Thursday, December 16, 2010

Motorcycle Accident

Mom called with the news that Tim Reinhard has been in a motorcycle accident in Haiti. He was passing a big truck when a car came head on forcing Tim into the truck. He has a broken clavicle and broken rib. The motorcycle is broken in 2. Joan said Tim is sore but will be fine. Joan was able to get him back to the compound.
Below is the email from Joan:
Just to let you know that Tim had an accident on his motorcycle this afternoon. He was on his way to check some jobs and was still on the main road after Zanglais but before Aquin. He was trying to pass a dump truck and there was a tap tap coming from the other way. He got sandwiched between the two, but chose to miss the head on tap tap and hit the dump truck. He was thrown to the ground and his bike went tumbling after him. He is doing okay but we took him up to Bonne Fin for e-rays. He has a broken collar bone and a broken rib and some road rash, but he is doing okay. He is home now and will have to take it easy for 6 weeks.

We would appreciate your continued prayers.



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  1. Aww. That’s really horrible! Saying Tim was okay after breaking his bone is really relieving. Sustaining an injury like that is no joke. The only consolation that we can get is that he’s alive. Anyway, since it’s been years already, how’s he now?

    Christine Matsinger