Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve at Dave & Stef's

The drive to Dave & Stef's was hair raising. We planned an hour for a trip that usually took a half hour. The snow was falling heavily and the plows weren't keeping up. Ben and Taunya actually slid halfway into a ditch but a very nice couple happened to come along and pulled them out. This couple were driving around on the roads looking for people that needed to be pulled out. What a nice thing to do!
We all made it by 6:00pm and our delicious dinner was served shortly after. Dinner was so good and filling we decided to wait on dessert until after the "PRESENTS"
Addyson was first. She was so funny trying to figure out how to open the gift. She flopped down on the floor to start the process.

When she saw the dolly inside she got so excited she started dancing around. She LOVES babies.

After the gifts were opened and the cheese cake with fresh blue berries eaten David showed us a video of their trip to Mexico. We only had one complaint it was too SHORT!

The rest of the evening the kids played Uno, I got to play with Addyson, while Mark took a nap.
The drive home was a bit easier although we still could only go about 40-45 miles per hour on the interstate. What a GREAT day!

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