Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunrise at the Farm

The sun was a big red ball trying hard to break the horizon and throw it's warmth out into the atmosphere except there was no warmth. It is 10 degrees and all is frozen. The skid steer wouldn't start and we have 3 paddocks waiting for round bales.
Steven was already at the farm preparing each paddock while he was waiting for Mike to bring over the battery charger. While we were on our walk, they got the skid steer to start but it died just as it was being driven out the barn. Mike is going to try to move the round bales in a little later and each paddock was thrown hay to hold them off until that happens.
The sun breaking over the cabin was a pretty shot, although my camera is not the best it still was a shot worth taking.

On the second round we stopped in at Diane's picked up the shots for Sandy and Izadora and Rachel helped hold the mares while they were given. Sandy had to be twitched but we knew that in advance. Izadora is great with shots, she doesn't even flinch. Hopefully this will bring them into season before they quit cycling for the winter.
It is down to Meisters for me. Eva Jean will be waiting.

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