Thursday, December 23, 2010

Talented Mark

Yesterday afternoon Sarah came down and asked what was wrong with the shower drain. It had been draining a little slow and I thought that was what she was complaining about. After the filthy basement work I ran up to take a shower and it is FULL of water, it hadn't drained a bit. The shower was bailed out and the drain worked on but no luck. This is our only shower but we still have a bath and I was able to get cleaned up but I didn't leave a note on the bathroom door to not use the shower, Rhoda comes home from her work and jumps in the shower. So it was bail time AGAIN!
Mark was told about the shower but by this time it was 8:00pm and the hot tub at Riverplex beckoned. By the time we arrived home it was close to 10:00pm and Mark still needed to fix the drain. He brought up a snake and started to work, after only about 10 minutes he pulled up a huge hair ball, ugh. I guess this is what comes from 3 long haired girls showering each day. I'm so happy to report the shower works great and I'm very thankful to have a talented husband.
The walk must be missed this morning, there is too much to do today before leaving for Bill Waibel's funeral.

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