Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sauders Save the Day

The most amazing thing happened today. A car load of strangers showed up and started tearing apart the basement floor. I was able to catch them in the act.

Left to right is Logan, Caleb, Luke, Jessica and Rachel.
Well perhaps they are not strangers, unless one figures that our family IS strange.
Rachel picked up the circular saw and started cutting sections of the floor off.

After cutting almost through about in the middle, she and Caleb would lean it up against the wall and break it in half.
The room was full of sawdust and wonderful working kids. Once the wood was in sections, Caleb, Jessica, Logan and Luke would start hauling it to the burn pile.

This wood is very dry and old put down when the house was built in 1917, as soon as a match was put to it, the burn pile went up in flames.

After 2 hours of hard labor ALL the floor was out of the basement and on the burn pile. We all went to Dennys for a good hot meal. Luke got a hamburger so big he couldn't open his mouth wide enough.
How thankful I am for these kind of surprises! So unexpected and yet SO appreciated. The saying goes Many Hands Make Light Work and how true. Greg Reed is now down there working on finishing up the floor to prepare it for the mats. Rachel also had a great idea about the ceiling and talked to Greg about it, hopefully that can also be done before the big New Years Eve party. A great big THANK YOU to RACHEL.

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