Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little Snow

Well it is now blowing snow but there really isn't much on the ground. Part of me wished for a foot of snow where we can spend the day snowed in, no work and in front of the fire. My daughter-in-law Stephanie brought over 2 books. The other part is thrilled we still can go to church. The radio is playing softly in the background To the King Alone reminding me how blessed we are to be able to go worship our King. Today is our Christmas program, then later in the day the all church Christmas caroling. Sitting at the computer, hearing the wind roaring, seeing the evergreens bending under the fierce wind, watching the snow swirling with horizontal blast up against the door makes me so thankful for our sturdy house with heat.
The heater was not yet on this morning, when Darcy sits in front of it, swings her big head over to stare first at me and then back at the heater saying in her own way, "Hurry up and turn it on!" once on, soon both dogs are sound asleep in front of it snoring loudly. They know how to get comfortable.
Yesterday Mike got the skid steer working, moved in and stacked the last 42 bales of hay from the Middle Grove farm. The farm is now ready for winter.
I'm thankful all the horses are back, all have plenty of hay and most important all have shelter from the storm. Steven teased both Sandy and Izadora yesterday and neither of them are interested. Today is the 5th day since their shots but if the weather doesn't improve there will be no teasing today. If they aren't in by tomorrow we may have to give up until spring.

Both pictures were taken this morning at 9:00am, they have just canceled church. The barn is still visible in the blowing snow but none of the trees behind and the dogs were questioning the wisdom of being sent out.

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