Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heidi's Bounce

Heidi, mom's dog can hardly wait each morning for the walk. She yells at mom if she feels mom isn't getting ready to go fast enough. Then once out the door, she takes off at a gallop, runs a loop around the house, then down the drive. Pictured below is her hearing something under the snow, she cocks her head listening closely then pounces. My camera isn't fast enough to get the pounce in mid air.

By the second loop, we see that Steven has arrived and put in 2 round bales, one in the breeding shed paddock and one in the small shelter paddock. The net wrap was placed on top of the car and off I drove to the dumpster. The cell phone rang, I forgot to drive slow, the net wrap fell off the back of the car, put the car in reverse to go pick it and when the car is stopped I realize it was stopped exactly on top of the net wrap. Drive forward, get back out of the car to pick up the net wrap and it is hooked on something under the car. It is kind of cold to be crawling on the ground under a car to remove what ever it is caught on but that's what it took to get it out. Next time I'll REMEMBER to drive SLOW.
Then it was down to Meisters to give Mark the car for the day. His truck still won't start. It must be more than just the battery. There is plenty to do inside today, the house needs a good cleaning and the laundry could be done but there is still a couple chapters of a good book to finish first.

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