Sunday, December 19, 2010

Raven x Gypsy

Hi !! My name is Pam and we own two of Ravens babies. They are three years old and we bought them as yearlings from Steve Tibbs from Ill.He owned two Gypsy mares that were mother and daughter that he bred to Raven. The babies names are Cadla and Dana. Cadla has grown to 16.3 hands and Dana is 15.2 hands. Pictured below is Cadla
Pictured below is Dana

We are from Punxsutawney Pennsylvania. We own a large in door facility of which we are all about education. We have lots of great Riding Clinics, Driving Clinics and Obstacle Challenges here. We also Produce a Equine Musical Freestyle Show "EQUIMANIA SHOW" Anyway both of the gypsies have performed with our show for two yrs now. They do advanced Line Driving and Ground Work and they Drive single and double and I am training them in Classical Dressage . They are doing awesome Under Saddle. They both are doing the Spanish Walk and I am working on the Piaffe and Passage with Cadla and I hope to start the bow this summer. We have one program that they do, we call "Gypsies in Sync" Everything they do is all in sync together. We do riding, groundwork and linedriving in that one program. Everybody really enjoys it. When we bought the two Gypsies we had planned to train them for a yr and resale them. But we have enjoyed them so much and they have been such a nice addition to our show we really never pursued selling them. But I have made a decision......I am keeping Cadla for another exhibition horse and we will be selling Dana. But of course we are in no hurry. We want to make sure she goes to a great home. If you know of anyone who may be looking for a mare out of Raven please let me know. We are asking $18000 for her. These mares have been two of the nicest horses I have worked with. Disposition + Confirmation all great. Well I guess I better quit. I have taken up enough of your time. I will keep you informed of their progress. Have a nice Christmas and New Years! Pam Ph # 814-939-9178

Of course I need to ad my 2 cents worth. When the Gypsy mares came in for breeding We were kind of surprised how short they were and then found out Gypsies are not a tall horse, they are a WIDE horse. Nice how RAVEN puts height on ANY mare he is crossed with, Imagine Cadla at 3 years old already 16.3! Raven sticks at 16.2 and a quarter and Cadla's dam was not very tall. I'm not too good with colors but I think both of the mares were chestnut and white. Both of these fillies are BLUE black and white, just BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much Pam for sending the update and pictures. We love hearing about Raven's offspring. Dana will make someone wonderful family mare for pleasure and breeding. She could be a REAL money maker for someone. REMEMBER she is a RAVEN daughter and comes with a reduced breeding of $500.00 to our Friesian stallion EVAN or breed her to one of the fantastic Gypsy stallions in America.

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