Thursday, December 30, 2010

Messy House

Anyone walking into the house today would wonder about my sanity. There was a slumber party here that no slumbering went on, there is still Christmas wrapping paper balled up in the dining room, the garbage is overflowing in the playroom, there are dishes in the sink, coffee grounds all over the counter and tomorrow is the annual New Years Eve party HERE. Why did we let the house get into this state? Too much fun shopping for prizes and too lazy to clean up after our little spills and messes. But... in a couple of hours this place is gonna look good. Karin threatened to come over and help. My kids use to say, "you just hire her to torture us!" and now there are no kids to torture, just me. I'm starting work RIGHT NOW, maybe by the time she arrives it will be done. Let's hope!

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