Monday, December 6, 2010

Morning Walk

At the farm the 2 foals below were the only ones in the small paddock, they were playing together while their dam's ate in the large paddock. It is so cute how the half siblings get along. The one on the left is Rachel Sauder's filly out of her palomino mare Sandy and the one on the right is Izadora's colt.
The sun was just starting to make it over the trees when Fedi and Spark pulled in at the farm behind my car.

Spark wanted to explain why the car in the picture below was sitting in the drive.

The owner was stuck on the road last night with 2 flat tires. Spark helped him get the car up the drive then gave him and the rest of the passengers a ride home. This morning on the second round of the walk the owner shows up to pick up both flat tires for repair. Poor guy was about frozen by the time he had the tires off and in the van.

We stopped in a Diane's to see her Christmas decorations and her tree.

Of course mom wanted us to see her decorations so another stop was in order. Didn't mind the chance to warm up our faces at all.

Now parents of small children, do NOT let your child look at the picture below. Someone shot Rudolph, mounted his head and placed him on mom's wall!

It was back out in the frozen wilderness to finish the walk. The canoe drifted off the shore with the last rain and is almost frozen into the ice. David Sauder is going to rescue it today.

The morning was finished up with mom's famous breakfast.

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