below the horses all came up from the pasture to greet the new guests.
Rhoda ordered, paid for and picked up our dinner tonight from Gil's Supper Club. Taunya brought the salad, Phil and Anna brought the ice cream for dessert. Sarah and Nolan were a little late but made it in time to eat before we headed over to the playground. 
Below we are heading over to the playground.

Below Eden and Abe were playing monster trucks on the chair with sand from the volleyball court.
There was a lot of activity this evening. Check out the video below.
Phil and Anna started a fire for s'mores. When the parents with children were ready to leave Braelyn helped put out the fire. The volleyball court was lighted and kids had a couple games of Spike Ball going on both sides of the net.
After all my kids and grandkids left I headed back up to the barn with 2 gallons of milk replacer for the colt tonight.  He had finished his 2:00 pm feeding so for sure getting plenty of calories. Tomorrow I'll bring Rocky in and introduce them.  Speaking of Rocky the girl that came to see him on Saturday sent a message that she would like to buy him. They were a good match together. He won't be marked sold until the check arrives but this is a great home for him. 

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