Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sign the Lease

Tonight at 5:30pm we are meeting with the people from Bloomington that own or manage the apartment Sarah is going to be sharing with 2 other girls to SIGN the lease. They won't even be moving until June but waited too long and lost the apartment they really wanted. This one is nice though a bit more expensive. Hard to imagine our youngest is leaving home for ISU. We will need to rush it a bit to make our dinner meeting but I'm sure it will all work out.
Tomorrow is the Skyline Home employee appreciation dinner. Too bad we can't spread the holiday dinners out, they are all crammed into one month.
Today is Ron Herman's funeral and Bob Hoerr asked the singers to be there by 9:15am. MaryAnn picked out a lot of Tabernacle songs and Bob wants a bit more time to practice. I'll see if Spark or Dan are also singing and try to get a ride with them. My car window won't even get looked at until Friday afternoon and it's COLD driving with the window partially opened. Last night coming home from church was pretty awful.

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